Saturday, 21 November 2015

Solution for RRV Bucket Corruption Error in Lotus Notes

RRV bucket is an error in Lotus Notes that occurs when the .nsf file is corrupted due to specific reasons. Lotus Notes email client is a proprietary of IBM. It is an email client used by enterprises for storing data on Database.
The Record Relocation Vector (RRV) is a table that points to the notes within the database. An RRV bucket contains information to locate the data for specific notes or object identifiers within a database.
RRV points to the Lotus Notes Database and tells Notes where to find a specific Note ID.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Convert Outlook Offline File to PST

Outlook offline files cannot be converted directly to PST since they require a connection with the Exchange Server to be accessed. The scenario of conversion is mostly needed when a user needs to take away their mailbox with them on leaving the current employment.

The Need to Convert Outlook Offline File to PST

Employees more often delete their account from Exchange Server or take with them the Outlook offline file of the respective mailbox to convert Outlook offline file to PST for its independent usage. However, the conversion requires linking up with Exchange Server to open the same account.

In that scenario, there is no link to connect with the Exchange Server or the restore point is not created. Nevertheless, there are some tricks as well which can serve the purpose in some cases but are limited.