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How to Open Archive.pst without Outlook – Effective Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email clients among the professional as well as regular users. This email client simply helps users to manage multiple email accounts with the help of single panel. The PST files act as the Outlook Data Files. Therefore, these data files stores all the data items of the Outlook including calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. If users want to open archive.pst without Outlook, then it is mandatory for them to have MS Outlook installed on the system. This blog describes the best possible approaches to open Outlook Data file PST. Read this blog in detail to perform this task in more simpler and easy manner and that too without consuming much time.

PST files also have file size limitation issues just like other formats. Therefore, these files also create the issue if this file size is exceeded. That is why, to overcome this issue, users sometimes use Archive or AutoArchive feature of Microsoft Outlook. This feature removes old messages which are stored in the personal folders of Outlook. And, these archived or removed messages are stored in the Archive.pst file on the user’s local machine. So, in any case, if anyone wants to read these file without Outlook, then they are simply required to open Archive PST file.

How to Locate & Open Archive.pst Without Outlook

The Manual Approach to read archive.pst is performed in two different steps. The first one will be regarding the location of the Archive PST file and the second one will help the users to restore archive Outlook messages.

Locate Outlook Archive PST File

If MS Outlook PST file is not present in your Outlook profile, then read the below discussed steps to perform this task without any hassle.

1.Open MS Outlook on your system.
2.Now, click on FileOpen and open PST file.

Most of the times, performing these steps help the users to directly open the particular folder where the Outlook Archive PST file is stored.

But, another possible scenario is that the Archive PST file is not stored in the same folder where all other Outlook PST files are stored. In that scenario, users can track the location of the Archive PST file from the AutoArchive settings. To perform this, users have to follow the below-discussed commands:

1. Click ToolsOptions Other AutoArchive dialog and then simply copy the path of the Outlook Archive Data file in order to open Archive.pst.
2. If any user is using MS Outlook 2010 or 2007, then users can just open *.pst file by just navigating to the Account Settings options → Click on Data Files tab. Similarly, in Outlook 2003, users are required to click on File option and then click on Data File Management command.
3.Now, navigate to Add →click OK option in order to choose the create open Outlook Data file option. After that, you can select the Archive PST file and once again, click onto add the PST file in your profile.

Note: Users are always advised not to use Import & Export command to import Archived file in MS Outlook. However, if any user performs this, then he or she can archive all data once again which results in duplicacy.

Techniques to Restore Archived Messages

If any user is looking for a solution to restore and open Archive.pst file without Outlook, then they have to move the data stored in the Archive PST file to Outlook. Although, they are suggested never to use import and export command for it. In that case, users are first instructed to open archive file in Outlook and then are asked to choose the folder which they want to export. Then, they can either run Move to the folder command or they can just drag it to the desired folder.

However, if any user opts the Import or copy command, then the last modification date is changed. On the other hand, using the move to the folder command will not modify the last modified date as it is really important because whenever the user archive emails again, then by default, MS Outlook opts the last modified date.

Professional Approach to Open Archive.pst Without Outlook

The above-discussed Manual Solution will only work in the case if Microsoft Outlook is installed on the user’s machine. It fails if the MS Outlook is not installed on the user’s system. In such scenarios, users are required to go for any other Professional Approach. One such tool is SysTools PST Viewer Freeware. This software helps users to open Archive.pst without Outlook. It also allows users to read data from active and Archive Outlook Data files in an effortless manner.

The Last Note

Most of the time, Outlook users search for a solution to open Archive.pst without Outlook. Keeping the user’s requirement in mind, different possible approaches are discussed in this blog. Now, users can go for any of the above-discussed approaches as per their needs and requirements.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How to Extract First Page from PDF Document in Simple Ways?

Do you want to extract first page from PDF file separately? Do you want to use these extracted pages for some other work? If yes, then don’t get panic, because we are here to explain how to extract PDF pages. In the following write-up, we have discussed simple solutions to save first page of PDF in an easy manner.

Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook via Easy & Simple Tricks

As everyone knows that technology is upgrading with the speed of light. But, still, it is a big challenge for users to move Google calendar to Outlook. Moreover, Google Apps is one of the widely used platforms by many people around the world. It is used in both small and big enterprises to meet the business requirements. On other hands, Outlook is also one of the frequently used email application that includes contact, calendaring and task management functionalities. Although, the popularity of Outlook is unavoidable. It also comes up with an attractive features suite and a branded new user-friendly interface. Therefore, users wish to move the calendar from G Suite to MS Outlook. Still, the process of moving the calendar from G Suite to MS Outlook seems to be easy but it is not so easy to perform this task. Now the question crops up,“How to sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook?” Do not worry, as we have come up with a rapid, simple and dependable method to move from Google Apps to Outlook.

Reasons to Add Google Apps Calendar to Outlook 2013

Some of the factors responsible to add Google Apps calendar to MS Outlook are:

    • Due to numerous amazing features in Microsoft Outlook
    • User-friendly Interface of Outlook
    • Security Reasons as Outlook is a more secure platforms
    • Switching from one organization to another
    • Users can access data in offline mode with Outlook

“I am using Google Apps for a very long time, while my friend is using Outlook. Sometimes, due to the bad Internet connection, it becomes impossible for me to access the older data, which includes calendars. However, my friend can fetch and use the data any time even without Internet connection. Moreover, she can even use the calendar and check the event updates anytime. In our area, the Internet connectivity often hits problems and interrupts my daily chores. So, I have decided to move from Google Apps to Outlook. Now, I am searching for a reliable and simple method for the same. Please help me by providing the perfect solution to sync Google Apps calendar with Outlook. So, that I can complete this task without any hassle”

Are you also facing this same issue? Do you want to export Google Apps calendar with Outlook via an easy approach? Then don’t worry you are landed on the perfect page as this write-up will provide you a trusted solution to add Google Apps Calendar to Outlook easily.

Steps to Sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook

This method consists of two steps:
    1. Export Google Calendar
    2. Import Google Apps Calendar to Outlook
Sync Google Calendars with Outlook

Step 1: Export Google Calendars

    1. First, you have to log in to the Google account and then select Calendar
    2. Now, select My Calendar and go to Settings
    3. In this step, you have to pick Export calendars

    4. After this, choose the location for the storage of the extracted file
    5. Now, move to the location to unzip the file
    6. Right-click on the File and select Extract All

Note: If you are having various Google calendars then, in this case, you will get an .ics data file for each file.

Step 2: Import Google Apps Calendar to Outlook
Now, for moving each Google Calendar with MS Outlook perform all the steps given below.

    1. To start this process, go to your Calendar in your Outlook profile
    2. Now, select the File and then Open & Export and then go to Import/Export
    3. In the Import and Export wizard, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file and click on the Next button
    4. Now, pick the location to save the resultant files. Select the one, which ends with and finally, click on OK
    5. In this last step, you have to select Import and then go to your Outlook calendar. Now, you can see the Google Calendar events there.

Instant and Easy Solution to Sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook

Sometimes, performing the task manually becomes tough as it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Moreover, the risk of data loss is associated with the manual method. In such situations, the user can opt for a reliable third-party tool that is Google Apps Backup Tool. This utility is designed to backup Google Apps calendars, which includes email, calendars, contacts and documents in multiple formats. There is no file size limitation associated with this tool. This utility archive the data in two ways one is single user account and other is the domain user. G Suite Backup Tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions. All in all, this is a perfect, reliable and trouble free utility for the user who wants to sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook just in a few clicks.


Sometimes, to maintain business continuity migration of data to different platforms is very important. As, Outlook is users prominent choice, so organization and users want to move Google Apps calendar to Outlook. Therefore, in this post, two approaches are discussed one is manual and other is the professional approach. It totally depends on the user which approach he/ she prefer to complete the specific task but it is always recommended to go for a trusted and time saving third-party tool.

Split and Merge PDF Files in Batch By Using Simple Methods

To be admissible in a court of law, electronic documents should be created in a file format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. To satisfy this requirement, PDF files comes at first. Basically, PDF stands for "Portable Document Format". These files are introduced to ease the sharing of documents between computers and across Operating Systems platforms. Today almost everyone has a version of Adobe Reader or another program on their computer that can read a PDF file. But, in some situations, users require to split and merge PDF files. Like when the user has multiple PDF documents then it becomes very difficult for him to manage them all collectively. Then, in such cases, they need a solution to merge different PDF documents into one effectively. On the other hand, for accessing or viewing of large PDFs take enough time, moreover, sometimes PC start hanging.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Explore Lotus Notes Mail Conversion Utility to Export IBM Notes Data

Lotus Notes Mail Conversion Utility – A Reliable Solution

Lamprecht Kurt - “Hello, I am working in an enterprise where we were using IBM Notes as the official email communication client. But due to lack of advanced features in Lotus Notes, we move to Microsoft Outlook 2016. But, all the important data file of the enterprise was stored in the Lotus Notes NSF File. Now, we want entire Lotus Notes mailbox data items in Microsoft Outlook 2016 account. Thus, we searched many online solutions to migrate Lotus Notes files to Microsoft Outlook, then we found Lotus Notes Mail Conversion Utility. After using this tool, we convert all the Lotus Notes data in Outlook PST 2016 so easily and without any loss of single bit data. Besides, it offers the number of features and an option to switch Lotus Notes to Live Exchange, Office 365 and MS Outlook.

There are numbers of desktop-based email clients available in the digital market, including, IBM Lotus Notes. However, there are some instances, when the end-user needs to export the IBM Notes data to other email application. The most common reason behind the migration is taking backup of Lotus Notes and lack of advanced feature in Lotus Notes. Hence, whatever be the reason the Lotus Notes Application Migration helps the user in any case. The Domino mail conversion utility is one of the best tool that offers several benefits. On a fundamental level, this software used to migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook. Therefore, some of its major highlighted features are described below.

Salient Features of Lotus Notes Export Utility

Migrate Lotus Domino to Exchange

This tool allows the user to migrate Notes IBM Notes to the Exchange server mailboxes. Apart from this, a user can also transfer the NSF files into Office 365 or Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. Although, Lotus Notes and Exchange online must be configured on the system.

Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365
With the help of Domino mail conversion utility, a user can copy their Domino server mailboxes to Office 365 or Exchange. For this, IBM Domino server and Microsoft Office 365 environment are required. Apart from this, it also maps the Domino mailboxes data items to Office 365 mailboxes.

Export Lotus Notes NSF File in Batch Format
Migrating individual NSF files from Notes to Exchange is a time taking process. Hence, this tool moves the multiple IBM Notes files to Exchange server 2010,2013,2016 in batch. In addition, the user interface of this tool makes the process so easy and smooth.

Eliminates Encryption From Lotus Notes NSF File
Lotus Notes Mail Conversion Utility allows to remove any type of encryption in NSF file before the migration process. After that, transfer the decrypted Notes NSF file to Outlook or Live Exchange server. Remove the encryption from any message, is not a mandatory option. If a user wants to eliminate the encryption from the messages, then check the feature. Otherwise, a user can leave this option.

Transfer Complete IBM Notes Mailboxes
The Lotus Notes application migration is meant for convert all IBM Notes data to Office 365, Outlook or Exchange Server. By this Utility, a user can migrate all the data items present in IBM Lotus Notes mailboxes. A user can manually select the data items as per their requirement.

Remove Duplicate Contacts From Notes NSF File
Generally, it happens a user can store same contacts multiple times in the Lotus Notes contacts list. This repeated contacts just occupied the space in the memory. In such cases, Lotus Notes Conversion tool eliminates the duplicate contacts from the NSF file during the migration process. Hence, only the relevant contacts will be moved into Exchange online or Office 365.

Different Situation Where Domino Mail Conversion Utility Works

• When any user needs to export all its IBM Notes mailboxes items to MS Outlook email application without losing any bit of data.
• When the NSF file is not open in the Lotus Notes. Therefore, end-user migrate the file into any other email account and extract data from the Lotus Notes NSF file.
• Another scenario where the user wants to take backup of Lotus Domino file into Exchange Live or Outlook 2010 for the future use.
• When user switching the email clients from Lotus Domino to Office 365 suite. At that time, there is a requirement to migrate all the NSF mailboxes to MS Office 365 mailboxes.

Final Verdict

After considering all the features of Lotus Notes Mail conversion Utility. We concluded that it is the one of the best Lotus Notes export utility. It offers to migrate IBM Notes data file to three platforms i.e. Office 365, Outlook or Microsoft Exchange server. So, a user does not require to purchase different software for the different email client. Apart from this, the software provides set of features that smoothly export the NSF file to Live Exchange or Office 365 in an efficient manner.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Remove Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird in an Efficient Way

Delete Duplicate Emails in Thunderbird – Best Possible Techniques

Hi, I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for a very long time. But, from the past few weeks, I do not know what went wrong with my data, my Thunderbird account downloads a duplicate copy of the emails. I am kind of annoyed at this point. How do I remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird? Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Are you also looking answer to the same query? Does the problem seem familiar to you? If yes, then do not lose hope. The solution to the problem is very straightforward. All you have to do is read the post till end and all your doubts will be clear. So, let us begin.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client which equips the user to send or receive the emails. This helps the user to carry out business communication smoothly. However, the duplicate emails occupy the extra storage space and create hindrance in the proper functioning of the email service provider. That is the reason why is it required to delete duplicate message in Thunderbird.

Reasons Due to Which Email Duplication Occurs

The causes which lead to replication of emails in Mozilla Thunderbird application are:
  1. Whenever there are server-related issues, it happens that a single mail is downloaded again and again. It causes trouble for the computer users and hence, need to eliminate duplicate emails in Thunderbird arises.
  2. If there is any mistake on the user’s part, there are slight possibilities that the email is pasted at any wrong location. This causes duplication in Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  3. A sender may send any email more than once to the user. In this way, copies of a single email in accumulated in the inbox of the user.

Workaround Approach to Remove Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird

A stepwise procedure is explained in the section to eliminate replicated emails in Thunderbird. All a user need to do is perform these steps and he/she will get the desired results:

1. Open the Mozilla Thunderbird application on the local machine. Switch to the Tools followed by Add-ons option.

2. An add-ons manager window will open up on the screen. There you will see a search box in the top right-hand side corner. Type remove duplicates there and hit Enter.

3. Under the heading Available Add-ons, there will be an option of remove duplicate messages. Press on the install button corresponding to this feature. This will download the desired add-on in the Mozilla Thunderbird application.

4. Once the add-on is downloaded completely, select the option of Restart now. Doing this will activate the installed add-on to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird.

Note: The steps from 1 to 4 can be skipped if the Thunderbird application already contains add-on of removing duplicates.

5. When Thunderbird application starts again, do step 2 again and then navigate to My Add-ons section.

6. Under this heading, you will see the installed add-on to remove duplicates. This symbolizes that the Thunderbird program contains a plugin that is used to remove duplicate items.

7. In the next step, move back to your Thunderbird account and click on any mail folders (inbox, sent items, drafts) from which you have to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird. From the list of options which appeared on the screen, select the option of “Remove Duplicate Messages”.

8. In case, the selected folder does not have any duplicate items, it will return back a message. It is required to click on OK. This will end the process. Otherwise, continue with the next step.

9. The folder containing duplicate items will open a new window on the screen. Here, the total number of emails existing in the selected folder and the number of duplicate items to be deleted are present. Hit on delete selected button to delete duplicate emails in Thunderbird.

10. At last, click on OK.

11. On the bottom of the page, you will see that the deleted emails are moving to trash. Even, the trash can be emptied by selecting all of them (Ctrl+A) and press Delete from the keyboard.

Alternative Solution Delete Emails in Thunderbird

No doubt, manual approach to eliminate messages is quite effective. But, it possesses some limitations due to which it is not a preferred choice. Hence, another solution to delete the repetitive emails in Thunderbird is to use an automated tool such as MailPro+ MBOX to Outlook Converter. This is a third-party tool which exhibits a feature to erase duplicate emails in Mozilla Thunderbird application.

The Final Words

Oftentimes, it happens that a single email has occurred more than once in any folder. It occupies the memory space for no reason at all. Hence, it is required to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird. The post deals with the manual solution to resolve this issue. But, there are some drawbacks due to which it is not widely accepted. Moreover, a professional tool is also introduced to delete duplicate emails in Thunderbird.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

PDF Toolbox – Software to Compress, Extract and Convert PDF Files

In today’s arena, many people are demanding for the multi-functionality tool which could help them to compress and extract text from multiple PDF files. Moreover, for the archival and long-term preservation of the documents users are searching for a tool which can easily convert PDF files to PDF/A format.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Extract Text from Multiple PDF Files with Simple Tips & Tricks

Looking for a solution to batch extract data from PDF files? Unable to find the satisfactory method for the same? No need to panic, as you are at the right place. This blog will let users know the best possible way to extract text from multiple PDF files.

PDF is the standard document format used by the many people to exchange information across multiple platforms without any dependency. In addition to this, it is legally accepted document format so, most widely used by millions of users around the Globe. In some cases, users need to extract text or images inside the PDF files in order to use it anywhere else like a web page, presentation, etc. But the question is how to extract text from multiple PDF files in easy manner. If the PDF document has copy restriction, then it becomes difficult for a user to extract text from it. To overcome this situation, one first needs to remove PDF restrictions from PDF files. Thus, to do this in a proper way, we have covered different possible solutions to save text from PDF files.

“Last night, one of my friends send me a PDF document containing the synopsis of my project. Now, while making a complete report, I tried to take out the text from PDF but failed to do so. I did not understand what has exactly happened, why I am unable to extract text from PDF document? However, it is really important for me to take out that text including images. Can anyone out there know any solution how it can be done with minimum effort required? Thanks in advance.”

“Cannot Extract Text from PDF File”- Why?

If a user is not able to take out text from PDF files, then what could be the possible reasons behind it. One of the most common reason is that the PDF file is restricted. It means it has copy restriction on it due to which it becomes difficult for a user to perform a copy operation on it. In addition, when it comes to extract data from PDF files, then it becomes impossible for them to perform it in batch. Therefore, users are looking for a solution that can help them to take out text from PDF files without any hassle.

Method to Extract Text from Multiple PDF Files Manually

If a user manually wants to extract data from PDF files, then he or she can use the two different ways discussed below:

Manual #1: Using Adobe Acrobat

One of the best possible ways to extract text from multiple PDF files is with the help of Adobe Acrobat application. If a user is having Adobe Acrobat application installed on their system, then they extract text as well as images from PDF document. Moreover, it also permits users to export the extracted information in multiple formats like Word, JPEG, etc. Now, to do the same in Acrobat DC, you need to select Tools and then click on Export PDF option. In addition, whenever a user export text from PDF file, he or she can select the any of the options listed below:
  • Keep flowing text intact
  • Maintain Page Layout
  • Include Comments
  • Include Images
But the major drawback of this method is that Adobe Acrobat is a paid software. One needs to purchase it before using it.

Manual #2: Using Adobe Reader

If a user is looking for some free solution, then they can use Adobe Reader to extract text from PDF files. Using this application, one can copy the portion of text that he or she wants to copy by pressing Ctrl + C. After that, simply paste it to some other program like MS Word by pressing Ctrl + V. But there is one major disadvantage of using this application, if there are multiple PDF files, then it becomes a time-consuming task to copy text from each file separately. Moreover, in the case of restricted PDF, a user is unable to copy the text simply via Ctrl+ C. Apart from this, it does not preserve the formatting of text.

Alternative Approach to Extract Text from Multiple PDF Files

Both manual solutions discussed above have some or other limitations due to which they are unable to provide satisfactory results. Thus, to have a hassle-free solution, a user is suggested to switch to a professional solution named as PDF Toolbox. It basically compresses the size of PDF documents in bulk. It also permits users to extract data from PDF file containing text or image. However, if a user wants, then he or she can take out images or text from selective PDF files also without any loss of data. Moreover, it keeps the original formatting intact as original after extraction. Like position and size of an image depending on user's choice.


Approach to extract text from multiple PDF files is not that simple like it seems. There are various limitations that a user might face while doing it manually. Keep all such requirements of a user's in mind, different methods to take out text from PDF files in a batch are covered. One can easily choose between them as per their requirement.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

How to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as PDF? – Complete Guide

In the present era, MS Outlook is among the best popular email clients around the globe. Therefore, users must be aware of the PST file format. This format is used by Outlook to store the Outlook data items including emails, calendars, contacts, etc. The PST file can be easily accessible on other systems as well. In some situations, users need to carry their emails in an individual file to other systems. Then in these cases, users prefer to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF because this PDF format can be easily accessed on all the other digital platforms. This blog describes the best possible techniques to create PDF from Outlook folder. Read this article in detail to know about the different techniques to save Outlook emails in PDF file format.

Search Contents of MSG Files of Outlook by iFilter Indexing

There are many individuals or organization who backed up their Outlook email messages in MSG file format for their future reference. All the emails are saved in a folder or a drive that can be difficult to find if accessed after a long time. Sometimes, it is also required to open and search contents of MSG files and view Outlook MSG files on Windows OS.

Once a user asked, “I have too many MSG emails with me that are saved in my system. Now, I have am unable to get the specific email from that folder as there are thousands of emails. It is hard to find that email along with the attachment. Can anyone suggest me any method to search within MSG files easily? Thanks in Advance!”

There are many methods to do search contents of MSG file. In the following blog, we have discussed various methods to search and open MSG files in order to read Outlook messages in a simple and effective way.

Parameters to Search Contents of MSG Files

There is an application which is available from Microsoft website i.e. iFilter. This utility is very useful in order to set the location of the file that is required to be indexed by Windows. It is easy to read .msg files so as to index and search in MSG files. This application totally depends on the Outlook as well as Windows version. There are some parameters that involved the case:

  • - If a user is using Outlook 2003/2010 on Windows Vista/7, then no installation of anything is required. The system, as well as the application, is designed in such a way that it can search within MSG files.
  • - If a user is using any of the available versions of MS Outlook on Windows XP, then it required installing Windows Search.
  • - If a user is using MS Outlook 2003 or any versions of Windows, then iFilter is required to be installed.

Search MSG Files Using iFilter

You need to follow some steps to change the Windows indexing in order to identify and search contents of MSG files:

  1. 1. First of all, launch Indexing Options dialogue box. Follow undertaken steps:
    • - Windows XP: Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Indexing Options.
    • - Windows 7 and Vista: Click on Start >> Type >> Indexing Options.
  2. 2. In Indexing Options dialogue box, click on the Advanced button to search .msg files.
  3. 3. After that, click on File Types tab.
  4. 4. From the left column, choose MSG extension. Filter Description should be Office Outlook MSG iFilter or Microsoft MSG iFilter.
  5. 5. At the bottom, Indexing option should be Index Properties and File Contents.

Alternate Solution to Search in MSG Files

There is a big priority for many companies to save their time and efforts. They look for a simple solution to open and read MSG file data without wasting much time. They don’t go for temporary solutions or add-ins to download and run for important data. Instead of the manual method, they prefer SysTools MSG Viewer which is a simple utility to open, search contents of MSG files and view Outlook messages. There are multiple search options to scan uploaded folder/files and sort them by certain attributes. It works on all the Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP or below versions.

The Last Words

Sometimes, there is an important conversation or messages that are stored as the backup. It can be urgent to reference and search within MSG files any email message or attachment anytime. It can take time to find anything particular from the huge mailbox. A manual method is discussed in the following post but instead of it, the mentioned automated solution can be used by technical as well as non-technical individual and is more helpful. It takes very less time and efforts to open and search contents of MSG files.