Monday, 16 July 2018

How to Import Google Calendar to Outlook 365 – Tips & Tricks

Google Apps (now G Suite) as we all know is the Software and applications collaboration suite provided by Google Inc. for Business, Educational and Work purposes. Recently, in a study it was revealed that most of the G Suite users are moving to Microsoft Outlook 365 due to one or many reasons. When a user makes such a migration, they may need to migrate all the data from Google Apps account to Outlook Offline 2016 account. Sometimes users maybe having special requirements to add Google Calendar to Outlook Office 365. So in this article, we will be discussing the ways for  importing Google Calendar to Office 365 easily.

Manual method to Import Google Calendar to Outlook 365

To perform transfer of G Suite Calendar to O365, you can follow two steps:

1. Export the G Suite Calendar in ICS file format
2. Import the .ics Calendar to Outlook 365

Step 1: Export G Suite Calendar in .ics file format

1. Sign-in to Google Apps and click on Apps menu. Select the Calendar option
2. From the left panel of the Google Apps Calendar window, click the My Calendars option and then Click on Settings
3. Click the Export Calendars option from the Calendar settings window. Google Calendars will then be downloaded in ICS file format.

Step 2: Import the .ics File to Outlook Offline 2016

1. Login to the destination Outlook 2016 Offline account. Click the Calendar Option & then choose ‘Add Calendar’
2. Choose ‘From File’ from the drop down list
3. Browse the .ics file from the local folders and then click on the save button
4. View the G Suite Calendar from the left panel of the window

Limitations of Manual Method to Add Google Calendar to Outlook 365

1. Applicable only for Google Calendars
2. Comparatively Lengthy Process
3. Time consuming
4. Prone to Data Loss issues

Expert Solution to Import Google Calendar to Outlook 365

As mentioned above, there are a lot of limitations associated with the manual solution. So for overcoming such issues and to add Google Calendar to Outlook Office 365, we can use an alternative third party solution which will help to move the Calendar entries from G Suite to Outlook 2016 Offline account. One of the most effective third party solution currently available in the digital arena for overcoming this dilemma is SysTools G Suite to Office 365 migrator. It lets the users to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from Google Apps to Outlook 365 account. Some of the notable features of this tool is listed below.      

1. Migrate Emails, Contacts & Calendars from G Suite to Outlook 365
2. Allows transfer of particular data using Filter Items & Date Filter options
3. Impersonation feature is provided to move multiple G Suite accounts to O365
4. Provides Pause & Resume option to pause the migration in between

Wrapping Up:

In the above article, we have discussed about the different solutions to import Google Calendar to Outlook 365 in simple steps without any data loss. The first method includes two steps which is downloading of ICS file from Google Apps and then importing those ICS files to Outlook 2016 offline. The second method is an expert solution which involves directly transferring G Suite calendar to O365 using SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 migrator.