Thursday, 25 February 2016

Convert Entourage Mailboxes to Outlook PST - Quick Steps to Migrate

Entourage mail is developed by Microsoft for Mac OS. It is an email client for desktop includes emails, notes, contacts, calendars & journals. Entourage mail client has MBOX mail format for storing all its mail documents locally.

Now as Outlook has ruling the market, user usually migrate from Entourage to Outlook because of many add on features provided by Outlook. In such case, user’s Entourage mail files become inaccessible in Outlook and user started searching for utilities to convert Entourage to Outlook data file.

Issues with Entourage mail

Entourage mail client is basically for Mac and doesn’t supported by Windows. Because of its lacking support for business environment user often migrate from Mac to Windows.

Here the issue arrived when user want to access Entourage mail file in Windows Outlook mail client and they can’t access it at all.

So concluding the scenario, if you have Entourage mail files in your Windows system, then to access the mail files you have to convert Entourage to Outlook. This process of conversion Entourage Outlook makes user to access their Entourage mail files into PST.

Convert Entourage to Outlook with One Click Tool

User can perform a simple conversion with the help of an Entourage to Outlook converter. Let me explain you the simple steps of how to convert Entourage mail to PST.

Step-1: - Open the conversion utility, and proceed for adding Entourage from the saved location.

 Step-2: - As you can see, Entourage is listed on third number in the UI, it means you can convert your Entourage file in Windows PC. You can select file or folder of Entourage in bulk in order to convert them into Outlook.

Note: Entourage store its files in archive file “.rge” on Mac machine, so before converting the file you need to extract Entourage file from the .rge file

How to extract Entourage data from the .rge file?

  • • Launch your Microsoft Entourage on your Mac. Click on Export and add the .rge file .

  • • Select Option > Items to an Entourage Archive > select All Items.

  • Save the files & wait for the process to be done.

  • • You can now easily access your Entourage mails. Copy the mails in some portable device.

  • • Remember Entourage saves single files in .emlx format and a folder in .mbox format

  • • Now connect the portable device in your Windows system. Remember in Windows the             archive will appear as a folder. 

  • • Now you can easily follow the under mentioned steps to convert Entourage to Outlook PST

Step-3: - A pop-up screen asking for source destination of Entourage mail files allows you to browse your Entourage mail file from any location in your system. Give the location where you copied the Entourage archive     

 Step-4: - Process action will convert Entourage to Outlook within seconds.

Now you can see all your converted Entourage mail to PST in a folder structure. Not only emails you can also preview the attachments along with.

Convert Entourage to Outlook – verdict

The tool to convert Entourage to Outlook is a standalone tool which means you can still export your Entourage data when you have not installed the email client environment. This feature makes it more usable and user friendly. Adding on the features, exporting Entourage mails to other formats is also available in the Pro version of tool convert Entourage to Outlook.

Try the free version of MBOX converter & open Entourage email in Outlook.

Note: - User must have import their Entourage .rge archive in order to get entourage mail file, for entourage to outlook conversion.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Extract Data From VMDK File

Learn to Extract Data From VMDK File In Corrupt State

VMDK is the virtual disk file type generated by VMware application. The application creates this file for the machines having different servers. There are many other applications similar to VMware that are employed to generate a virtual environment. This segment shares details on how to extract data from VMDK file in varying conditions.

More about VMDK Files

VMware VMDK file is the exact virtual emulation of a real computer on Guest OS connected to it. IT sector is progressing more and more towards the consolidation of servers. Therefore, the awareness of being able to manage and administer virtual machines has become a necessity. The system requirement to have the right virtual environment includes; hard disk space, usable memory, and CPU. Either storage location of these virtual disk files can be the local machine or any host reachable remote location. The remote storage of virtual disks can be any of the following: ISCSI, Network Attached Storage, or a Storage Area Network that is attached to the host machine. There are two types of virtual disk files, which are Preallocated and Growable disk type.

In the former disk type, storage space of the virtual data is preallocated i.e., previously allocated. On the other hand, a growable disk keeps on increasing the storage according to the necessity. Size factor of a VMDK file is being discussed because it affects the state of the file.

Mount & Extract Data from an Oversized VMDK

Configuration of VMware disk is customizable thus; it is possible to setup the VMDK as an independent. Doing this adds up a layer of complexity and control to the VMware disk files. in addition to that, once the files are independent disk files they can be configured as Persistent disk or a Non-persistent one.

The changes made to the disk is simultaneously recorded and saved permanently in case of a Persistent disk. However, changes are meant to be lost in the case of Non-Persistent type of configuration, as soon as the host machine is turned off.

However, even in the case of a Persistent Disk the data stored can become unusable due to the ample reasons of corruption capable of affect the state of a VMDK file. These are:

• Snapshot files gone missing
• Log files deleted (accidently/purposely)
• Malware intrusion directly into the VMDK or associated files responsible for its working
• Deletion of OS files from a Guest Operating System

Mounting a VMDK file is easier and can be performed using a number of methods but only in cases where the file may be raw but is in a healthy state. However, in any of the above listed conditions, it is not possible to mount and extract data from VMDK file. The only possible method is to get a third party application involved and reuse the extracted data on the virtual environment.

VMware Recovery to Extract Data from VMDK File

This VMDK file recovery solution is capable of thoroughly scanning virtual machine disk files and recovering them from a corrupt state. This enables the tool to be able to extract data from VMDK file regardless of how badly it may be corrupted.

Some of the key features are:

• Corrupt, Formatted, Deleted VMDK file recovery served
• Preview of contents from the recovered VMDK file rendered
• The software imposes no limitation on the size of VMDK file
• Extraction of recovered data done at the original location

You can extract the contents of a VMDK file in just three steps :

  1. Scan and load the VMware disk files by manually browsing the file or scanning the machine 
      via a selected drive or all at once.

  2. Filter out the desired set of data as per your requirement.

3. Extract contents to machine by selecting the desired ones or performing a bulk extract.

Friday, 19 February 2016

How to Access NSF Files with Outlook in Few Clicks

Lotus Notes & MS Outlook

Lotus Notes is a desktop-based mail application comes along with Lotus Domino server, is developed by IBM Lotus Development Corporation. Lotus notes also offers features like calendars, contact information, discussion forums, file sharing, instant messaging, user directories & blogs along with mails. Lotus notes supports NSF mail format. This  .nsf file is locally accessible only when you have Domino server installed & configured with your Lotus Notes client. Count this as its major drawback because if only you are connected with Domino server you can access your mails, calendars, archives etc.

Instead I will inform you that Outlook never make it sure that you are connected to server for retrieving your locally saved mails, contacts, tasks & archive etc. hence this fact of Lotus Notes marks it a little behind of Outlook.

Now the question rises what to do to access NSF files without Lotus Domino? Well I will give you a way to access NSF file in Outlook even without connected to Lotus Domino. Providing you a tool to access NSF files with Outlook in simple steps.

How to Access NSF file with Outlook?

You need to follow simple procedure to access Lotus Notes in Outlook. Take a look

Step-1: - Double Click on the setup & open the UI of software.

Step-2: - Click Browse to add your NSF database file.

Step-3: - Browse your names.nsf file separately for accessing your Lotus contacts in Outlook.

Note: Your contacts in Lotus Notes are stored in a single names.nsf file, you need to export it distinctly for accessing into Outlook.

Step-4: - You are provided with the feature to Select criteria. Here you can select only what you want to access along with applying filtration also.

You can apply filters like -
1. Mails you want to access from any specific date.
2. The duplicated contacts you do not want to access.
3. You can access specific tasks, journals, by applying Set option from a specific date.

Step-5: - Additionally there are more options for applying filters on your .nsf files for conversion.

1. You can split PST file if it is larger than the specified size (It will be helpful for accessing NSF emails in Outlook easily). Size can be defined by User.

2. Change location to manage the PST file, from where you can easily import the PST file in your Outlook.

Step-6: - Advance setting permits various other options like HTML formatting, remove encryption, set smtp manually, map customized folders etc. Click Apply to save changes.

Step-7: - You will pass on to the previous page after applying the changes. When you hit the Export option for starting conversion process to make NSF accessible in Outlook.

Step-8: - You can also view the export report generated in .csv format. It will display you file count of the process.

Step-9: - After exporting, now open your predestined file location to access the NSF file in Outlook.

Upshot: - Access Lotus Notes NSF File with Outlook

The Tool to Access NSF file in Outlook is an all-rounder utility. It can export your .nsf file to single PST and also split large PST files. Moreover, you can view your saved files in maintained folder structure, auto generated export report, maintains HTML formatting and many more. Hence to access Lotus Notes NSF File in Outlook, try for Free - Click Here.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Convert Mulberry Mails to Outlook - One Click Process to Access Mulberry Mails

Mulberry is an open source email client available for Mac, Windows and Linux OS. Mulberry email client is basically a desktop based email client which supports various internet standards like LDAP, IMAP etc. It firstly was developed for Apple Macintosh and then enlarged for Windows and Linux too. It contains folders like iCalendar, contact detail along with emails.

Where the issue begins?

As Mulberry is desktop based email client too seems it works offline too but still Mulberry’s future is not yet consoled by the developers. The lacking features of Mulberry spotted when it is the case of spam filtering as it is not able to filter out spam emails from user’s mailbox keenly, missing User-friendly UI environment. These points lack Mulberry behind of other desktop based email clients.
Obvious MS Outlook is the widest used desktop based email client which is secure and reliable. Meanwhile I am discussing about the fact that Mulberry mail account holder if want to convert Mulberry to Outlook, how will this conversion takes place?

Convert Mulberry Mails to Outlook

Mulberry appends MBX file format in its mail files as default file format. MBX is an email extension file format like MBOX.

Please note that MBX format & MBOX file format, as Google takes them both identical so it is not a big issue just “Lil Techie Things”. But for your suitability you can rename the MBX format with MBOX format.

MBX mail files are stored in your system locally more precisely. 

This MBOX/MBX format is inaccessible if you want to convert Mulberry mailbox to Outlook. But wait I have a solution for you. Let me introduce you with the MBOX to PST converter software which convert “Mulberry Mails to Outlook”.

Mulberry Mails to Outlook converter works in few simple steps.

Step-1 :- Add MBX file from your system database where the Mulberry .mbx email files are stored by clicking Add file .

Step2 :- Choose the MBOX file format to start the conversion.

Step-3: - Select path of your mailbox file. Path is mentioned above

By clicking on Process, the conversion starts and within few minutes your Mulberry mails are converted into Outlook completely.

Step -4: - View your all Mulberry mail files.

Step-5: - User is provided with the option of Export to PST also. 

Step-6:- Import Mulberry mails into Outlook.

Note: You can import your MBX file converted into Outlook data file(.pst) by clicking Open Outlook Data File in MS outlook. But What if you have not installed MS Outlook? Then read the above description for solution.

About Mulberry to Outlook Conversion

The tool to convert Mulberry to Outlook is a standalone tool which means you can simply view your converted Mails without installation of email clients at both end. How is it possible? Well I know such confusions are genuine and for the clearance try demo version of Mulberry to Outlook conversion tool free Click Here.

This is very powerful & reliable tool comes along with export option into various different formats apart from PST for example like PDF, RTF, NSF, EML etc., in its Pro version. Hence If you want to migrate from your old mail client and worried about files accessibility, corruption, file loss etc., don’t bother or waste your time for looking over web when you have this Mulberry to Outlook conversion tool at free of cost.

Note: - MS Outlook installation is NOT required for Mulberry to Outlook converter.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Convert Yahoo Mail to Outlook - Technique to access Yahoo Mails locally

Let’s begin with brief Introduction

Yahoo Mail is a web-based email service. Explaining further Yahoo is the third most used online-emailing application/utility. It is a free service here user login with its personal account just assume it like the Gmail, Hotmail etc., mail clients.

A web based email-client needed 24-hour internet connection to read, view & open mails, contacts, attachments, drafts & other utilities provided. Hence most of the user migrate or prefer desktop based email clients for ease in accessing the mail and other utilities anytime locally too.

Outlook is a well-known desktop-based email client developed by Microsoft. As we know that talking about migration is easy but real migration from one mail client to another creates many serious issues.

Issues created while Converting Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Users which are using Yahoo mail must have faced these common issues with the UI, layout and user ability which causes inaccessibility to mailing utility means user can’t access their email messages most of the time. These issues are technical & server error including lack of tech-support leaves user with the only option to convert Yahoo mail to Outlook.

Now the question arises, How this Conversion of Yahoo mail into Outlook will be performed?
User always scared of these words migration, conversion, restoring because all these functions head towards data loss or the idea of data loss. However, the mentioned information definitely clears out this hypothetical issue, and make the “Yahoo Mails to Outlook conversion” process easier.

How to Convert Yahoo Mails to Outlook?

Migrating Yahoo Mail to Outlook sounds a bit hectic but with this Convert Yahoo mail to Outlook tool it will be a few clicks solution. Click here for Free Trial

Step -1: Login

This tool makes you to login to your Yahoo account first.

Step -2: Convert into Outlook PST format

After login the tool will let you choose the PST format for conversion. Note that the Yahoo mail to Outlook conversion tool also allowing you to choose destination path of your own choice, just to make the location easily find-able by user.

Step-3: Process Starts

After clicking “Start”, the tool starts the process of backing up your Yahoo mail for the conversion. This Yahoo mail conversion tool keeps each folder’s backup without skipping the trash even.

Step-4: Export to PST

Your conversion of Yahoo mail to Outlook is completed and now you can easily export Yahoo mail into Outlook.

 Your converted Yahoo mails into PST are shown in the screen below

 Well by the ease you are able to see, open, read folder of Yahoo mail to Outlook. Hence, overall you have now a copy of your Yahoo email database at your system locally, which means the problem of regular connection with server and its related issues are resolved by this tool to Convert Yahoo mail to Outlook.

Summing up - The tool to Convert Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Well as the working process is easy for you from above screens, I will sum up the features also that it is a standalone application hence does not need the Yahoo environment to backup & convert your data. Moreover, multiple export formats provided according to your need in its full version. Quick, light-weighted and useful tool to Convert Yahoo mail to Outlook, which I recommend to every Yahoo user.

Note: - Your machine needed Outlook installation in your system to export Yahoo mail to PST format.

Friday, 12 February 2016

How to Convert Thunderbird MSF File to PST/EML/MSG/NSF

If you want to transfer your data from Thunderbird to Outlook firstly, you need to know about the file formats supported by the respective email platforms.
Data file format is the primary concern while initiating any kind of migration from one mail client to another. If you are using an email client that understands MBOX/MSF file format and want to switch to MS Outlook, then your MSF file / MBOX file needs to be converted to PST format. However, before proceeding with the conversion, first we need to know what are MSF and PST.

PST (Personal Storage Table)

PST is a Personal Storage Table file that belongs to MS Outlook. The data file stores user’s account data including all mail folders and other personal items, such as appointments, contacts, email attachments, and more. These files are located on the local machine within a default store folder.

MSF (Mail Summary File)

The MSF file type is primarily associated with Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an email client by Mozilla, which stores the contents of each email folder as two types of files:
With No Extension: It is the mail storage file in MBOX format. Though the file is created with no extension but it is the MBOX file which consists of the collection of messages representing a mail folder in Thunderbird client.
With .msf Extension: It is the index (Mail Summary File) assigned to each email folder in the Thunderbird profile that contains message summary of the emails stored within the corresponding MBOX file.
If we want to import/export mails to any other program, we need to import/export them from the file with no extension, i.e. the MBOX file. Thus, the messages from Thunderbird is possible but not as MSF to PST but rather as MBOX to PST conversion.

Switching Thunderbird .msf to Outlook .pst

MS Outlook is the most widely used e-mail client, which stores emails along with user’s personal data in a PST format. Although, Thunderbird is a free and open source application, yet it lacks functionalities that are in Outlook, i.e. absence of personal storage management. Therefore, it cannot be regarded as a complete desktop emailing program.

Is it Possible to Open MSF File in Outlook?

No, MSF files are the proprietary summary files that belong to Thunderbird and are not suitable for conversion of messages from the client owing to the fact that it is not an email repository. Therefore, conversion of mailbox to PST needs to be performed instead.
Manual Method: It can be achieved without using any software. Add-ons are provided by external providers that may be helpful for an indirect conversion of individual count of messages from Thunderbird to Outlook and not collective.
Using a Commercial Tool: A third party tool can be used to convert bulk of email contents from Thunderbird mailboxes to PST without any end user efforts being required.

Manual Method to Export Thunderbird data into Outlook PST

Following are some steps, which need to be followed if you want to export Thunderbird data into Outlook manually.
NOTE: An add-on namely import/export tools is required for the conversion.
  • Run Thunderbird email client
  • Open the folder that you want to export messages from
  • Select emails
  • Right – click on selected emails and click on “Save As” option and choose the desired file type. For instance - EML, NSF, MSG or PST
NOTE: Being simple text based message storage, Outlook can read EML type files, though not officially but it does.
  • Save the selected messages in destination folder and click on select folder.
  • Run MS Outlook
  • Create a new folder for storing the converted messages
  • Enter a desired name and click on OK.
  • Select all emails exported from Thunderbird
  • Drag all emails to the newly created folder on MS Outlook.
  • After a successful import process, all emails can be viewed.
This method will be useful if there you have a limited number of emails and don’t require the message formatting to be retained along with the original head information.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Risk of data / message formatting loss & internet header modification
  • Time consuming (you have to drag and drop each email)
  • Requires end users to put in manual efforts for the entire task
  • Emails will lose their SMTP header
NOTE: Thunderbird should be installed and configured on your system.
To overcome these issues you can use any commercial tool that can effectively deliver efficient data transfer services.

By Using a Commercial Tool

As an alternative for Thunderbird MSF to PST/EML/NSF/MSG, you can get a one-click solution. MBOX Converter is recommended for converting message storage from Thunderbird to Outlook PST file. This tool will help you convert multiple MBOX files to PST and other featured formats.
One can easily install and purchase this software from its official website.
Additionally, this tool ensures
  • Data accuracy
  • High speed conversion
  • No loss of data / metadata during or after conversion
  • Facility of previewing the messages
  • Bulk size data transfer
Using MBOX Converter, you can easily convert your Thunderbird .msf to Outlook .pst. It not only saves your time but also assures you of full data conversion along with security of the contents.

Other than that if you are seeking to convert msf to eml, msf to msg and msf to mbox, then the above suggested information regarding MSF & the third party tool proves to be helful in those scenarios also.

Convert Gmail to Outlook - One Click Solution to get All Mails at Same Place


We are well aware of the email clients present this time in the market but Are we seriously aware about their merits/demerits? No, I know most of us are aware about everything but lack a little technicality of email clients.

We are using number of emails accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc., but most of the user prefer Gmail. It is so because of the features Google provide to us within Gmail & yeah it is also most popular trending mail account too. As we have two kinds of email clients: -

Web based email client 
Desktop based email client 

User often get tired of managing multiple accounts and want to switch to a single mail account or moreover single mail storage. Hence user prefer to convert their Gmail account into outlook. But why Outlook? It will be clear with the underwritten topics.

About Google Mail (Gmail)

Gmail is a web-based email account. Although Gmail comes with so many features but it lack some of the features too. User is only able to see the live view of his mails, contacts and other personal information but the backup is not available to user. Gmail keeps the backup in its server, until it’s not deleted permanently user can retrieve the backup but once it is deleted permanently from trash, user will not be able to retrieve them back. Moreover, Gmail allows live internet connection to view the mails, contacts, attachments etc., and there where the trouble starts.

About MS Outlook

Outlook is also a mail client developed by Microsoft. Outlook unlike Gmail is a desktop based locally accessible mail client. Outlook overcomes the issues of Gmail like having internet connection to view and open the mails & attachments, secondly Outlook allows you to keep backup of your mails and every of your data belongs to Outlook in a separate location inside your drives. Outlook uses PST file format to store data while gmail is a server based mail client hence can’t be accessed locally.

How to convert Gmail Data to Outlook?

Now the question arises if you want to convert Gmail to Outlook, How will you perform this conversion? Will you be able to convert Gmail INBOX, Draft, Sent, Contacts etc. to Outlook without losing any single bit of data? All these queries of user troubles to choose a better solution.
Nevertheless, If Solution is here so why to worry! Yes, you can open gmail mail in outlook just by performing a simple Gmail to Outlook conversion.


Steps to Convert Gmail Mails into Outlook?

It is preferable to go with the automatic conversion rather than manual conversion. Here you can perform automatic Gmail to Outlook conversion without a single manual action. The One-click conversion of your Gmail emails into Outlook setup just in few simple steps. Click here for Demo


Login with your existing Gmail account
Once you logged in from your Gmail account this Gmail email to outlook converter tool fetches your data and detects each and every details of your account automatically.


Then you will be redirected to your browser for authentication as it maintains your account confidentiality completely.


 After completion of authentication process you will be redirected to convert Gmail to outlook tool automatically.
There you can see whole backup log of your emails, contacts, documents, calendar etc. You are provided with Outlook PST formats to convert your Gmail emails. You can see it in below screenshot easily.


After selecting output location i.e. Outlook file format the backing up of gmail data starts and it is very quick that within few minutes it is done (provided, your internet connection should be fast).


Now the major session starts where you can easily export the saved Outlook data by importing the PST file in your MS Outlook. And your saved data automatically get opened in your outlook mail utility.

You can see in the above screenshot the account holder Gmail data converted into outlook file format. At last you can now view, open or even can delete your inbox from the gmail because now you have Gmail to Outlook converter tool and your data is under safe hands.


 Now you can Check your Gmail data into Outlook. 


Gmail Conversion Tool Summary

The tool to convert Gmail to Outlook convert is a utility, which simply converts your Gmail mails into PST file and makes them more easily accessible and safe even when you are locally connected to Outlook. Moreover, additional features like Filtering of mails, Support to multiuser backup, pause and resume of live download makes it the widely used Gmail to PST converter.

Gmail to Outlook Converter Vs   Manual Conversion

Risk of data loss – Manual method are still not accurate hence risk of data loss is continued.

Time consuming – You have to perform several different steps if you are manually doing this conversion rather than auto conversion. However, during manual conversion you have to deal with several issues/bugs also.

Gmail mails will often lose their SMTP header while converting manually to Outlook.

Manual conversion needs end user to be presented at whole time, which is totally boring and waste of time.

Hence It is clear that this Convert Gmail to Outlook Tool saves you completely from these all issues and yeah, it is worthy time-saver Tool too.
Note: - Outlook must be Installed and configured in your system.This convert Gmail to Outlook tool only supports Gmail domain for the conversion purpose.