Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to Break PST File in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007

Summary: ‘How to break PST files in Outlook’ is one of the most common problems asked by several users. In this article, we are going to discuss some manual as well as automatic solutions for the same query. In addition, we will also discuss the needs to break up PST files. corruption, one can break it into multiple small parts. Also, there may various reasons for what users may need to split PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.
As we all know that Microsoft Outlook is an eminent email client that manages multiple user accounts. The previous versions of Outlook, incorporates PST file size restrictions and exceeding the defined file size, may lead users to permanent data loss condition. To prevent PST file corruption, one can break it into multiple small parts. Also, there may various reasons for what users may need to split the Outlook PST.

Reasons to break PST Files in Outlook

Outlook uses two formats for PST files i.e., ANSI and UNICODE but, both formats have some limitations.
ANSI: ANSI (American Standard National Institute) PST is used by MS Outlook 2002 and previous versions of Outlook. ANSI has storage limit up to 2GB. If the user exceeds this limit then, PST may go into inaccessible state or may get corrupted.
UNICODE: In MS Outlook 2003 and later versions, ANSI format was replaced by UNICODE. It increases standard size of PST files up to 20GB. Thus, the chances of data corruption and loss become very low in this format of PST.

Methods to Break PST files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

Below are some simple and easiest manual methods to break down PST files in Outlook.

Method 1: Break PST Files by Import and Export Method

  • Start MS Outlook, click on File >> Account settings
  • Account Setting window pops up here, click on Data File >> Add
  • Click on Create or Open Outlook Data File box, set name and location. Then,
    click on OK >> Close
  • Select File >> Open >> Import
  • In Import and Export wizard, choose Export to a file >> Next
  • Select PST file and click on Next
  • Then, browse a location to save the new file and hit Finish button
  • Create Outlook Data File window will appear now.
  • If you need to set a password or output file then, enter a password otherwise hit the Cancel button

Note: It is a lengthy and time-consuming process also it may corrupt your file.

Method 2: Break PST Files by Move to Folder Method

  • Start MS Outlook and click on File >> New >> Outlook Data File

  • Select Office Outlook Personal Folder File (.pst) option from New Outlook Data File and click on OK

  • In Create Microsoft Personal Folder wizard set a new name for PST file

  • Select Edit >> Move to Folder >> Move items and here, click on New button

  • Now set name for new PST in Create New Folder window and select new PST file in Select where to place the folder section and click OK

  • Choose a folder for new PST file from Move items and click on OK button

  • Note: It is a time-consuming process and may lead you to permanent data loss condition.

    Method 3: Automatic Solution

    Users can use an automatic tool to break down PST file in Outlook i.e., Split PST software. It is capable to break PST files with different options. The demo version of tool only can break up to first 50 emails. If the users need to break down more emails then, they can purchase its licensed version.
    Key Features:
    • Divide large PST file into smaller parts by Year, Date, Size, Folder
    • Software works with both Active PST file and Archive PST file
    • Option to split all data items: mails, Contacts, Calendars, tasks
    • No file size limitation: Break both ANSI and UNICODE Outlook PST
    • Outlook application installation is not necessary to split PST files

    Working Steps of Split PST Tool

    • Step 1: Download and launch Split PST Tool
    • Step 2: Select the desired split options
    • Step 3: Select splitting option
      • Split by date
      • Split by size
      • Split by year
      • Split by folder
    • Step 4: Click on Next and check the status report


    Considering users query ‘how to break PST files in Outlook’, we have suggested some easy methods to resolve this issue. The mentioned manual methods are good in some cases however, the automatic solution is best to break down PST files in Outlook without any inconvenience. Now, users can choose any solution as per their requirements.