Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How to Convert MSG files to PDF in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Recently, There have been multiple queries where the users are looking to convert Outlook MSG files to the Adobe PDF file format manually. As it has always been a challenging task for the users to move and transfer email messages from the MSG file to the Adobe PDF file format. So, we have explained the manual methodology in order to target the same problem. Along with this we have also enlisted the automated methodology for the same. But, First of all we need to get acknowledged about the MSG and the PDF file format.

Introduction to MSG & PDF file format

Let us Know about the MSG file and PDF file format. MSG file is a very simple file format of Microsoft Outlook. It is a very simple file format used in Microsoft Outlook which can easily save all the email data items in it. The file can be accessed by any text editor or by notepad. It can be manually created by user using the drag and drop method.

Whereas PDF(Portable Document Format) is a very popular ans safe file format that can be used by users to store the important content in it. PDF is most popular document file format, It allows the user to make multiple copies of a single file and print it on the paper. This format is very suitable for users for reading purposes. No content can be edited once the PDF file is created. It provides security feature such as encryption where the user can add password protection to the PDF files.

Reasons for which there is need to convert MSG to PDF file format

As per the user's requirements. There can be multiple reasons which demand to convert the MSG files to the PDF file format. This conversion process depends on the user's requirements:

  1. If the user doesn't want to lose important email messages, documents, invoices and many crucial data.
  2. Have instant preview of all the email messages of the Outlook in office presentation, medical reports, legal reports and etc.
  3. It is the safest and most secure file format which the secure the complete important data by using the password security.
  4. Users cannot use MSG files in the Absence of Outlook, Because PDF file is platform independent & can be accessed on any Operating system used on the computer system.

The reasons mentioned above are the most noted reasons which forces the users to think and move their email messages from Outlook to the PDF file format.

The best solution to convert the MSG files to PDF file format

The MSG to PDF converter tool is a one the perfect solutions available on the internet that can be used in order to convert the Outlook MSG files to the Adobe PDF file format. The software is a complete package that is a combination of the user friendly interface, Which can be understood very easily by any user. It is helpful for the users to convert multiple MSG files into PDF. It is very effective and efficient while converting the MSG files to the PDF file format.

Steps to convert MSG to PDF file format

  1. Download and install the MSG to PDF Converter Application.
  2. Now, Launch the tool on your system.
  3. Browse & Navigate the required MSG file according to their requirement.
  4. Now, click on the export button destination location by clicking on the browse button
  5. Now, on the final step, click on the Export button.

The software also bundles along the following features:

  • Provides the most secure MSG to PDF Conversion.
  • No file size limitation.
  • Maintains Data integrity
  • Supports multiple batch file conversion.
  • Supports all versions of Outlook

You can definitely try the demo version of the software prior making the purchase of the software. That combines up to the pros of the software making it more effective and efficient from a user's perspective.

Transfer Contacts from Outlook to vCard Format – Trusted Solution

A Complete Method to Transfer Contacts From Outlook to vCard File

Are you looking for a way to convert Outlook contacts to vCard format? Have you ever tried to perform conversion process manually? Here, in this blog, we will come up with a reliable way to transfer contacts from Outlook to vCard file using an automated solution such as PST to VCF Converter.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Learn to Export Outlook Contacts to Outlook.Com in Windows Efficiently

Nowadays, Many users have stopped using Microsoft Outlook as it is continuing not to supports the new and non-proprietary standard. Outlook works great if you are having an Exchange Server but it is overkill for IMAP/POP email and is not capable enough to have the ability to sync with most of the cloud email/contacts/calendar services. This blog will guide you to export Outlook Contacts to Outlook.com as there are few users who only want to import contacts in Outlook.com from Outlook.

Instant Solution: If you want to import contacts into Outlook.com from Outlook without any hassle. Then, you can use SysTools vCard Export Software.

Techniques to Move Outlook Contacts to Outlook.com

There are two simple approaches to perform this migration process. The first one will be the Manual one and the second one is a professional approach performed using a third-party utility.

Manual Approach

The Manual approach to export contacts from Outlook to Outlook.com will take place in two steps. Firstly, we have to export the contacts from Outlook and then import them in Outlook.com.
Follow the below discussed steps to export the contacts from Outlook to Outlook.com:

Step:1 Exporting Contacts from Outlook

Export Contacts from Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013 or 2010 for Windows
  2. Navigate to Options → File → Advanced
  3. In the Export section, click on Export button
  4. Under Import & Export Wizard, choose Export to a file option → Click Next
  5. Select the Comma Separated Values
  6. Choose Contacts folder and then click Next to save the contacts in a CSV file

Export Contacts from Outlook 2007

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Windows
2. Open Import & Export Wizard → Select File
3. Choose Export to a File
4. Select CSV file (Windows)
5. Now, select the contacts folder
6. Save the exported contacts as a CSV file to your machine

Step:2 Importing Outlook Contacts to Outlook.Com

Following the above steps till here, your CSV file must be available to you. All the contacts are stored in CSV file which is exported from Outlook. So, now we are required import the CSV file to Outlook.com. Now, follow the below-given steps to perform the same:
1. Sign in to Outlook.com
2. Now, click the down arrow which is placed next to Outlook and select the People option

  • If there are no existing contacts, then select import from file
  • If there are existing contacts, then choose import from file → Select Manage

Professional Approach

In this blog, you are provided with the Manual Method to migrate Outlook contacts to Outlook.com. But as we all know, there is no direct method to export the contacts the contacts. That is why the above-discussed method is quite lengthy and time-consuming as well. When we talk about Manual Techniques, it clicks a number of lengthy steps in our mind. To shorten this approach we can use a third-party utility vCard Export Tool. It is one of the best tools in its respective arena but it also offers some additional features that are unmatched to the other solutions of its type. All the users who are either technically inclined to less-technical ones can use this software with convenience.


As far as the online market is concerned, an abundant series of vCard Export Tool is available. However, users need one perfect tool with the simplest interface which does not lack a bit of technicality. In the above-discussed blog, we have discussed the similar solution which makes easy to execute the conversion of Outlook contacts to Outlook.com in an efficient way.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Save Outlook Emails as MSG Files & Export Messages Easily

Save Outlook emails as MSG Format – Best Tips & Tricks

In today’s arena, most of the people want their data safe in a well-organized manner, which can be easily retrieved if necessary. As everyone knows, Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email application that is widely used by end users and organizations for exchanging the data through emails. It can save all files in PST or OST format. But due to certain reasons, Outlook PST file needs to be exported into MSG format. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss a manual solution to let users understand how to save Outlook emails as MSG format along with some reasons. Read further, first users need to know about PST and MSG file.

export Outlook messages to MSG

Learn More About MSG & PST File 

PST: It is a proprietary file format of MS Outlook that includes all data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, tasks, and appointments. It is only used for IMAP, POP3, and web-based email accounts and it is neither created by Outlook nor Exchange Server. The main purpose of the .pst file is to preserve Outlook items. As long as, PST files are saved on the user's system, so they could be archived or moved to free up space on the mail server.

MSG: This file format is used by Outlook to store a single Outlook item within the file system. It includes plain ASCII text for the header, main body, hyperlinks, and attachments. The best part of MSG file is that it can be exported for archiving purpose. This file allows to download email messages via POP3 client to view each email with their relevant attributes even when they do not use the internet.

Reasons to Save Outlook emails as MSG

Sometimes, due to high demand, it becomes necessary to export messages from Outlook to MSG format that makes it easy to perform. Some of the following reasons are discussed below:

Easy to Manage: After performing the conversion from Outlook data file to MSG, it is very manageable to save Outlook emails in various aspects i.e., MSG format.
Accessible Data: Outlook messages can be accessed easily in MSG file format.
File Storage: It will help to store multiple MSG files into the hard drive.
Reduce Data Corruption: After converting PST files into MSG format, the probability of data corruption reduces.
Email Archiving: Outlook to MSG conversion also helps in archiving email forensics with maintaining the data integrity in a proper way.

After considering the above reasons, users can perform a simple and easy manual solution for quick migration of Outlook PST to MSG file without any difficulty. So that users can easily save their Outlook emails as MSG format in an efficient way.

Manual Steps to Export Outlook Messages to MSG File

Step 1: First of all, create a new folder on your local machine.
Step 2: Then, Open The MS Outlook Application.
Step 3: After this, select the Inbox folder and click on single Email message option. Next, drag and drop that message from MS Outlook to the newly created folder on your desktop.
Step 4: Now, repeat the above steps until you required many emails become saved in a single folder.

Note: This manual approach is easy if you want to transfer Outlook to MSG format. But, users cannot convert more than one PST files into MSG format at once. It consumes a lot of time to perform migration process and sometimes the integrity of email that may result in data corruption.

Professional Way to Save Outlook Emails as MSG Format

To overcome these constraints, users have to take help of an automated solution named SysTools PST Converter Tool. It is designed in a way to export multiple emails from MS Outlook to MSG file without any data loss. Also, it has a simple and easy-to-use interface that even a novice user can operate it without taking any expert's help. Besides this, it has some additional features that help to perform the conversion process.

Step 1: Launch the software and click on Add File.
add pst

Step 2: Add PST file of your choice.

pst file

Step 3: From the preview screen, click on Export button.


Step 4: Choose MSG from export file type.

save as msg

Step 5: Click on Export button to save Outlook Emails as MSG.

save emails from Outlook

Concluding Lines

In this blog, we have discussed the way to save Outlook emails as MSG file without any data loss. The article mainly focuses on the requirement behind the conversion and the methods that can be used to export Outlook messages to MSG format. Here, we have suggested a professional solution which is better and reliable than other solutions.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Import Netscape 7.2 Email to Outlook Easily!

Netscape is a cross platform email client which was introduced by AOL, It supports IMAP, POP3 & SMTP along with multiple account support. Popularity of Netscape mail is declined due to which Netscape is no longer supported or used. Showing concerned to all those users who have their data in Netscape and what to receive all those data we have covered this article. In this section we have covered the process to import Netscape 7.2 Email to Outlook Easily.

Learn How to Import Netscape 7.2 email to Outlook

Frankly speaking manual strategies which are available to convert Netscape mail to MS Outlook are slow and doesn’t work because Netscape mails are not in use now. Still the users who are working on it cannot rely on the outdated steps. So, to accomplish this conversion we have found out one of the best tool which will execute the process within few clicks. SysTools Netscape to Outlook Converter allows users to import emails from Netscape 7.2 to Outlook and retain all the Meta properties.

Steps to Convert Netscape 7.2 to MS Outlook easily

World being too fast, can’t depend upon some method which is slow and many antiquated. In that case the user can depend upon some software which will make you work much more easier. The tool discussed above is the most used utility for this conversion which is migration from Netscape to Outlook. To make you work more easier our team has personally used this tool to import Netscape 7.2 email to Outlook account. So we are cover the step to perform this conversion.
Let’s Start:
1. Download the MBOX Converter wizard to convert Netscape to Outlook

2. Run the software and press Add Files

3. After that select Netscape email client from the list and click on Next

4. Tool will automatically detect all the mails if Netscape is configured as default, otherwise select the account. Click on Process button.

5. Window will pop up to browse Netscape email from machine

6. Preview of all mails in account looks like this

7. Select PST option for Outlook and provide the destination path and press Export button

8. The process will start and you will get the Outlook PST file which can be imported to Outlook account

This process will import Netscape 7.2 mail to Outlook account and user can get all mails in MS Outlook. These are fast and will give you a sure shot solution.

Other Important Features of MBOX Converter Wizard

1. SysTools provide the tool for both Mac as well as Windows Operating System.
2. The tool provide Preview option of Netscape Mai
3. It generate CSV reports that can be used for future referenc
4. Migrate multiple Netscape 7.2 email in bul
5. Maintains all the attributes of emails like subjects, size in KB, to, cc, date, and other header information.

Final Verdict

Knowing the entire significance to import Netscape 7.2 mails to Outlook in mind, we have found out a unique trick to accomplish this task. Manual solutions, is not an easy ways to move the emails from Netscape to Outlook because all of these methods are outdated and slow. The tools provide the secured path that will help the user to convert Netscape to MS Outlook.

Monday, 2 October 2017

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Windows Address Book

Outlook has attained a place in the online market that many organizations use for exchanging crucial information. It is a desktop-based email client, which is gaining popularity due to its advanced features suite. Nevertheless, there are still some users want to switch from Outlook to another platform. Yes, numerous users want to know that how to import Outlook contacts to Windows Address Book? However, it is not as trouble free as it seems to be.

We all know the importance of contacts for executing cross-communication. Therefore, we always want to move them using a safe and dependable way. As we know, CSV is one of the common formats, which is used by various email applications including Windows. This is the reason it is suggested to import Outlook Contacts to Windows Address Book. In the below section of the blog, we are going to learn possible methods for exporting Outlook contacts to WAB. However, instead of directly jumping to the solution part, it is important to learn some important details about Windows Address Book as well as Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook is the email application, which is provided by Microsoft. It stores the data that includes contacts, emails, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. in PST file format. Moreover, there is also a facility to synchronize it with MS Exchange. With the synchronization from Exchange, it generates OST file format. OST also stores all the items such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. and even allows users to access the data in offline mode.

Windows Address Book

It (Windows Address Book) is help users to maintain a particular list in which all the contacts can be exchanged or shared by various programs. Window Address Book most frequently accessed by Outlook Express. Moreover, it was set up by Internet Explorer 3 & above editions. It is important to know that the Address Book is replaced by Windows Contacts in Windows Vista.

Causes or Factors to Import Outlook Contacts to Windows Address Book

As discussed above, every business wants to use upgraded technology. Therefore, some business owners prefer to use the latest edition of Windows Address Book. This makes it very simple to access the contacts due to its simple interface. However, how to perform the migration of Outlook Contacts is a major point of concern. Consider both the methods as stated below and pick any of those as per your requirement.

Manual Trick to Add Outlook 2003 Contacts to WAB

  1. --> First, you need to open the Outlook your machine 
  2. --> After this, click on File available in the upper left corner 
  3. --> Next, click on Open and Export>>Import & Export 
  4. --> As soon as you do this, select Export and then on Next button 
  5. --> Now, click on Comma Separated Values i.e. CSV and then on Next
  6. --> After this, select the Contacts Folder from the option of “Select folder to export from” and then on Next again 
  7. --> Hit on Browse option then put the File name, which is followed by a click on OK
  8. --> In the next step, choose Export Designation and then click on Next 
  9. --> In the final step, click on Finish button and complete the process of contacts migration.

    Move Outlook Contacts to Windows Address Book using Third Party Tool

    If the manual solution fails to give the accurate results, then you can opt for an automated solution. There is a tool, namely vCard Exporter, which is designed to import Outlook contacts to Windows Book, VCF, or Single vCard according to user’s requirement. It is modern utility, which has been designed with some advanced algorithms. You can export the chosen files or folders consisting of the contacts of Outlook via this tool. Moreover, it also brings forth an option for combining the contacts within one VCF file. It keeps all the contacts safe and secure throughout the process.

    The Bottom Line

    In the above blog, we have learned that there are various platforms to maintain the business continuity and to keep the contacts. However, due to some reasons, users switch from one to another platform. One such migration is Outlook contacts, Therefore, considering the difficulties users have to face in order to do this, we have discussed two ways to import Outlook contacts to Windows Address Book. Users can choose any of these methods, but it is recommended to use a third party tool for quick and safe migration.