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Migrate MBOX to Outlook in Mac OS X and transfer all Apple Mail to Outlook

Mac MBOX Converter is a value able tool to that will help the user to easily migrate the MBOX file of Apple to Outlook PST file format. The data files of Apple server are so much security that the attack on the server will never let your data down. But still, the user need to migrate to Outlook because of it advance features. To migrate Apple Mail to Outlook will easily help the user to access the data anytime and from anywhere. A software has a large number of feature that will help all the client to get rid of every query. We will provide a review of SysTools Mac MBOX Converter which will help you to see if this tool stands on your purchase list or not to export all data from MBOX.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

3 Ways: How Do I Convert a PDF File to a Word Document For Free?

In this article, we will discuss how to convert a PDF file to an editable Microsoft Word document using: Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat.

Why To Convert PDF file to a Word Document?

PDF File:Portable Document Format” created by Adobe as a way to exchange and share information with complex formatting.

The biggest downside is that you may not able to edit PDF documents unless you have the paid version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. Depending on your situation, this may or may not be a good thing.

Most PDF-authoring programs give you the option to set permissions so that content in the file cannot be copied, extracted, edited or printed for removing such restrictions you need to have a program like PDF Restriction Remover Software. But even if you allow these actions, the end user will need a program such as Adobe Acrobat Standard or one of its competitors to edit the document.

Microsoft Word: Given the popularity of Microsoft Office, Word’s .doc and .docx formats are also good options for sharing information. Unlike PDF, these files can be easily edited by recipients. No need for Microsoft Office to create or edit these documents — lots of free open-source application like LibreOffice are available in the market.

Ways to Convert a PDF File to a Word Document For Free

Note: These three ways to convert PDF to Doc would only work when no owner level restrictions or user level password is applied on the PDF file. So, before implementing one should remove any such restriction using PDF Restriction Remover Tool.

Convert PDF to Word using Google Docs

    Follow below steps to convert PDF file to Word:
  • Step1: Open in the browser. Login into your Google Account.
  • Step2: You may see a Folder icon below Template. Click on it. Or this may change according to your settings.
  • Step3: GoTo Upload, in the new window opened.
  • Step4: Now click on Select a file from your computer button.
  • Step5: Select a PDF file and Click on Open. This will upload the PDF file to your Google Drive and preview once after uploaded.
  • Step6: Now click on and Choose option Google Drive. A new tab will open.
  • Step7: Right Click on the PDF file uploaded and Choose Open with >> Google Docs
  • Step8: Click File, select Download as, then click on Microsoft Word(docx). This will Convert a PDF file to Word and saved to your location.

Convert PDF to Word using MS Word 2013 /2016

    Follow below steps for PDF to Word Conversion with Microsoft Word:
  • Step1: Open Microsoft Word
  • Step2: Click on File in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Step3: Click on Open
  • Step4: Select the PDF file you want to convert to Word.
  • Step5: Click on Ok. The PDF file has been converted to editable Word format.

After conversion from PDF to Word, the document may not same structure due to line breaks, page breaks, graphics, etc. Some manual adjustment may be necessary.

So these were the two free ways to resolve your query “How Do I Convert a PDF File to a Word Document For Free?” Another way of PDF to Word Conversion is Adobe Acrobat Pro. So this will add little pressure to your pocket.

Adobe Acrobat to Save PDF file as Word:

    Below steps to convert with Adobe Acrobat:
  • Step1: Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Step2: GoTo File and Click on Save As.
  • Step3: Choose Save as Type >> Microsoft Word Document(doc).
  • Step4: Click Save and choose the location. Now file can be easily opened in MS Word.
Note: None of the above ways to convert PDF file to Word will work, if owner level restrictions has not been removed.

Final Thought

All three way to Convert PDF file to Word is dicussed above in detail The only thing one should take care that no PDF file restrictions are applied on the Document. In this way manually PDF to word conversion can be done. Which may help you to edit PDF file in MS Word within no time.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Solve Error of Exporting Contacts from Excel to Outlook Contacts List

Getting error while exporting contacts from Excel to Outlook 2013/2010/2007 Platform. Fix different error to export excel contacts to outlook addresses flawlessly. As thousands of Contacts can be exported without any prompt error if an Outlook user follows the instruction of exporting Excel contacts to Outlook Distribution list properly. But sometimes user encounter some different kinds of error due to selecting the wrong option or not configuring the option properly, before exporting the contacts. In this article, we discuss some error and their solution that will help definitely Outlook user. First, take a look queries related to errors.

User queries:

Question 1: How do I export contacts from excel to outlook distribution list, getting some kind of prompt related to MAPI Error. Is there any network connectivity issues in my configured Outlook profile?

Question 2: Hey, using Outlook 2010 editions with window 8.1. While exporting contacts from Excel to Outlook. First I convert the Excel file into Comma Separated value(CSV)as no option to import excel file is available. But some kind of translation error?

 Missing Contacts Information

Problem Description: This error related to verifying the Contacts stored in Excel sheet. Sometimes Outlook user directly exports contacts into Outlook application, without know whether the information saved properly in the Excel filed or not. If the Excel filed value not stored according to the Schema then missing contacts information arise

Solution: There is only one solution available to this problem, a user need to check or verifying the Excel data carefully before exporting contacts from excel to Outlook contacts list. If user doesn't verify the value according to schema (First-name, Last-name, Address etc.) then incorrect valuer can be stored in Contacts field

Only Few Row Exported to Outlook Contacts

Problem Description: This issues can arise due to the file format of the Excel file. This can occur while saving some field in excel sheet properly and when these field exported in Outlook contacts field after mapping these row data not stored properly.

Solution: First check from which row data not saved properly in Outlook. Then try to remove those row field from the Excel sheet and the try to re-export the file into Outlook. Check whether these kinds of problems arise again or not. If problems not arise, then save the deleted row in Excel row again and select the option to avoid duplicate email addresses before exporting contacts from excel to Outlook

Connection Problems [Protocol Error]

Problem Description: Protocol Error arises when Outlook account not configured properly. As Outlook support IMAP & POP Protocol to save and store email addresses. Sometimes while setting up account, a user selects the incorrect properties due to which contact not exported properly from Excel to Outlook.

Solution: User can check the configuration details in Outlook profile. In Account Settings, select the Data File option of the Outlook account and check the details. If IMAP or POP server is selected then a user can match the details with the below image. Click Next.

Select the Advanced Tab option to fill the Incoming and Outgoing Server Details. You can match the details with the below image. Click OK. Now again try to export the Contacts from Outlook to Excel Spreadsheet.

Mapping Translation Error

Problem Description: As this error not related to Excel file, but it originally related to CSV File format. As Outlook offers an option to export contacts to Outlook form CSV File. The main cause of this error occurs when the character to represent link breaks not used by the file.

Solution: To solve the problem of exporting data from excel to Outlook contacts. A user just needs to open the CSV File in Excel Application and save the file again in CSV File or Excel file format. After that follow the same process of to Export Excel Contacts into Outlook application. Steps are given below

  1. Open Outlook 2010/2013/2016 Application
  2. Now select Open & Export option and then choose Import/Export[Import or Export files settings] option.]
  3. In Import/Export prompt wizard, Select “Import from another Program or file”. Click Next.
  4. Select Comma Separated Values option.
  5. Navigate to the location of CSV File.
  6. Select option  Do not import duplicate items to avoid duplicate address issues. Click Next.
  7. Now Map attributes of CSV/Excel field with the Outlook field using “Map Custom Fields:” option and to change Destination folder, select option “Change Destination” option
  8. Click OK. At last click on Finish.


While exporting excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts, above and different error face by Outlook user. To avoid any kind of error, a user has to check fields of contacts details such as email addresses, name, business number and to avoid network issue, check the setting details of the account properly. If a user doesn't want to add any duplicate address and blank fields in Contacts book of Outlook, they can download Excel to Outlook Converter Software. As the name of the tool suggests, it can export contacts from excel to outlook 2013/2010/2007 & below versions. Prominent features such as an option to allow or disallow remove duplicate address & blank field help user while exporting thousands of contacts from excel to Outlook platform. 

Learn How to Import Inbox.mbox to Outlook: A Complete Guide

We have a lot of email platforms and all the organizations use them as per their requirements. Many organizations prefer Thunderbird because it is completely free of cost. The key factor that we all look in the email platforms is its reliability, usage and budget. But, with the current era, the needs of end users have been increasing depicting the requirement of a proper environment. Many times, Thunderbird gets crashed or hanged, it causes user a lot of troubles. So, in such circumstances the most reliable source that users look for is MS Outlook. To import Inbox.mbox to Outlook we need some reliable solution.
To adapt MS Outlook instead of Thunderbird, the organizations have to go through a lot of email migration techniques. In the below segment we will describe email migration in detail. Though, it is a tedious task and requires a lot of time and good investment, still it is proclaimed as a necessity. So, the organizations must focus on the accurate and best possible way to move files accurately and with minimum efforts. We aims to explain users regarding the process to import Inbox.mbox to Outlook Conversion. The users should go through it and understand the ways to export MBOX to PST Outlook easily.

Some Pre-Requisite About Thunderbird Export Process

Mozilla Thunderbird stores the files in .mbox form and makes an individual file for all the mailbox folders. The process of conversion remains same for all the Outlook Editions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003. MBOX files that stores the Mozilla Thunderbird mailboxes can be converted to PST format and can be imported to MS Outlook. But, let’s get ourselves clear by checking some user major area of concern.

“I have been accessing Thunderbird since a long time. But, few days back, I realized that I need to change the platform and switch to some other professional tool. So, I decided to switch to MS Outlook. Now, the major problem is that my Thunderbird account consists of a lot of mails. I need to move my inbox.mbox, drafts.mbox, sent.mbox, trash.mbox, etc to PST. Is there any way through which the entire process can be completed? Anticipating for leads! Thanks in Advance!”

After getting the query, we tried to resolve the problem that user is facing. So, mentioned below is the way through which the process can be completed.

Technique to import MBOX files to Outlook using IMAP Server

There are many ways using which users can move Thunderbird MBOX to PST Outlook, and all the methods are listed below:
IMAP stands for Internet Access Protocol. It is basically an internet standard protocol and allows the synchronization between the mailing clients you are currently using with other mail id. It is even said that using the IMAP account we can access same accounts from many email clients. Hence, using this protocol the transfer process can be done easily. Following are the steps through which the entire process can be done.
1. Use IMAP server and configure Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbir
2. Make a new folder in Gmail and transfer the messages to be imported into it
3. Preview all the messages to be imported in Gmail to convert MBOX to PST
4. Afterwards, configure same Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook via POP and IMAP server and get all the mails
Tip: Using this method, only Import Inbox.mbox to Outlook can be transferred in a limited amount.

Demerits of the Manual Approach

Though the method is completely free of cost but sometimes, any error in it can lead to complete data loss. The method described above does not deal with the complete transfer of MBOX to PST conversion process. It can even lead to the corruption problem. So, the best part is relying on an Expert Solution. These solutions can resolve all the export processes directly and can also save the data from threats like corruption and data loss.

The Way Forward- MBOX to PST Converter Tool

With the advance technologies, the organizations have large mailboxes data to be exported in PST Format. Many times, switching to any other desired mails proves to be a brilliant idea in many aspects like scalability, easy management, less investment. Thus, keeping the necessity in mind, the developers have designed an amazing software i.e., MBOX to PST Converter. The SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool is a best solution to import Inbox.mbox to Outlook and all the problems related to process of migration. The best part of this program is:

1. Convert Mails from MBOX to Outlook PST in batch
2. Get display of all the mails with attachments easily
3. Transfer all mails from desired MBOX Files/Folders
4. Provides option to save & export MBOX to PST/MSG/EML
5. Does not require MS Outlook for accessing the mails

Final Concluding Lines

Transferring the mails from one platform to another seems to be a tedious task for the users. Many times, the users are not familiar with the techniques through which the task can be accomplished. In order to save the time, the users need to switch to a professional tool to import Inbox.mbox to Outlook. I have tried many automated approaches among them one of the best is MBOX to PST Converter program. The tool is highly reliable and trust worthy in terms of migration process. Hence users should shift to this program and try the process of export MBOX to PST easily. The best part of this program is that it is available in two ways: Demo ware and licensed version. The users can pick any one according to their convenience. The freeware can be utilized in checking the credibility but keep in mind that there are certain limitations imposed on it. But, paid edition is completely free of all the restrictions.

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How to Export Outlook Address Book to vCard - Best Solution

vCard is a virtual business card by which users can easily share the address book list with others. It contains required information such as name, address, phone number and email id. Moreover, Outlook users can easily import or export all address books in vCard format. Although there is no direct option available to transfer Outlook address book in .vcf file but this conversion is possible with Outlook application. In addition, users can select one or more Outlook address book and move them in vCard file. In the following section, we are going to cover different ways to export Outlook address book to vCard in an efficient way.

Manually Export Outlook Address Book to vCard

Now, let us discuss the methodology to export Outlook 2007 contacts to vCard format. The following steps will be used to convert address book from Outlook to VCF file:

Export Multiple Address Book From Outlook

Step 1: Navigate to People tab and choose All Address Book option
Step 2: On the Home tab, click on the Forward contact button
Step 3: Select the Business Card option
Step 4: Now, a new message pops up on the screen with all selected address book added as vCard attachments
Step 5: Right-click on the Attached files and then, choose on Select All option
Step 6: Drag and Drop all the selected items of Outlook into Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you can copy by using CTRL+C shortcut key in Outlook and then, paste with CTRL+V key in Windows Explorer

Convert Outlook 2007 Address Book to VCF file

Step 1: First, Export all Outlook Address Books to CSV format file
Step 2: Go to the File tab and click on Open button
Step 3: Choose the Export option
Step 4: From Import/Export wizard click on Export to a file
Step 5: Now, select CSV (Comma separated values) format
Step 6: In Gmail account, select the address book by clicking on Gmail
Step 7: Next, import a .csv file and go to More option. Press Import
Step 8: After performing the import operation, click on More and then, select Export option
Step 9: In the end, select the vCard file format (for an another application)

Transfer Outlook 2007 Address Book as a vCard File

Step 1: Open Outlook Contacts and select a list of the address book that you want to export.
Step 2: From the File tab, Click the Save As button
Step 3: Now, Click on vCard format (*.vcf) and then, save those files to your desktop

Once you have exported your address book as a vCard file then, you can import it as per your need and convenience.

Advantages of Data Conversion

There are some advantages of converting address book to vCard file. Some of them are discussed below:

• vCard can save multimedia data such as text, images, audio clips, logos, and so on.
• vCard can take take minimal space to store and manage contact information.
• vCard file format is compatible with all types of devices like android smartphones, Computers, Blackberry, etc.

Professional Solution to Export Outlook Address Book to vCard

Users can opt a reliable and robust solution i.e., vCard Export tool to perform the migration process. It offers 5 different options to export address book from MS Outlook in a single vCard, WAB, Google or Yahoo contacts. After adding Outlook PST files, it will automatically detect the contacts and move them in vCard file format. Moreover, users can load one or more PST files at a time and easily perform bulk conversion. It has multiple advance features while converting address book from Outlook as a .vcf file.

The Bottom Line

It can be concluded that users can use a manual procedure through which they can export Outlook address book to vCard file. In any case, the above-stated approach may not work effciently then, users can take help of a third party tool i.e., vCard Export. It is a perfect solution which will help to convert address book from Outlook profile and save them in .vcf format. This tool is programmed to overcome the limitation of manual approach.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Know How to Import vCard to Nokia Lumia in a Seamless Manner?

Looking for a solution to move contacts from vCard to Nokia Lumia 920. Do not know how to do this in an efficient manner. No need to panic. Here, you will get answers to all your queries in the most appropriate way. And, easily learn how to import vCard to Nokia Lumia without any loss of data.

Nokia Lumia is a unique range of the mobile devices developed by the Microsoft. All these Lumia smartphones basically run on Windows operating system. As there are number of Lumia phones available in the market that offers many new features to its users. Therefore, in past few years, Nokia Lumia has reached the height of popularity. Due to which users have started switching to Lumia 520/ 920 or other versions to avail all such benefits. Now, the most important part of any mobile phone is its contacts. If a user is switching to some new phone like Nokia Lumia, then he or she must have to move contacts also to it. So, one such common query asked by the users is how to import vCard to Nokia Lumia? Thus, in this below article, we have discussed a free of cost solution to import VCF to Nokia Lumia 520.

Suggestion: Another possible way to save your old vCard contacts at some safe location is in MS Outlook. Now, you must be having n number of contacts. So, to import multiple VCF files to Outlook at once, you can use vCard Importer tool. It is the best solution to import VCF file to MS Outlook without any hassle.

Different Manual Ways to Import vCard to Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia is a Windows Phone that does not provide any option to import vCard file directly into it. A user has to look for some other method to do the same. Like, import vCard to Gmail and then, sync Gmail in Nokia Lumia 520 or other versions. Hence, in this segment of the post, we have tried to cover all possible manual solutions to import VCF to Nokia Lumia.

Import VCF to Nokia Lumia 520 Via Gmail

In order to import vCard files to Nokia phone, all editions in a best possible way are with the help of Google account. First of all, import vCard to Gmail account and after that, you need to sync the Gmail account in Nokia Lumia phone.

1. First of all, open your Gmail account by entering valid credentials i.e., username and password.

2. After that, click on the arrow next to Gmail and then, click on the Contacts option the Contacts.

3. Then, click on the More and choose Import Contacts option.

4. After that, click on Choose File button to select the vCard and click on Open button.

5. In last, click on the Import option to begin the import process.

6. Now, you can easily sync your Gmail account with your Nokia Lumia phone and all your contacts in vCard imported successfully to your Nokia Lumia 520 or other versions.

It is one of the most commonly used and reliable methods to move VCF files to Nokia Lumia 520/ 920 and other versions.


Migration of contacts from one device to another is the most crucial task to perform. It is because, if a user loses any of the contacts from the vCard file, it will result in big loss of data. However, contacts are the most important part of anyone's phone. So, it is always advised to move them carefully. One such case is import vCard to Nokia Lumia 520 and other versions. Now, to do this properly, we have discussed a complete manual solution that a user can use without any difficulty.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Import Contacts From OST File Outlook 2013: Instant Solution

User Query

"I installed MS Outlook 2013 and it fundamentally created offline storage table file and then I shift all my old Contacts from PST file to this newly created OST file. But unfortunately I delete this profile, then I a create new one and tried to use the old file, but it did not succeed. I can’t load my old contacts again. Is there any method to get my old contacts back? Or any automated tool to import contacts from OST file Outlook 2013 to PST?"

OST is the abbreviation of Offline Storage Table file, which is used in Microsoft Outlook email client. The offline folder .ost is used to save the exchange server data. You can access the Outlook OST file when you are not connected to the server. In case of Personal Storage Table file, it is used to save the email data such as calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. Here, this article tells about the techniques to recover data from Outlook OST file and the methods to import contacts from OST file Outlook 2013 to the PST file format.

Mainly the import or export situations are needed in the case of some errors. If the OST file gets corrupted or inaccessible then you need to repair that and also you can import the data to any other format for the safety usage. The main reasons to migrate contacts from Outlook OST is listed below:

Why Do You Need To Import Contacts From OST File Outlook 2013?

There are many reasons behind the process to export Contacts from Outlook OST file. Some important cases are listed below:

1) If any data loss or accident deletion of data is performed.
2) When the Server crashed due to the fault like power failure, software failure, virus attack, etc.
3) If the OST file exceeding the maximum size limit.
4) Improper termination of Microsoft Outlook

Manual Methods To Import Contacts From OST File Outlook 2013

OST files are considered as the copies of Exchange information. There is no necessary to back up the .ost files because one can create a new copy at any time. To import the contact list from Offline OST file MS Outlook 2013 manually, follow the procedures given below:

Method 1:

Step 1: First you need to exit Outlook and click on the “Mail” button from the control panel.
Note: The Mail button appears in control panel depending upon the version of Windows operating system.
Step 2: Select Exchange account on the E-mail tab and then click on “Change”. After that clear the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” checkbox.
Step 3: On the Advanced tab, click on “More Settings” and then click on “Offline Folder File Settings”
Step 4: Click on “Disable Offline Use” and click “Yes” on the appeared dialog box.
Step 5: Click again on the “Offline Folder File Settings” then click “OK”-->”Yes”
Step 6: Select “Use Cached Exchange Mode” under the “Cached Exchange Mode Settings”
Step 7: Click on “OK” then click “Next” after that “Finish”
Step 8: Click “Close” on the “Account Settings” and “Mail Setup” dialog boxes.

Method 2: Import contacts from OST file Outlook 2013 to New PST

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook email client
Step 2: Create a new PST file in your account
Step 3: Copy all the contacts which you want to import.


The above listed manual methods have some drawbacks such as the first method is lengthy and time-consuming. Also, both the methods are not relevant when the users want to recover or import the huge amount of data. If you need to recover permanently deleted contacts then these methods are not possible. So, it is very complex to perform the repair and import process.

Automated Method To Import Contacts From OST File Outlook 2013

To overcome the limitations of manual methods, one can use the third party tool “SysTools OST Recovery”, which is used to repair inaccessible OST file and also import that recovered data to another file formats such as PST, EML, and MSG. There are many unique features available for this utility to repair and import contact list from OST file Outlook 2013, some of the salient features are listed below:

    a, The tool has the ability to view all OST file messages like Contacts, Calendar, Mails, Tasks, etc.
    b, Provision to extract and recover the deleted messages from the Offline storage file
    c, Option to apply date filter to export the selective files or folders
    d, Provides an option to split the exported file to avoid the corruption
    e, The tool supports Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and all below versions.
    f,  No file size limitations to perform the repair and import purpose.


In this article, we have discussed several approaches to import contacts from OST file Outlook 2013. One can use the manual approach to perform the task, but there is no guarantee to get the correct result always. So, it is always advised to go for an automated tool, because a third-party tool like SysTools OST Recovery can definitely provide the perfect solution.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database to PST

Before discussing how to restore the mailbox to PST from recovery database exchange 2010. We have to understand the complete procedure that how it works. Suppose that a user has lost his mail items in exchange server 2010 due to some technical issues and those are of great importance to him. In this situation, it will lead the user in great hassle. Now the question is How to perform conversion of recovery database to PST in Exchange 2010. That is why, user's are always suggested to keep a backup of their database it is much easier to recover exchange mailbox from backup. But, if it is not available with the user, then to overcome from this condition we have to perform Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database To PST. Let's take a review on Recovery Database.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Import Multiple vCard Files to Outlook Contacts- Effortless Techniques

vCard is the abbreviation of Virtual Business Card and VCF file is used to keep the personal and business contacts. .vcf and .vcard are the proprietary format for the electronic business cards. The Vcards contains multiple fields such as name, contact number, address, email addresses, images and audio clips etc. The vCard files can be convert to Outlook format, So this article describes the ways or methods to import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts.

The VCF files has text lines including data field with attribute items and the value. Most of the vCard files containing one contact. More and more applications support read and write ability of VCF files with more than one contact. Based on the software this read and write capability becomes limited. In case of Outlook, this email client will read and write one contact from the vCard file but it didn’t check the count of available contacts. The vCard also supports the platforms such as Android, iPhone, iOS etc. Sometimes android devices didn’t support the contact sharing or receiving through SMS. So, Vcard through SMS is the compatible application, it is able to send & receive the Vcards. In case of iPhone, It is not available for multiple users to install the contact files directly with the help of Mobile devices. The Apple supports VCF files from web page within iOS7 and it allows the vCard file extension to perform the import contacts application.

Instant Solution: To easily and quickly import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts, you can use the SysTools vCard Importer Software.

User Query

“How can I transfer multiple vCards to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 Contacts with all attached informations like images, to-do list etc. Is there any method?”

Import Multiple vCard Files to Outlook Contacts- Solutions

There are two different methods available to convert multiple vCards to PST format. The first method allows a single vCard file to get merged with the Microsoft Outlook PST file. The second procedure is to convert multiple vCard files to MS Outlook contacts. Here the Vcard contacts are either one single VCF file with multiple contacts in it or multiple VCF file in a single folder

Approach 1: To Convert Single vCard Contact File Using MS Outlook

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Outlook email client application
Step 2: Go to the “File” menu, then you can find different options in that drop down menu
Step 3: Click on the option “Import & Export”
Step 4: Choose the option “Import a vCard file or VCF file from the Import and Export wizard
Step 5: Now, click on the “Next” button to continue the process.
Step 6: There is a new screen will pop-up, Go to the location where you have store the VCF file, select that and finally click on “Open” option.
Step 7: If you done the above steps correctly, then your vCard file has been converted to the Outlook PST format.
Step 8: Go to the “contacts” option to view the newly added contact details

Limitation of Manual Method:

The above described method that is the Outlook import export wizard procedure will only transfer a single vCard contact file at a time. If you have large VCF contact file list, then it is a time consuming method and also effortful.

Approach 2: Import Multiple vCard Files to Outlook Contacts Using Automated Tool

To transfer multiple vCards to MS Outlook contacts there is a trusted vCard importer Software. The software is specially designed for converting multiple VCF files into the Outlook PST file format at a time. The tool provides an option to import vCard files of version 2.1 and 3.0. Read the following features to know more about the vCard Importer utility:

1) The tool provides multiple import options such as:
             a, Save in existing Microsoft Outlook PST file
             b, Save directly into Outlook profile
             c, Create new Microsoft Outlook PST file
2) There is no limitations of the number of vCards
3) The tool imports vCard contacts containing multiple phone numbers, email id’s
4) Microsoft Outlook installation should be needed to to perform the conversion
5) Provision to generate Import summary after begin the process to import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts.

Summing Up

As discussed above a complete description of how to import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts. There are different manual and automated methods available to perform the procedure. But there are some limitations while executing such a process manually. Therefore there is an expert choice that one can use the third part utility that is suggested above to transfer multiple vCards to Outlook. It makes easy to perform the process of conversion.

Migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail – Tried & Trusted Solution

Migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail in Best Possible Way

Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail are the email clients which are provided by Microsoft. Outlook is a paid application which comes in a package with MS Office Suite. On the other hand, WLM is a free application. It was earlier known as WLM Desktop which is part of Windows Essentials with Windows 8 and its earlier versions. MS Outlook uses PST file as its default file format whereas WLM uses EML file format to store its email files. In some cases, where a user wants to use WLM in place of Microsoft Outlook, there occurs a need to convert PST to EML file as WLM cannot open PST files. So, the following section explains the methods to migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail.

User Query - “I have used Microsoft Outlook for almost 3 years but after that, I moved to Windows Mail. I was happy using WLM until there occurred an urgent need to export Outlook emails to WLM. Before moving to WLM, I archived my entire Outlook mailbox into PST format. As I cannot access PST file in my current email application, so, I need a solution to perform the migration. It will be really appreciated.

Why Users Migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail

There can be n number of reasons behind the conversion but we will discuss the most common reasons in the below section:

• The name of the EML file can be changed without affecting the stationary of the file.
• EML files can be accessed at any desired location whereas other files can cause several problems if executed on various systems.
• EML files can be saved at any location.

Manual Solutions to Import Outlook Emails to Windows Live Mail

While moving Outlook mailbox data to WLM, you will need Mozilla Thunderbird as a mediator. You have to install Thunderbird first in your system and add entire mailbox data into it and then export all emails into EML format. Then the resultant EML files can be added into WLM easily.

• Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.
• Navigate to Tools and then click Import.
• Then, from the appeared window, select Import Everything or Select the type of material to import as per your requirement.
• After selecting the option, press Next.
• Now, choose Outlook and click on Next button.
• The import process will start in the next step.
• After completion, go to the Inbox folder where all the imported emails will be stored.
• Here, select the emails which you want to export and then right-click.
• Choose Save as option.
• Now, select the storage location where you want to save the EML files.

Now, the next step is to migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail by importing the resultant EML files into WLM. To complete the conversion process, follow the steps mentioned below:

• Run WLM and navigate to File option.
• Click on Import button and go to messages.
• Here, choose Windows Mail.
• At last, mention the root directory of the location where message structure and folder is located.
• Finally, the import process will start.

Important Note – You should run WLM with administrative rights.

Effortless Solution to Migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail

As discussed in the above section, the manual method is so time-consuming. The user should first install Mozilla Thunderbird in their system and configure their email ID in it which will consume so much time. So, to perform time efficient conversion, users can go for the third party solution i.e. SysTools PST Converter. The software is designed using advanced algorithms which makes easy for the users to import Outlook emails to Windows Live Mail.


Many users who want to export Outlook emails to WLM have to face so many problems when trying to perform the conversion process. These issues may emerge due to lack of knowledge as most of the novice users don’t have the proper knowledge to perform the entire conversion process in a proper way. So, after analyzing the issues and queries by the users, we have discussed both manual and automated solution so that users can easily migrate Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Users can choose either of the methods according to their needs and requirements.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Convert NSF File to PST & Access Lotus Notes Data in Outlook

Nowadays, migrating from one email client to other is quite common. There are many users who are troubled using Lotus Notes email application and want to move their important data from NSF database file to Outlook PST file. It is true that Notes is a bit complex email application as compared to Outlook. Its high maintenance cost is one of the main reasons for a user to switch to Outlook. For migration process, you need to convert NSF file to PST and open the PST file in MS Outlook. In this post, we will discuss reasons and measures to migrate IBM Notes to Outlook.

convert NSF file to PST

NSF File: It stands for Notes Storage File. It is also known as a database or archive file. All the data items like emails, contacts, journals, events, calendars, etc. are stored in the datbase file of Lotus Notes.

PST File: It stands for Personal Storage Table file. Microsoft Outlook stores all the data items like emails, contacts, etc in PST file format in an organized way. You can also keep this file as a backup in your local disk and access it in the application anytime.

Reasons to Export Lotus Notes NSF to PST

There are many reasons to move the data from Notes email application to MS Outlook. Some of the reasons to convert NSF file to PST are listed below:

  • 1. Complexity: Lotus Notes email application is highly complex for a non-technical user. On the other hand, there are many types of NSF files created in Lotus Notes. A user may get confused regarding the different files and its functionalities.
  • 2. Cost and maintenance: It is easy to repair general issues in MS Outlook but not in case of Lotus Notes. It is expensive to maintain and recover the issues in IBM Notes.
  • 3. User Interface: When it comes to the interface of Lotus Notes, it is little complex as compared to MS Outlook. Therefore, it is one of the major reasons for the migration of data.
  • 4. Errors: There can be many reasons due to which NSF file can corrupt. It can be Power Failure, abrupt shutdown, header corruption, checksum mismatch, etc. These are some of the error messages like “Unable to open Address Book”, “File doesn’t exists”, “Could not open database”, etc that can be displayed at the time of user’s access to that file.

Manual Method to Convert NSF File to PST

You can import all the data items from Lotus Notes to Outlook by exporting NSF file to PST by the following two-step process as discussed below:

Export Notes NSF file

  • 1. Open Lotus Notes and click on Open button to upload NSF file which you want to export to PST format.
  • 2. Click on File >> Export. In Export wizard, select a folder to save the file in your hard drive. Now from the Save as Type drop down list, select Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Structured Text.
  • 3. Now, name the file and click on Export button.
  • 4. As per your selection, you will get CSV Export or Structured Text window. Select the options to save the exported file. After that, click on Ok button.

Import Exported File in Outlook

  • 1. To convert Notes NSF to Outlook PST, open MS Outlook and click on the File >> Open >> Import.
  • 2. In Import and Export wizard, you will see a list of options. Under Choose and action to perform, select Import from another program or file and then click on Next button.
  • 3. A window will appear. Select Comma Separated Values (Window) and then click on Next.
  • 4. Click on Browse button and navigate to the location where you have NSF file imported from Lotus Notes to your hard drive.
  • 5. There are three options to import and ignore the items i.e. Replace duplicates with items imported, Allow duplicates to be created and Do not import duplicate items.
  • 6. Select the from the options as per your need and then click on Next button.
  • 7. It will take a while to import the NSF file to Outlook.
  • 8. Click on Finish button on completion of the process.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

Above method is very easy to move the data items from Lotus Notes to Outlook but it may be little confusing to the non-technical users. They may face issues in migrating NSF files to Outlook. There is a possibility of data loss during this process. The procedure may take a lot of time to move big database. You cannot convert NSF file to PST if the NSF file is corrupted. A user may not be able to open that file. He can fix it with the help of fixup -f command but then, it is another lengthy process to execute.

Expertise Solution for NSF to PST Conversion

Data is valuable to the user and he cannot afford to lose it. But the migration of data from one email client to other is also important. To save your time and efforts, you can go for the automated solution that can convert NSF file to PST file in MS Outlook in a simple way. The application is very easy to use for a non-technical user. You can convert the file formats and open NSF file in Outlook.


In the following article, we have discussed Lotus Notes database file i.e. NSF file and Outlook PST file. You can try the manual process if you have a small amount of data to transfer from Lotus Notes email application to Outlook. A user can experience data loss if the database is big enough. But there is no need to worry. You can opt for the third-party software to convert NSF file to PST effortlessly.

Learn How to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer in Simple Steps

save Yahoo emails to computer

Today, everyone is connected through the web email services. Yahoo is one of the web-based email clients which is used to send or receive email messages. It provides safe emailing to the user but due to some issues in the servers, you cannot access your Yahoo mails. Therefore, you need to save Yahoo emails to computer as a backup. It can help you to access them in an offline mode. You can also share those emails through removable devices, or through any other email application. So, you can backup Yahoo mail for the safety purpose. Once a user asked:

“Hello! I am a Yahoo user and I don’t know how to save emails from Yahoo mail to computer. But I am unable to get the accurate solution to transfer my hundreds of emails to the local disk. Please provide a solution so that I can access them in an offline mode. Thanks!!”

Need to Download Yahoo Emails to PC

There can be many reasons due to which a user wants to backup all the Yahoo mail messages to his computer. One’s data will be preserved and can be accessed anytime. Some of the reasons are listed:

  • 1. Some emails are very important but not frequently checked. That email can be deleted or lost if kept for so long. Therefore, you need to save Yahoo emails to computer before it gets deleted.
  • 2. These emails can be accessed in an offline mode. You require an internet connection to login and access your emails in Yahoo. But if you save those emails then you can access them anytime from your system.
  • 3. It is suggested that one should never depend on any online mail service as their servers can be collapsed at any point of time and you can lose your data. So backup is the only solution.
  • 4. If your account gets hacked then also you can lose your important emails. Save Yahoo emails to desktop in order to ensure data safety.
  • 5. Any kind of virus infection can also restrict access to your Yahoo emails.

Save Yahoo Emails to Computer Locally

It is mandatory to avoid conditions as discussed above. It would be better if you take the local backup of your Yahoo emails. In this way, your data will remain safe and secure. Following are the four methods to keep the data in a safe state:

  • 1. Copy all the Yahoo emails to MS Word one by one and save the emails.
  • 2. You can open your emails in any other email client and access them using POP or IMAP configuration. It will not affect the original emails in your Yahoo account.
  • 3. You can forward your emails to any other email address or to any other email account.
  • 4. You can archive Yahoo mails to hard drive. In this method, your selected email messages get saved in the single folder in the specified location.
  • 5. You can also move your emails from Yahoo to Outlook and access your data easily in another email client.  

Limitations of Manual Approaches

There are many drawbacks to save Yahoo emails to computer with the help of these methods. Some are listed:

  • 1. If you are copying the messages then you will not get the original formatting of the email. It is a time-consuming process as you are saving the bulk number of emails one by one.
  • 2. Creating a new email ID is not much preferred by most of the users. Therefore, you need to have any other email account to transfer your emails to any other account.
  • 3. You cannot backup the attachments along with the emails by the discussed techniques.
  • 4. These methods are time-consuming and lengthy. It is difficult for a non-technical user to perform the following approaches.

Automated Solution to Save Emails from Yahoo to Hard Drive

To overcome the following limitations of the manual techniques, you can use Yahoo Backup Tool to download the email messages on your computer in a safe manner. The solution is quite reliable and keeps the formatting same as of the original one. The tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions. You can backup all your data including emails, attachments, meta data, etc by keeping the folder structure and source data intact. There will be no data loss when you save Yahoo emails to computer.

Final Words

In the following article, we have discussed the need and importance of saving Yahoo mails. All the simple and possible ways are mentioned to overcome user’s problems. You can save your data and time with the help of the third party tool. A non-technical user can also understand and save Yahoo emails to computer efficiently.

Friday, 8 September 2017

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Gmail Using Import-Export Wizard

export Outlook contacts to Gmail

Many people are aware of the popular email client i.e. Microsoft Outlook. But they do not know the basic difference between contacts and Address books in Outlook. The Address book is a collection of address lists like LDAP internet directories, Global Address List (GAL), etc. Whereas contacts is a part of that address list. Therefore, a user can only export Outlook contacts to Gmail. There are many users who always questioned the same thing i.e. “how to transfer contacts from MS Outlook to Gmail”.

“Hello! My friend suggested me to create Gmail account as it is widely used and provides attractive features. So, after creating Google account, I want to transfer all the Microsoft Outlook contacts to Google email service. As I am new to Gmail, I don’t know how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Gmail account. Please suggest me any easy method. Thanks!”

In this article, we will discuss every possible way to import Outlook contacts to Gmail address book. With the help of this solution, you can easily execute the process without any kind of hassle. Read further to get the complete idea about the methods.

Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Gmail

To move contacts from Microsoft Outlook to Google mail, you need to follow a two-step process to that can help you to sync Outlook contacts to Gmail. Therefore, proceed according to the given steps:

  • Export contacts from Outlook

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and then click on File tab.

2. Click on Open & Export >> Import/Export.

3. Import and Export Wizard dialog box appears. Now, click on Export to a File >> Next button.

4. Click on Comma Separated Values >> Next.

5. Now select the Contacts from the Outlook account and then click on Next button.

6. Now, click on Browse button and navigate to the location where you want to save the exported file.

7. In Browse dialog box, type the name of the file and click on the Ok button to proceed further.

8. After that, you are retrieved back to the same window. Click on Next button.

9. You can map the attributes of the address book in the exported file. Click on Map attributes and check all the fields that are same in the exported file. After that, click on OK button.

10. Click on Finish button to end the process of importing contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

11. Now browse to the location where you have saved your CSV file. Open it in MS Excel and you can view all the contacts in that file.

  • Import Contacts to Gmail

1. To move contacts from Outlook to Gmail, open the application and login into your account. Click on Gmail drop down menu and then click on Contacts.

2. After that, click on Go to the Old version.

3. In Contact window, click on More drop down menu and then click on Import.

4. Click on Choose File button to import the file.

5. Navigate the location where you have saved your exported file and then select the file and then, click on Open button.

6. After that, click on Import option.

7. You will see all the contacts imported to Gmail.

8. A notification appears at the top. Click on Find & Merge duplicates. This option will merge existing and new contacts in Google account.

Alternate Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to Gmail

The manual approach is very simple if you have limited number of contacts. In case of the bulk number of contacts, you can go for the automated solution to migrate contacts from Outlook to Gmail account. You can move the data in a very less time and without facing any data loss. The solution works well for the non-technical person as one can experience difficulty in performing above approach. Therefore, to ease your work, you can try this solution.

Last Words 

In the following article, we have discussed the possible method to export Outlook address book to Google contacts account easily. Though above approach is quite simple but not for the non-technical user. If you are facing any trouble in importing contacts with the help of above steps then you can opt for the automated solution to export Outlook contacts to Gmail as discussed.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How To Split Outlook 2013 PST File – Trouble Free Solution

The maximum allotted file size limit for earlier versions of Outlook is too small to save large attachments with emails. It is restricted to meagre 2GB for version 2000 and earlier ones and 20GB for Outlook 2007 and 2003. This situation can be resolved by splitting the PST file into multiple smaller files that are more manageable. Read this article to find out different ways and methods to deal with a large data file. It explains all the easy ways on how to split Outlook 2013 PST file. Archive the entire mailbox content to a separate .pst file and delete original emails to free up space on Outlook storage. More emails can be sent and received without any hassle after split PST file into smaller parts in Outlook 2013.

Useful Information About PST File

All data files have a fixed mailbox size limit to store as personally on the local machine. A PST file saves the entire mailbox items like emails, notes, contacts, calendars etc. in a single file. The auto-archive feature continuously backs up data to this file. When the maximum size allotted to is reached many errors and bugs start to appear. This can be fixed by splitting up a PST file to smaller one. It can be done either manually or using an automated solution. Those methods have been described in this post. Read about all the ways and implement them to avoid any data loss.

Reasons To Know How to Split Outlook 2013 PST file

The Personal Storage Table(.pst) was stored in ANSI format in Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. It saved all emails with attachments in a single file making it a large PST file over time. This caused errors and bugs that hindered sending and receiving emails. In later versions of Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 the file format used was UNICODE. This allowed file size limit to be increased to up to 20GB. This prevents many oversized PST file problems but not all.

How to Split Outlook 2013 PST File: Techniques

A large .pst file can cause a lot of errors in smooth communication via Outlook. Following are some of the ways to fix this issue how to split large Outlook file:

Solution#1 Use Archive Feature:

This is a manual method to backup all mailbox data in the default PST file. It can help to split large PST file in Outlook 2013 and make room for future communication. The Microsoft Outlook application archives all mailbox data to a .pst file. One can manually try to back up emails in a new PST file.

Step 1: First, launch the Outlook application.
Step 2: Then, go to File>>Info>>Cleanup Tools>>Archive.
Step 3: In the Archive box, select the option to Archive this folder and all sub folders.
Step 4: In the ‘Archive items older than’ section, set a particular date from the calendar to split large PST file in Outlook 2013.
Step 5: Next, click on the Browse button and set a name and folder for the new PST file.
Step 6: Finally, click OK to start the archive process.

Solution#2 Use the Import and Export Wizard

Step 1: First, launch the Outlook application.
Step 2: In the Home tab, go to New Items>>More Items>>Outlook data file.
Step 3: From the Create or Open Outlook Data File window, set a name and folder location for the new split Outlook 2013 PST file.
Step 4: Then, go to File>>Import.
Step 5: Select Export to a file and click Next from the Import and Export Wizard,
Step 6: Next, select Outlook data file(.pst) and click Next.
Step 7: Then, choose the mailbox folder to export data from.
Step 8: Then, Browse to the folder path where the new split large PST file is saved. Click OK to confirm.
Step 9: Click the Finish button to create a new PST file for a single mailbox folder.

Solution#3 The Move to Folder Option

Step 1: First, open the Outlook application.
Step 2: Go to New Items>>More Items>>Outlook data file.
Step 3: From the Create or Open Outlook Data File window, set a name and folder location for the new split large PST file in Outlook 2013.
Step 4: Click Copy to Folder from the move tab.
Step 5: From the Copy Items box, select the new PST file and click OK.

Solution#4 Use an Automated Solution

Often manual solutions can be very tiring and time-consuming when moving oversized PST file to a new one. It can take a lot of time and efforts which can be avoided when using an automatic solution. These are third-party tools that can give the best answer to the problem how to split Outlook 2013 PST file into smaller, more manageable ones. One such tool is the split PST tool that can be used with both UNICODE and ANSI files. It works with all versions of Outlook 2000 and above.

Final Word

It is important to fully understand the risk involved in moving mailbox data to free up space on Outlook. There are chances of data loss during migration. An automated, professional tool has also been discussed in this post. This article contains all the information that one needs to know on how to split Outlook 2013 PST file.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard in Windows:Tips & Tricks

In today’s era, everyone prefers to store email addresses and contact details of their family and friends in their email clients which vary from person to person like Mozilla Thunderbird for one, Outlook for other and much more.Keeping the safety of data in mind, users are suggested to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard file format. There are simple and easy techniques to perform the same. This article will put some light on both the manual as well as Automated Solution to export Thunderbird contacts to VCF file format. But before performing this conversion, let us have a quick review on both of the files:

Thunderbird is an open-source desktop-based email application. Thunderbird uses MBOX files to store all the Emails and MAB (Mozilla Address book) file is used to maintain the address book of the contacts. Most of the users of Mozilla Thunderbird are aware of the MBOX files in which all the Emails are stored by default. But, some users are still not familiar with MAB file format which contains the Address Book of Mozilla Thunderbird.

vCard is the available standard format for electronic business cards and it is the abbreviation of Virtual Business Card. Using vCard, it has become easy for the users to create and share the contacts related information over the internet just like emails, etc.

Quick Solution: From the safety point of view of the data, if users want to keep the backup of the contacts in the Microsoft Outlook, then, they can use SysTools vCard Importer.

One of my customers wants to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard. But Microsoft Outlook is
 not installed on his system, is it possible to perform this migration process of Thunderbird contacts to VCF.

I need to move contacts from Thunderbird Address Book to my system in .vcf file format and my address book is too large. Is there any file size limit for this conversion process.

I am currently using Thunderbird as my default email client for all my email communications. Now I want to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard with complete address book contacts list in it. Is there any manual way to perform the same?

When I am taking the backup of Thunderbird address book, the file that got saved in the computer is empty and doesn't contain any data. Can anyone suggest me what to do?

Reasons to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard

The reason for archiving the address book is that the downloaded data in vCard format can be easily and efficiently saved in the system. The contacts stored in vCard, CSV, etc. can be assumed as the copy of the contacts. It also ensures the safety and protection of our data.

Techniques to Export Address Book From Thunderbird to VCF

Manual Method to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard

There is no direct Manual Method available to export Thunderbird Address Book to VCF file format because it is very confusing and lengthy procedure for the users who are not technically sound. It is also not 100% reliable procedure to import Thunderbird Contacts to vCard.Due to these issues, one has to opt an alternative third-party utilities that can be used to export Thunderbird to VCF file format in a hassle-free manner.

Automated Solution to Export Thunderbird address book to vCard

SysTools MAB Converter utility can be used for Thunderbird export Contacts to VCF file format. This software is also capable to support the bulk transfer of Mozilla Thunderbird address book to different file formats like vCard, CSV, PST, etc. There is no file size limitation for this conversion process. This utility can also be used to migrate Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook in bulk.


1.Save Thunderbird MAB as vCard format
2.Store .mab as .vcf file format
3.Also, converts Mab files to VCF/PST/LDIF/LDAP
4.Preview Comparison Report in VCF format
5.Supports working with and without Outlook


This article has described the manual solution to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard. But, these manual methods have some major limitations. That is why users switch from Manual techniques to alternative Third Party Solution. To keep the secure backup of the data from the Vcard format in the Outlook, users are advised to use vCard importer utility. With the help of these tools, the unlimited number of files can be exported efficiently and reliably.