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Import Address Book to Outlook From Thunderbird – How to

"How do I export Thunderbird contacts to MS Outlook? Is there any simple solution to perform this task without data loss? What if I also want to shift my emails to Microsoft Outlook platform?"

In this era, MS Outlook has grown into a dominant email application with high preference over other desktop email clients. But shifting from one application to another is not as easy as it seems. With the tedious task of migrating emails, one also needs to import address book to Outlook from Thunderbird. So, without wasting any time, let us find how exactly to perform this task.

Manual Method to Import Address Book to Outlook from Thunderbird

The below section covers the complete solution in two different parts:
  • I. First, we will be exporting Thunderbird contacts to a comma separated (*.CSV) file;
  • II. Then, we will import that file into Microsoft Outlook application.

Both these methods can be performed manually without the need of any external application.

Export CSV file of Contacts Within Thunderbird

  1. 1. Open Thunderbird and go to Tools >> Address Book from Menu
    Note: Or directly click on Address Book present on the Thunderbird menu
  2. import address book to outlook from thunderbird
  3. 2. Next, select the Address Book you want to export into MS Outlook
  4. 3. Now, click on Tools >> Export from the menu
  5. 1-3
    Note: Press Alt to view the toolbar menu if it is hidden.
  6. 4. Select Comma Separated format from "save as type" drop-down
  7. 1-5
  8. 5. Choose the location to save the address book and click Save
Once the Thunderbird contacts are saved as CSV file, continue the approach provided in the next section.

Import Address Book to Outlook from Thunderbird

  1. 1. Quit Thunderbird and Open Microsoft Outlook application
  2. 2. Now, proceed to the menu and click on File | Open an Export | Import/Export
  3. 2-2
  4. 3. Next, select Import from another program or file and hit the Next button
  5. 2-3
  6. 4. Now, select Comma Separated Values (Windows) from the file type list
  7. 5. Hit the Next button
  8. 2-5
  9. 6. Click on Browse and locate the CSV file previously created
  10. 7. On the same window, choose to select appropriate radio button options
    (Recommend selecting either Allow duplicates to be created or Do not import Duplicate Items)
  11. 8. Hit the Next button
  12. 9. Now, select Contacts from the given destination folders in Outlook application
  13. 10. Press the Next button and proceed till you press Finish button to start the Thunderbird contacts import
  14. 2-10
  15. 11. A progress window will display the ongoing process. Sit back and let it finish to finally import Address book to Outlook from Thunderbird.

No Email Migration: The procedure seems simple and easy enough to carry out but you cannot migrate the email messages to MS Outlook in this way. If you have such need, kindly refer to the query below.

"We are looking to move the Thunderbird content of our 345 staff members into Microsoft Outlook 2016. Mainly our focus is on migrating contacts and emails. The manual way to import Address book to Outlook from Thunderbird worked fine but email migration is just a whole different story. And we don't want to risk the loss of around 1 TB collective data. Kindly, refer a solution!!"
Normally users who want to move address books also have a need to do the same with emails. Now for whatever reason, if you are looking for a solution to import Thunderbird emails to MS Outlook, use reliable SysTools MBOX to PST Converter. The software works with advance algorithms which propel 100% guaranteed fast conversion without data loss. Try the demo version below and experience its A+ working personally.


Performing task as complex and hectic as email migration is always a challenge. It doesn't matter if the emails clients are among the most popular ones like Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook. Some smaller tasks such as to import address book to Outlook from Thunderbird can be a little easier. We discussed an easy solution with the purpose to make readers aware of the above aspect. But for complete email message migration, such simple manual ways does not exist. With this in mind, we also provided a RELIABLE software solution within the article.

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Save Gmail Emails As PDF Without Any Hindrance - Top 2 Ways

“Are you looking for an appropriate solution to perform conversion of multiple emails to PDF format? If yes, then you are at the right place as here, we have come up with the expert solutions to save Gmail emails as PDF. Before, that it is important to know why a user needs to save Gmails emails as PDF format.”

Why A User Needs To Save Emails As PDF

It is important to every user that their crucial data is saved in a format. That they do not require internet connectivity to access. Here, comes the relevance to save Gmail emails as PDF format. In addition, we all know that Gmail is one of the prominently used web-based email client. That can be accessed from anywhere, any time and at any device, if you have good internet connectivity. However, what if you need to access the emails in a place where is no internet. As the matter of fact, that PDF is a format which can be accessed mostly in every device. Adobe developed PDF file format and it is preferably used by many users all over the world. 

Mainly, it is used in the official document, business transaction, forms and much more. It is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can navigate, share, print and view any time and anywhere. It will furnish advance features and functionalities as compared to other file formats. This portable document format makes simpler to work on digital documentation at Windows machines. So, most of the user wants to save their Gmail emails as PDF format. In this article, we are going to discuss the techniques to do the same. 

Free Solutions to Save Gmail Emails As PDF

This manual solution is mainly divided into two different techniques to save Gmail emails as PDF. It is up to users, which one way they want to opt to do same. All the methods are described step by step. you just need to follow all of them in sequence to get a better outcome.

Technique 1: Save Gmail Emails As PDF Via Google Chrome

Step 1: First of all, open the Google Chrome web browser on your local machine to log in to your Gmail account. Then, select the emails that you want to store in PDF document.

Step 2: Now, click on the “Print” tab. That is located at the top pane.

Step 3: After, selecting this option the following screen appears. choose an option to “Save as PDF” and then “Save” to proceed forward.

Step 4: Here, once you choose “Save” button a screen appears, which shows the path of the email that will be going to save as PDF format in your PC.

Step 5: Click on the “Save” button to successfully store the Gmail emails as PDF format.

Step 6: Finally, after completion of the procedure, you can check the saved email as PDF. By selecting the same path that you saved in the above step.

“I want to save all of my Gmail email messages in my inbox as specific PDF documents. I know that I can do it one at a time through "Print>save as PDF" but I am talking about 10,000+ email messages here. Is there any way to take advantage of something like the converter or could someone provide me some an efficient software to batch save all of these Gmail email messages as PDF?”

Professional Way to Save Gmail Emails As PDF in Batch

As one of our readers posted this above-mentioned query day before yesterday, it made us realize that a lot of users also face the same issues. As per the manual solution, it has some disadvantages that affect the procedure positively. The free solution is very time-consuming as compared to another one. It is very lengthy if a user wants to save their multiple Gmail emails as PDF format. So, it has taken so much of their valuable time. Thus, to overcome from all the constraints here, we come with an alternative such as SysTools Gmail Email Backup Software. With the help of this tool, a user can easily save Gmail emails as PDF. This is an effective way to do the same without losing a bit of data.

Steps to Save Gmail Emails As Portable Document

Here, this procedure saves all the Gmail email as PST format. After that, a user can easily convert them into PDF format without any hindrance. 

Step 1: Firstly, download and run the software into your local machine to save Gmail emails as PDF in bulk.

Step 2: Choose from the provided four file options to export Gmail email messages to PST.

Step 3: Now, select the elements which one you need to export as PST like all Gmail emails with their associated files.

Step 4: Lastly, click on the “Start” button in order to start the downloading of Gmail emails.

“I have seen a lot of manual methods but, there is no way to save and print several emails from Gmail. Mainly, I need to save my Gmail emails which I received after 29 Jan. So, please provide me an alternative to solve this problem. Is there any solution to save Gmail emails as PDF format with the specific date range.”

Save Outcome PST As PDF Format in Hassle-Free Manner

As per the above-outlined, considering it we come up with an appropriate way to solve this issue. A user can opt this method to save multiple or single Gmail emails as PDF format with the specific date range. This is a third party application such as “PST to PDF” software. After converting the Gmail emails to PST now, a user has to save that resultant PST file into PDF format. To do the same execute the below-outlined steps: 

Step by Step Guide to Save Gmail Messages to PDF

Step 1: At the first step, run PST to PDF software into your local machine and then add the desired file or folder to proceed forward. 

Step 2: After, selecting the file or folder you have to click on the “Advanced” options. Moreover, under the general settings following are the options provided: 

  • Date Filter Option: This feature facilitates a user to filter out the emails messages stored on PST according to the specified date. 
  • Naming Convention: While saving the components of PST files as PDF, a user can apply file naming options to save PDF file as. Save as subject, DD-MM-YY, MM-DD-YYYY, Auto incremental and so on. 
Step 3: Once, you are redirected back to the previous display, hit on “Export” button

Step 4: The PST to PDF application will begin the export procedure to convert the PST to a portable document. 

Step 5: After, completion of the procedure clicks on “OK”. After that “Save”, You can also access all the PST to PDF saved files at the desired location provided, As shown below:

Final Verdict

Gmail is one of the famous email application, but it can be used only when there is internet connectivity. Therefore, many users wish to save their Gmail emails as PDF. Considering the challenges users have to face for the same, In this article, we have learned top way s to save Gmail emails as PDF format.

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How to Add Bates Numbers to PDF Using Various Approaches

User Query 1: “I am a business professional and have to deal with a variety of documents as a part of my duty. Apart from other things, we make fillable PDF files to collect information from the clients. We need to keep a copy of those PDF files for legal reasons. Now that problem is, we have to add bates in those fillable PDF files. None of the present team members are aware of the process and that is the reason we are asking for your help. Please tell how to add bates numbers to PDF? Thanks in advance.”
User Query 2: “Due to some legal obligation, we are supposed to have bates numbers in all the PDF files that we create. Bates numbering is not like common page numbers and we have to add prefix and suffix in it. But the major problem lies in the procedure of this task. Since we do not know how to add bates stamp to PDF, we are asking for help from the fellow members of this forum. Kindly suggest me any suitable and easy technique for this if you can.”
PDF files are commonly used document file format. It is mostly used for its security and portability. PDF files that fall under legal obligations must contain bates number, but most of the PDF file users do not know how to add Bates numbers to PDF files. To solve this problem, we will be telling you how to perform the procedure. Read on to learn more about this topic. But first of all, we will learn why people need to do add bates numbering to PDF documents.

Reasons for Bates Stamping in Adobe PDF Documents?

Bates numbering is a PDF file indexing technique that allows users to identify and retrieve necessary information quickly and easily. Sectors that use bates numbering technique most are the legal, medical and business fields. Sometimes, users even need to add multiple Bates numbering sequences in one PDF and multiple PDF files. The latest PDF Bates stamping technology also lets users add zero before the digit as well as text.

Two Ways to Add Bates Numbers to PDF

There are two ways to add bates stamp to PDF file. We will discuss both the methods in this section.

Manually Method

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro and click on Tools>> Pages>> Bates Numbering>> Add Bates Numbering.
2. Bates Numbering dialog box, click on Add Files and choose from Add Files, Add Folders, or Add Open Files. Now you have to choose the file or folder.
3. Sort the list of PDF files sequentially.
4. Click on Output Options to determine target location and filename.
5. Click OK and point out where to add the Bates number on the page.
6. Click on Insert Bates Number to include the total number of digits, prefix, suffix and start number.
7. Click on OK and make any changes if needed.

Professional Tool

Since there are some limitations of the manual trick and some users may find it lengthy, many people choose to use third-party solutions like PDF Bates Numberer. This software can resolve all the problems related to bates stamping in Adobe PDF files. Some of the unique features of this tool are:

Batch PDF Bates Numbering: This software allows you to add multiple PDF files at one time. Once, they are added users can add bates stamp to PDF documents. To add multiple files use Add File(s) or Add Folder options.

Encryption Removal: If the PDF files are encrypted, the tool can decrypt that file once the option is enabled.

Add Prefix and Suffix: The application also provides options to include prefix, suffix, start number, number of digits, etc.

Options for Formatting: Various formatting is also available in this utility like adding additional text and determining its position on the page.


There are many people who don’t know how to add bates numbers to PDF. That is why they search for its solution in tech forums. In this post, we have discussed different approaches to perform this task. Since the manual method takes more time and has got some limitations. Therefore, users should choose the software mentioned here as their preferred method to add bates stamp to PDF.

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How to Transfer Lotus Notes Email to Outlook by DXL to PST

DXL file format is created by Lotus Notes Domino to keep the data and structural components of the database. After being one of the securest files to store data, it is less preferred by the users as it Lotus Domino is very expensive and have the high maintenance cost. At this point in time, Outlook is one of the best options that one can choose. It offers all major and basic services required by an organization.

If a user is thinking of moving to Outlook from Lotus Domino, then DXL to PST Conversion is must. It is because Outlook supports PST file format to stores mailbox data. Now, the users want to Transfer Lotus Notes Email to Outlook PST format in a way that there will be a loss of information. In order to have such type of conversion, one needs to look for some professional solution. DXL to PST Converter is the tool that one can try without any doubt. It export email from Lotus Notes to Outlook in some clicks on Windows OS.

A Quick Glance at DXL to PST Converter

The DXL to PST Converter is a top-notch application to transfer Lotus Notes Email to Outlook in the best possible way. The application is programmed in a way that it exports IBM Notes Domino Database to PST format without compromising the integrity of data. It also lets users convert an unlimited number of messages from DXL file to PST format in few simple clicks. Apart from this, the software will create a UNICODE type PST file and can be saved on any desired location on the local machine. The utility can be installed and launched on any version of Windows OS without any restriction.

Remarkable Features Offered by DXL to PST Converter

There are numbers of features that makes this DXL to PST Converter software best among the users. Among all of them, major ones are discussed below:

1. Transfer Lotus Notes Email to Outlook
Accessing DXL file of Lotus Notes in any other application is merely impossible for the users. With the help of DXL to PST Converter, it becomes somewhat possible. A user can convert DXL to PST format and access it MS Outlook application. In addition, the software creates UNICODE type PST file that can be opened in any Outlook version.

2. Auto Load DXL Files
The DXL to PST Converter is designed in Windows Explorer style interface that it locate and load DXL file automatically. As the DXL file is uploaded successfully, the application generates an instant preview of each message with its meta properties such as from, subject, received date and size in KB. In addition, a user can view the associated attachments also with each email in the attachments tab.

3. Convert Selective Messages from DXL
Sometimes users do not want to transfer Lotus Notes email to Outlook PST format. In that case, a user can check or uncheck the messages that he or she wants to convert from DXL messages. The utility will export only that to PST format. This way a user can prevent the migration of unnecessary data and saves lots of time.

4. No 2 GB PST Size Issue
The another major advantage of DXL to PST Converter software is that it let users perform conversion of unlimited DXL file messages to PST file of any size. The application creates UNICODE type PST file so, there will be no 2GB PST file size limitation. Thus, after conversion, a user can easily open PST file in any Outlook version without any restriction.

How to Transfer Lotus Notes Email to Outlook – Step by Step

1. First of all, Download and install DXL to PST Converter on the local machine.

2. Open the application and click on Add File button to load DXL file.

3. Choose the DXL file that you want to add and click on the Open button.

4. The software will generate an instant preview of DXL file messages.

5. Choose the desired messages and click on the Export button.

6. Select PST button as an Export option to convert DXL files.

7. Apply date-based filter to convert selective messages from DXL files (Optional*).

8. Select any desired location to save resultant PST file by clicking on Browse button.

9. At last, click on the Export button and begin the DXL to PST conversion.

Observational Verdict

The DXL to PST Converter help users transfer Lotus Notes email to Outlook in an efficient manner. After understanding the working of the software, it can easily be rated as 9.7 out of 10. The best part about the application is it is Windows-based application and can used on any Windows version.

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Export Emails From Outlook To Apple Mail With 2 Effortless Solution

Do you want to import emails from Outlook to Mail on Mac? Did you feel that Apple mail is much better than Microsoft Outlook email client? Or do you have some PST emails which you want to transfer to Apple iDevice?

Whatever your problem, we have the solution for you. Here, in this article, we will show you some incredible ways to transfer emails from Outlook to Apple Mail. Try the best manual and automated solution for importing email from Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail.

Why Export Emails from Outlook to Apple Mail

First of all, let's discuss some of the incredible features of Apple mail that makes it relatively much better email client than Microsoft Outlook.

1. Money

As we all know Apple Mail is a free email client which is inbuilt in all iDevices whereas Microsoft Outlook is a paid mail service. If you are using a Mac device, it will be best to use a default utility instead of going for a paid service.

2.Platform Independence

Apple Mail is a very tough contender when it comes to its operating system. As it is a Mac-based email client, it is compatible with every Mac devices and creates stores data in MBOX format. Unlike Outlook which creates PST on Windows and OLM file on Mac devices which makes a user to export emails from Outlook to Apple Mail.

3. User-Friendly GUI

Apple Mail is very easy to use for those users who are familiar with iDevices. The graphical user interface is very similar to other iDevices like iPhone, iPad, etc. So, it will be easy for users to operate Apple Mail.

Import Mails from Outlook to Apple Mail: Gmail’s Account in MS Outlook

Configure your Gmail account with the IMAP account before proceeding with steps. If IMAP is not enabled, Gmail can be fetched without IMAP account. Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer Outlook email to Apple mail.
1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and click back up email as a safeguard->File
2. Move to Export for migrating Mac Outlook to Apple Mail
3. After that, hit on export-as-Outlook-for-Mac-Data-File (.olm)
4. Create IMAP account with the help of provider settings
5. Name the topmost folder as “New-IMAP-Account”
6. If the provider is not supporting IMAP, then use present Google account or one can also try opening a new Google account. It is free. It also features a healthy space of 15GB
7. Drag email/ folders from POP-account folder to new IMAP’s account folder
8. Later, open Apple Mail for the purpose switch from Outlook for Mac 2011 to Apple Mail.
9. Moving on create a new account with IMAP option
10. Apple Mail stores these days everything for offline-use so no settings is needed for change
11. If however user is making use of some old Mail version, then keeping local email copies might be needed

Automated Method to Export Emails From Outlook to Apple Mail

To convert Outlook email to Apple Mail, the user needs to Outlook PST to MBOX file format. To transfer the PST file to MBOX format, follow the below mentioned steps.
1. Download and Install Mac PST Converter
2. Click on the "Add File"
3. Navigate and select the file on the system
4. After selecting the PST file, a dialog box will appear, click on
5. Now, Select MBOX radio button to export PST files into MBOX format.
6. You can specify the dates in which you want to export emails from Outlook to Apple Mail using date range filter
7. Click on the "Export" button.
8. The export process will be completed successfully.
9. To access MBOX files in Apple Mail, Launch the Apple Mail client.
10. Go to File tab and click on Import Mailboxes option.
11. Choose "Files in mbox Format" and hit on Continue button.
12. Choose the MBOX file which you want to import and click on Choose.
13. The following screen will be displayed when you finish importing the mailbox.
14. The mailbox named as Import-2 will be shown in the left pane of the Apple Mail.


Here, in this article, we have discussed manual as well as a wonderful automated method to export emails from Outlook to Apple Mail. You can try these methods and convert your Outlook email to MBOX and then import that MBOX file to Apple Mail.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Free vCard Importer for Outlook: Easily Imports vCard Files to MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred email clients by the users. It is a personal information manager that manages user’s data including email, contacts, calendars, tasks etc. in an efficient way. Now, when it comes to contact management, Outlook does it very well. It is known by everyone that contacts play a vital role in the communication process. Sometimes, the urgent need arises to import crucial contacts into Outlook profile. However, Outlook supports vCard format to import contacts. So, the user can easily move vCard contact file to Outlook. Now the question arises, how to import vCard contacts file to Outlook? The user can easily move vCard contacts to Outlook by implementing the manual or automated method. In this blog, we are going to explain manual solution and free vCard Importer for Outlook. This will help the users to move contacts to Outlook in a trouble-free way.

Need to Move vCard File to Outlook
The vCard file format is a flexible file format which is supported by almost all the Operating systems, smartphones, etc. Thus, most of the users prefer to store contacts in vCard file format. Moreover, it is always recommended to the user to store contacts in the vCard format as it becomes easy for him/her to share the contacts. In addition, the need to move vCard file in Outlook differs from user to user.

Methods to Transfer vCard Files to Outlook

The user can move vCard files to Outlook by following the below-mentioned methods. The user can implement any of the methods as per his/her choice.

  1. First, you have to open Outlook on your system and then click on the File menu
  2. In the File menu, click on the Import option. Now, the Import and Export Wizard will open
  3. Here, you have to select Import a VCARD file (.vcf) option and then click on the Next button
  4. In Outlook, click on the Contacts options and you will be able to see the imported .vcf file contacts

The user can implement the manual method to import single vCard file into Outlook. As MS Outlook does not support importing multiple vCards. The user has to import multiple vCard files one at a time. It becomes difficult for the user to import one file at a time when he/she need to import a large number of files. Moreover, technical knowledge is also required to perform the steps in an accurate way. If the user is not able to perform the steps in an accurate way then he/she might face the data loss issue. Therefore, to avoid all the shortcomings associated with the manual method it is advised to the user a reliable and automated solution.

Method 2: Using Free vCard Importer for Outlook

The user can import vCard files to Outlook with the help of a smart and trustworthy utility that is vCard Importer. This software allows the user to transfer multiple VCF files into MS Outlook in a batch. Moreover, there are no limitations associated while importing various vCard files into Outlook. With the free vCard Importer for Outlook, the user can export vCard first 5 vCard contacts easily. If the user needs to transfer all the vCard files in bulk then he/she has to purchase the full version of the tool. There are numerous features integrated with the utility, some of them are listed in the section given below:
  1. Import various vCard contacts to Outlook in a hassle-free way
  2. Designed with a user-friendly interface
  3. No technical expertise is required to work with the software
  4. Allows the user to move vCard files into Outlook without any limitations
  5. Transfer vCard contact files containing the phone numbers and email id’s
  6. Outlook installation is necessary to move vCard files to Outlook
  7. Compatible with Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 versions
  8. Creates a separate PST file having only address book contacts

Final Words

There are many users who need to import their vCard contact files into MS Outlook. As Outlook organizes and manages the contacts in an efficient way. Moreover, contacts are important to execute the communication process. Therefore, in this blog, we have introduced the manual method and a free vCard Importer for Outlook. To import single vCard file the user can opt for the manual method but to import vCard files in bulk, it is recommended to use an automated solution that is vCard Importer.

Friday, 24 August 2018

The Top 3 Techniques to Convert vCard to Excel Spreadsheet

Contacts play a very important role in our day to day life. Normally, contacts are saved in the vCard format. However, a vCard or VCF is a standard file format to store the digital contact information along with its attributes. Almost all mobile phone, gadget, and other devices support the vCard format. But, there are some people who still need there contact files in XLS sheet because, Ms Excel allows users to sort, remove duplicate, change the first name or last name of contacts, change email address, change mobile number etc. But do not know how to convert vcf file to excel sheet. Hence, this article explains the method to convert vCards.vcf to CSV. Let’s consider a scenario that clears the need to export vCard to CSV file.
I have saved my so many contacts in VCF file. I would like to manage my contact information manually. I need to arrange the address book and remove some duplicate contacts. For me, it is the most convenient way to manage it all in Excel file. So, I need a solution to import VCF to excel 2016 / 2010 readable file. If you know any method, please help me out.”
How to Convert VCF File to Excel Spreadsheet?
There are various ways to batch convert vCard to CSV. In this section, we will discuss the top 3 techniques to convert multiple VCF files to CSV file:
Technique # 1: Use the Import Export Wizard of Outlook 2013 / 2010
If you want to export vCard file in MS Excel, then you need to follow the given below steps:
  1. First of all, open your Outlook Account & click on the File option.
  2. Then, click on the Import / Export wizard.
  3. Now, select Import a VCF file and click on the Next button to proceed further.
  4. Next, you can see your contacts in the vCard file in the Contact wizard of Outlook.
  5. After that, again click on the Import / Export wizard >> choose Export to a file.
  6. Further, choose the Comma Separated Values (Windows) option.
  7. Now, browse the destination location and save the CSV file.
  8. Finally, this CSV file can be easily open in the Excel file.
Technique # 2: By Using the Window Address Book (WAB)
If you need to view the vCard file in MS Excel, then you can use the WAB. However, this method also stores the orphaned vCard file in an Excel spreadsheet. Follow the given below steps:
  1. At first, go the location where your vCard files are stored.
  2. If you are not able to find your vCard files then just press Windows + R key, your contact folder will arrive.
  3. After that, you need to select Export option from the navigation wizard.
  4. Now, select Comma Separated Values and choose the destination location to save the CSV file.
  5. Finally, this CSV file can be easily open in the Excel file.
Limitations of Manual Approaches
The above-discussed methods are quite helpful but on the other hand, there are many drawbacks while performing these steps manually. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • It is a very lengthy process to open the vCard file into Excel manually.
  • These techniques require more human effort and time.
  • Field Attributes can be misplaced.
  • Mapping Error (Mapping vCard with Outlook Attributes).
  • These are difficult tasks for a non-technical person.
Technique # 3: Alternative Solution to Convert vCard to Excel format
The above-discussed methods are undoubtedly effective methods but it is always a good decision to have a second option. In such case, the vCard Viewer Tool helps you to view your contacts in VCF file into Excel. However, it provides more powerful and genuine results to open, read, and view the VCF file in multiple platforms. Apart from this, you can open multiple vCard files in MS Excel spreadsheet by using this utility.
Wrapping Up

In the above blog, we have discussed the how to open a vCard file in Excel. After this discussion, we can conclude that there are various methods to open VCF file in Excel manually. These approaches are quite helpful but there are some limitations associated with these methods. So, it is highly advised to use an alternative method like vCard Viewer tool to get better performances and results.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

What is the Best Way to Store Old Outlook Emails?

Microsoft Outlook email client can be used for both business and personal usage. It is a personal information manager, which is mainly used as an email application for sending, receiving, managing and storing the information. It is observed that users are searching for some best way to store old Outlook emails. As saving PST emails will be useful for backing up, keeping important files/data.

However, there are various manual approaches which can be followed. But there are drawbacks associated with the manual process, which could be difficult for a non-technical person. Hence, it is advised to switch to a third-party utility to export old Outlook emails. Thus, we will discuss SysTools PST Converter utility for the same. This tool helps to store old Outlook emails in various file formats. It is available as for both Windows and Mac OS.

Features of SysTools PST Converter
  1. Convert PST file in multiple file formats like EML, PDF, TXT, etc.
  2. This is the perfect Outlook PST conversion tool
  3. Convert all or selective data items like emails, contacts, calendars, notes
  4. Option to export selective file or folders from PST file to the desired format
  5. Option to save the converted file using any desired file naming convention
  6. Apply email filter option to export only selected file from Outlook PST
  7. Provides an option to convert Mac PST to EML, MBOX and MSG file format
  8. The tool ensures that the originality of data is maintained after file conversion

Best Way to Store Old Outlook Emails in Efficient Manner
One can store old Outlook email with the help of PST Converter software on both Mac and Windows OS. This method helps to export Outlook emails, contacts and other data items to different file formats such as PDF, EML, MSG, TXT, ICS, etc.

Steps to Convert Outlook PST File via PST Converter Software
  • First of install and launch PST Converter on the local machine
  • After that, open the tool and click on Add File button
  • Then, click on the Browse button to upload the PST file
  • Now, click on the Open >> Add File button
  • When the file gets uploaded successfully, click on the Export button
  • Next, choose the desired Export option as discussed below:

1. Conversion of PST file in PDF format
  1. If you want to convert PST files into .pdf format, then select PDF radio button
  2. Now, make use of Date Filter option and Naming Convention option in the Advance Settings according to your requirement
  3. Then, click Browse and give the desired destination location to save the PDF file. After that, click OK to proceed
  4. Now, the destination path will be shown. Click on Export to start the process
  5. Once the export process completes successfully, click on the OK button
  6. Now, at the destination location, the converted PDF file can be seen.

2. Conversion of PST file in TXT format
  1. Select TXT radio button to export PST files into PDF format
  2. Similar to PDF file conversion, select the Date Filter and Naming Convention from Advance Settings
  3. Click on the Browse to give the desired location for the .txt file. After that, click Export to initiate the process
  4. Now, a dialog box will appear showing the export is completed successfully. Click OK to to view the report
  5. In the export report, click on the Success Count to view the saved file path at the destination location
  6. To view the files, click on the path in which the files are saved

3. Conversion of PST file in VCF Format
  1. For this, select VCF radio button to export PST files contacts into VCF format
  2. After that, click Browse to select the final location for the exported VCF files
  3. Now, click Export to start the process, once it is done click OK
  4. Now the export report is generated. Click on the number of Success Count to view the files at the destination location which is given

4. Conversion of PST file in ICS Format

  1. Click on ICS radio button to export PST files contacts into ICS format
  2. Select the Browse button and give the desired location into which the ICS file will be exported and click on Export
  3. The export report will be shown with the Success count, Source file name
  4. Now, click on the path to view the files
  5. The final files will be viewed as shown below.

5. Conversion of PST file in Document format
While conversion of Outlook emails to documents, it provides three file formats to convert i.e, Docx, Doc, RTF

A. Conversion of PST file in DOCX format
  1. Select the DOCX radio button to convert the PST file in .docx format
  2. Specify the date in the Date Filter option and naming convention with respect to the format which is entered
  3. Click on the Browse button and select the location for the exported DOCX files
  4. Now, click Export to export PST to DOCX format and click OK
  5. Now, the number of the Success Count to view the saved file path
  6. The exported files will be viewed on the destination location

B. Conversion of PST file in DOC format
  1. Click on DOC radio button to convert the PST file in .doc format
  2. After that, specify the date in the Date Filter option and Naming Convention according to the format which is required
  3. Now, click Browse and select the final destination for the exported DOC files
  4. The desired path will be shown as below and click OK to begin the processing
  5. Moving further, click on the Export button. A dialog box will appear that the process is successfully completed
  6. The export report will be shown below. To view the saved file path, click on the number of Success Count

C. Conversion of PST file in RTF format
  1. For this, select the RTF radio button to convert PST files in RTF format
  2. After that, specify the details in the Date filter, Naming Convention option
  3. Browse and select the path to save the exported RTF files
  4. The path will be shown as below and click OK to initialize the processing
  5. Now, click on the Export button. Once the process is completed, click OK to view the success report
  6. To view the finalized file, click on the Success count

8. Conversion of MAC PST files into MBOX format
  1. To export PST files into MBOX format, select MBOX radio button
  2. Now, specify the details in the Date Filter so that accordingly the final files will be shown
  3. After that, click on the "..." button to select the location of the final file and click Choose to navigate
  4. Once the path is selected, click Export
  5. On successful completion, an Export report will be generated.
  6. Now, click on Export Report folder to view the report. The Conversion report contains all the exported information.
  7. For each folder, an MBOX file will be created. To access the MBOX file, open Apple Mail client
  8. Now, in File tab, click on Import Mailboxes option
  9. In that, select Files in mbox Format and click Continue
  10. Select the MBOX file to import and click Choose
  11. Once the importing is finished, the final display will be shown.


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