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Best Option To Convert From EDB To PST

Want to convert Exchange Server database to Outlook supported data file? There are many options to do the task along with the usage of an EDB to PST Converter. This article explains all about converting Exchange Server data to MS Outlook data file.

What is EDB & PST File Formats?

EDB is an Exchange database file format, which is used in most of the organizations all across the globe. Microsoft Exchange Server stores the mailbox in EDB format file.

While PST is a Personal Storage Table file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store individual user mailbox data. It is stored on the local drive of the user’s machine.

Why a Converter Is Needed?

A converter tool can easily solve the issue by which the file can become easy to work with by the change of file format and transition of data from EDB to PST. Any issue in the Exchange Server can cause damage to user’s mailbox.
An EDB to PST converter can be used under the following conditions:

To Reduce File Size - If the storage limit of the Exchange Server is within local storage then it is a good option to convert the data into PST format so it can be used by the user and can be saved on the local drive.
To Transfer The Data – When a data has to be accessed in Microsoft Outlook, then it must be converted to PST format.
To Change The Operating Platform - When the data of Exchange Server is shifted from Windows platform to Macintosh then it needs to be converted first to PST format and then further to MAC compatible Outlook program which supports importing a PST.

Why User Wants To Switch From EDB to PST?

Exchange Server Recovery - In the case of corrupted EDB files, PST is a suitable format to export the mailbox, which can be easily worked on.
Timely Maintenance Of Exchange - The Exchange Server needs timely maintenance for a proper functioning.
Secondary Data Backup - PST serves as the preferred option to back up the data of Exchange Server in case if the server is attacked by viruses, malware, Trojans or is affected by security breach.

What Are The Options To Convert EDB to PST?

The conversion from EDB to PST can be done manually or by using a third party tool.


ExMerge Utility- It is a free utility developed by Microsoft used to convert corrupted EDB database to PST.
It can handle errors and other issues, which occur in Exchange server.
Can recover single as well as multiple mailboxes from Exchange Server and then save it to PST format.
It prevents recursive occurrence of emails in the output PST file.


It is a useful utility to convert Exchange Server mailboxes into PST. Nevertheless, it can only extract 1GB of data per hour from the Exchange mailbox.

EDB to PST Export Exchange PowerShell - It provides a command for exporting the mailbox of the Exchange Server to the user. It is a general command for transferring the mailbox of the Exchange Server to other or to a PST format.

Export Mailbox- This is the command used to export the mailbox into other mailbox or save it as a PST file. It exports all the mail folders, calendar, notes, tasks & contacts to the directory folder.


There is a certain limitation for using the commands as they only support 2GB of file size.
Outlook 2003 with 32-bit along with Exchange Server or later versions support is provided.

Third Party Converters 

There are many third party converters for EDB to PST conversion available that can export the mailbox of the Exchange Server and save it as PST format for Outlook. These tools provide best option to convert EDB to PST along with features that serve in severe corruption cases that are unresolvable by manual means.


The only limitation of this is that it can’t provide live support for the Exchange Server.


Exchange server database is very sensitive and important for an enterprise to work properly, hence its maintenance should be done properly in regular time interval. Third party software provides superiority over manual tricks in tackling errors or corrupt files of Exchange Server, but they can’t provide live migration of one mailbox to other. To convert other mailbox follow email conversion tip.

I hope that the above article helps users know the best option to convert EDB to PST.

If the above tips help you to solve the issue, do mention it in the comment. For any query or suggestions related to the article, feel free to ask.  J


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