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How to Export MBOX File of Thunderbird to Lotus Notes?

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source email client, which gives users the option for customization and is preferred by small-scale enterprise and home users mostly.

What is the Reason to Convert MBOX to NSF?

As MBOX file format is used by many email clients like; AppleMail, PocoMail, Netscape, Thunderbird, etc. There is a need to convert it to Lotus Notes if the users prefer to use their personal mailbox data on Lotus Notes. This scenario generally occurs when an employee or user undergoes an organizational switch as every firm uses different email clients as per their policy.

How to Achieve Transfer of all Emails from Thunderbird to Lotus Notes?

To import the mailbox from Thunderbird to NSF format, a third party tool can serve the purpose by providing error free conversion without consuming more time.
However, it is always recommended to back up your data so that it can be retrieved easily by using a software program.

How to Convert MBOX to NSF?

A good software utility can make the conversion a bit easier. However, it is preferred to use the tool step by step.
1.Locate the imported file in the drive.
2.Drag and drop or use the browse option to add the file in the software.
3.Then create a New Project in the software window.
4.See the preview of the imported file in the software tool, which provides useful information of the converted file.

While considering a software utility for conversion, check for these points which could be beneficial to you.

File Size Limit - Check the file size limit of the conversion from MBOX to NSF. It is a crucial point, as the rate of conversion depends on the size of data being converted.

Splitting The File - Check whether it can split the MBOX file according to the requirement. The splitting option of the converted file gives users the option to segregate emails having different folder from a pool of data. There are situations in the enterprise when all the data of the employees are embedded in a mega MBOX file, so in that case splitting option proves to be a boon.

Search and Extract –  Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate the file in the drive, in that case a search and extract feature can be a time saver for the user as it becomes cumbersome to find the file in case if the user don’t know the location.

Compatibility with Operating System- Check the compatibility of the software with the platform on which it has to be operated. It is very important whether the software provides update regarding support to a certain OS in future, which can provide new features along with some bug fixations or stability.

Support for Email Clients - How many email clients does the software utility supports. Since there are many email clients that uses MBOX file format, hence it should be checked thoroughly by the user whether the software utility supports his/her email client.

Data Integrity And Error Free – The integrity of the output file should be the utmost requirement of any user. Thus, the data should not suffer from any loss during the conversion and is conducted in an error free manner.

Handing of Corrupted File And Providing Security –The software utility should be such that is can handle the corrupted or virus infected files as well. Since the attack from any viruses, malware, Trojans, etc., can infect the file or corrupt it.

I hope that the above article helps the users to understand few points before going from MBOX to NSF conversion and helps in choosing the best software to convert MBOX file to Lotus Notes NSF file utility for it.

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