Monday, 23 May 2016

Export Outlook Mails to MBOX Using Simplest Approaches

MBOX is an application that is supported by multiple mail clients which includes Entourage Eudora, Apple Mail, Mulberry, Netscape, Opera Mail, Gnu Mail, Mutt, Cone, Claws Mail, PocoMail, Sea Monkey. MBOX file format is used for holding collections of email messages. All messages in MBOX are concatenated and stored in plain text as a single file. It uses 7-bit ASCII text for storing the message in encoded format. However, Outlook supports only PST format, and the file being a proprietary of its origin client is not accessible on any other platform. Mobile devices that are connected to Exchange Mailbox using ActiveSync cannot open PST file. PST file keeps the entire data of an Outlook profile at one place. This data includes emails, calendars, notes, contacts, tasks, etc.

Need to Export Outlook Mails to MBOX

When you want to move your profile data in PST format, from Outlook for Windows to Apple Mail on a Mac machine then conversion will be required. The latter client supports only .mbox format files and an Outlook PST file won’t be accessible on it. Outlook data files are a complete storage of collective data and its vulnerability to corruption puts the entire profile data in danger. MBOX files on the other hand store messages of a respective mail folder. Outlook Mails are prone to corruption as they have a defined size limit of 2GB and if the file grew beyond this limit it is corrupted. When the Outlook file is shared among multiple users then the chances of Outlook file corruption increases. Outlook files are device specific and are not accessible on any other device.

How to Export Outlook Mails to MBOX

There are multiple ways to export Outlook mails to MBOX. Here we are using a third party tool to perform this process.

Steps to Export Outlook Mails to MBOX Using Third Party Tool

1. Visit the official website and download “SysTools Outlook to MBOX Converter”

2. Once installed, run the tool can click on Open to begin with the process.

3. After you click on Open, browse and select the Outlook PST file to be converted from the Open window. Click Open.

4. Now, click Browse to select the file that is to be converted or change the selected one

5. Before clicking on Export, select the destination path of the Outlook PST file by clicking on the second Browse button on screen.

6. Select between Yes or No radio buttons given below to choose whether to maintain the folder hierarchy or not.

7. Click Export to begin

8. As conversion begins, you can see the Count Details of PST file

9. As the Export Finishes click OK, now you can find the MBOX file at the defined destination path.

10. Navigate to the location where you saved Exported Outlook Mails in MBOX format


This blog is aimed to help users in defining how they can Export Outlook Mails to MBOX as MBOX is supported by multiple mail clients and Outlook supports only PST file format. Using Outlook PST format can sometimes lead to various unknown problems, you may lose your data at some point or so. Instead of using manual procedure, go for third party tool to Export Outlook emails to MBOX. You can use the secure and reliable tool to Export Outlook Emails to MBOX.


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