Thursday, 12 May 2016

OFFICE ADDRESS BOOK - Complete Workaround of OAB

Office Address Book is a collection of address book or address list which is created by using Outlook contact folders. Offline address book is generated for Exchange users immediately after their account is created. It is available only when the maintenance task of Exchange Server is completed. Outlook mail account, which is associated with Exchange Server, can avail the facilities of office address book for managing contacts list. If a user is using Outlook with MS-Exchange account then your Address book will also include the Global Address List. Global Address List is a list that contains names and e-mail addresses of all the users with an account on Exchange Server.

How To Download Office Address Book?

There are two possible ways to download address book for outlook 2010/2013/2016

1. Navigate to File then go to Account Settings

2. Select Download Address Book

3. Check that the company address list is displayed in the Choose Address Book drop down menu.


1. Navigate to Send/Receive then go Send Receive Group

2. Click on Download Address Book

Download Address Book for 2007

1. Navigate to Tools then go to Send/Receive.

2. Click on Download Address Book.

3. In Information to Download option, select Full Details or No Details as per your need.

Adding an Address Book

1. Click on File option.

2. Go to Account Settings and then select Account Settings in it.

3. On the Address Book tab, select New.

4. Now, you are required to select the type of address book.

5. Add an address book by using internet directory service (LDAP)

6. Select LDAP and then click Next.

7. Now, select a server name, which is provided by your system administrator or internet service provider.

8. Click on More Settings.

9. In the display name, type the name of LDAP address book, which you want to display in address book list or dialog box.

10. In connection details, type the port no that your system administrator provides you.

11. Select Ok, Next followed by, Finish.

Removing Address Book

1. Go to File menu

2. Click on Account Settings and then select Account Settings in it.

3. On address book tab select the address book you want to remove.

Error in OAB

Outlook need not to connect to exchange server every time when a mail has to be sent or when any other user information is needed because of OAB facilities. The OAB file has to be synchronized with GAL on daily basis with Exchange Server. If OAB fails to synchronize with GAL then an error message occurs showing that the security service on the server is not valid “ERROR:0x80072F06”. Due to this error, clients are not able to download OAB files.

Causes of OAB File Error Global

1. Inappropriate updating of .oab file

2. Security certificate issue on Exchange Server

3. Fails to synchronize with GAL on Exchange Server

4. Manually downloading the OAB file from Exchange Server

5. The object list of OAB either missing (typo) or misprinted

6. OAB file corrupted or is unusable

How to Fix These Errors in OAB File?

1. Manually reset or update offline address book

2. Make sure that the URLs of OAB are set correctly in server configuration

3. The external and internal names match the names in SSL certificate

4. Delete the old OAB file in Outlook and download the new OAB file from the Exchange Server. If the error still persists then you will need to repair your Outlook using the best suited tool

5. If your OAB file has been corrupted then try to convert OST file to PST using any conversion software, so that the corruption of OST file could be tackled with

6. Before performing the conversion, make sure that it is compatible with current MS Outlook and Windows versions


Office Address Book is created using Outlook contact folders. There are two possible ways to download office address book. If OAB fails to synchronize with GAL then “ERROR:0x80072F06” occurs, which can then be resolved using various techniques and methods discussed above.


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