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How To Export Thunderbird To Outlook 2016?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform email client developed by Mozilla Firefox. It is fast and easy to use. It uses a directory that stores the information in MBOX file. Thunderbird has many advance features but still it is lacking behind in few essential features. There are other email clients which are more reliable and efficient that makes users keep on migrating from Thunderbird Email Client to Outlook 2016. As Outlook is improving day by day and giving us many new and exciting features, so it’s number of users are also increasing. That is why, most of the users today want to export their emails from Thunderbird to PST.

Reasons To Migrate Thunderbird Emails To Outlook

•Microsoft Outlook has inbuilt calendar feature

•MS Outlook is more secure than Thunderbird

•Outlook also supports an anti-spam function

•Microsoft Outlook has better database management

    User Queries Related To: Move Thunderbird To Outlook

    There are various users having queries on how to convert email from Thunderbird to PST:

    " I am using Thunderbird email for a quite long time and my account is holding many important things like message, conversation, meetings, tasks and contacts. Thunderbird provides many unique features but for safety related issues I am interested in switching email from Thunderbird to Outlook because I want to use Business Contact Manager to improve the conversation with my clients. So, due to security reasons, I want to export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 2016.&quot


    Here, you will be provided with 2 methods: First one will be the manual method and the second one will be done using a third party tool.


    STEP 1: Move MBOX Thunderbird to Outlook

    1.Download and Open Apple Mail on your system.

    2.Go to File and click on import Mail boxes option.

    3.Select the files from where you want to import data. Choose file in Thunderbird Mailbox format   option and Continue.

    4.Browse to import Thunderbird to PST and click on Continue.

    5.Click on done when the process is completed.

    STEP 2: Use Eudora TO Create Mailbox

    1.Rename the files within the .mbox

    2.Move the renamed file to directory where all Eudora files are stored

    3.Open Eudora and double click on the .mbox files to create the files

    Step 3: Use Outlook Express to Import MBOX Folder to Outlook.

    1.Launch Outlook on your machine.

    2.click on files → import→ open

    3.click on import → import and export wizard, to import Thunderbird to Outlook.

    4.Select Internet Email And Addresses option.

    5.Click Next.

    6.Select any Outlook Express and click next.

    7.Verify the imported mailbox in MS Outlook. Its new location is Outlook in Personal Folders.


      •There is no direct method to export email from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 The indirect method is very lengthy and time consuming.

      •The manual method always requires a technically sound person as it is quite complex and highly technical process.

      •There is always a risk of data loss in manual method.

      •Vulnerable to file corruption most of the time.

      •No guarantee of 100% conversion in manual process.

      •Manual process is not preferred for exporting a large amount of data.

        To overcome the above limitations by the complex manual method and for full and reliable conversion process, it is always preferable to use an easy and professional third party tool method which can efficiently deliver powerful and reliable email transfer services without affecting the integrity of the data.


        The manual Method to transfer Thunderbird files to Outlook data files are helpful to convert MBOX emails but if one is looking for a professional solution by which the users are not required to follow a large number of steps, then one should opt for “MBOX To Outlook Converter” which is the available online.
        The tool export Thunderbird to Outlook PST in a hassle-free manner. It easily migrates all the mail items including emails, chats, contacts, etc. It works efficiently and is capable of transferring all Thunderbird email clients to Outlook PST file, which you can open in MS Outlook 2016.


        •100% data integrity

        • Fast and reliable export process

        •No data loss

        •Option to save file in PST/MSG/EML/NSF file formats


          We all know that there are multiple methods available both manual method and third party tool method to convert Thunderbird to Outlook. Both the methods have their own merits and demerits. But still, third party tool is more preferred over the manual method among the users as it comes with user friendly interface and allows the user to correctly and efficiently migrate email from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 by maintaining the email data integrity.


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