Monday, 24 April 2017

A Reliable Solution to Import Office 365 to Windows Live Mail (WLM)

Are you an Office 365/Exchange Online user? Do you want to migrate/import Office 365 to Windows Live Mail? Looking for a solution to move Exchange Online to EML file format? Or want to switch from Office 365 to WLM? Nowadays, Office 365/OWA is one of the most leading email clients among a large range of individuals. Because of the of multiple cloud features provided by Microsoft Outlook 365/OWA, most of the business users are turning their way towards the cloud. But, this cloud application is very cost effective as it is a subscription plan. Due to these cost and maintenance problems, there are some users who want to transfer emails from Office 365 suite. In this blog, we will discuss several issues with OWA account and the easiest way to move Office 365 to EML.

What EML is?

EML file is a standard file format which stores single e-mail messages. This single message file consists of a header and the main body. The header contains the e-mail address of a sender & a recipient and a subject with the message's time and date. This file format scans, archive or stores the data files as well as malware.
Being a standard file format, it can be accessed in most of the platforms like Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook 2016, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, Novell GroupWise, Internet Explorer, etc.

Reasons to Switch from Office 365 to Windows Live Mail

Microsoft OWA users have to face different problems every day while accessing such files, which annoy them. Some of the frequently observed queries include:

" Please convey an efficient Outlook 365 to Live Mail migration tool so that can easily transfer Office 365 emails to EML file format. "

" I have recently purchased the licensed version of MS Office 365, but now I want to know that this edition must be renewed occasionally.
At the same time, I cannot afford this service but I do not want to lose my existing files.
Kindly recommend me an efficient migration solution to transfer Office 365 to Windows Live Mail that is free of cost. "

" My employees are using Microsoft OWA accounts at their workplace. But now, I want to move all the Outlook 365 accounts to WLM.
Is there any relevant method to switch from Office 365 to Windows Live Mail? "

Purpose to Migrate Emails From Office 365

While working with the email application, generally Outlook 365 users have faced certain complications. As a result, they start to find out the alternatives to Office 365 suite, which can offer a better platform and efficient service. Usually, the search becomes stop at WLM that provides a free service and multiple features. Some of the factors that have given the reasons to add Office 365 account data to Windows Live Mail are discussed below:

  • Performance-Related Issues
  • All of sudden, Office 365 becomes too slow while retrieving the data and other emails as well. Therefore, the mailbox becomes unavailable for the users due to which most of the users preferred to search for a reliable application that can provide better results.

  • Synchronization Failure on Devices
  • The users find out difficult to synchronize their MS Office 365 suite on Outlook Web App or smartphones. Due to synchronization issues and hindrance, users have to search for an application that can be synced easily.

  • Due to Licensed/Paid Services
  • Office 365 application provides licensed service for all varieties of accounts; therefore multiple amounts of users failed to afford the renewal cost. As a result, they need to switch to another free email clients.

Method to Import Office 365 Emails to Windows Live Mail

Well, there is no direct method to transfer O365 emails to WLM hence it's better to go for a reliable Office 365 backup software. The utility easily exports Office 365 account data to EML file format.
With the help of the utility, users can always access Office 365 mailbox to EML file, most important thing to be noted is also can save Exchange Online emails, contacts, calendars entries selected during the migration process.
It offers complete conversion of Outlook 365 mailbox to WLM along with emails, contacts & calendars. Another facility like Date filters, naming convention and much more are embedded inside the application.

The users who wish to export/move emails from Office 365 to Windows Live Mail using archiving utility. Once the software is installed, users can follow the given steps:
  1. 1. First of all, Install & Download the utility and double click to execute.
  2. 2. After this, provide the login credentials for Microsoft Office 365 suite.
  3. 3. Then, choose the mailbox items, which need to be migrated to Windows Live Mail.
  4. 4. Next, Browse the desired location at which the resultant files need to be stored.
  5. 5. Under Select Email Format, now choose the EML format to save the files in it.
  6. 6. Finally, within few moments the process of Office 365 mailbox to EML conversion has finished. Users will get the notification message of completion successfully.
  7. Now, users can easily access their mailboxes in Windows Live Mail by importing all the emails in this application.


This blog has been written to help out Microsoft Exchange Online/OWA users who want to switch to WLM. However, any manual procedure is not possible to migrate Outlook 365 emails to EML thus an automated way has been explained above. The utility is used to import Office 365 to Windows Live Mail account with few easy steps. It makes users able to access Outlook Web Access mailbox offline.


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