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Import Outlook Express DBX files to Gmail using Gammo Tool

Reliable and Perfect Solution to Import DBX to Gmail Manually

DBX file format is mainly used by Outlook Express to store it's all mailbox data. Moreover, each folder in Outlook Express mailbox has its own DBX file. For example, the "Inbox" folder in Outlook Express has a single file named Inbox.dbx. The "Sent" mail folder will have a sent.dbx file. Apart from this, a DBX file can be easily copied to another location. This is useful when a user wants to transfer their emails to another computer or back up their email messages when needed. As everybody knows from Windows Vista, Outlook Express is not being in use by the users. It becomes outdated and many other email applications have taken its place. Also, most of the users want to migrate to cloud-based email application like Gmail to ensure data security. To overcome all these issues, one needs to import outlook express DBX files to Gmail. Thus, in this post, a manual approach to convert DBX to Gmail is covered that one can use without any issue.

Possible Ways to Migrate DBX to Gmail

Since there is no direct approach to import Outlook Express to Gmail account, one needs to perform the following two major steps to convert DBX to Gmail:
• Convert DBX file to intermediate file
• Upload your PST data file to Gmail with the help of GAMMO tool

Step #1 Convert DBX into PST

In order to convert Outlook Express DBX to PST, a user needs to have Windows Live Mail from Microsoft’s official website. The entire process has been broken down into following steps:

1. Inside Windows XP, locate the folder named Outlook Express. The default path is mentioned below:

C:>>Documents and Settings>>user name>>Local Settings>>Application Data>>Identities>>{Windows user identity number}>>Microsoft>>Outlook Express.

2. Next, Copy the Outlook Express folder from Windows XP to any location on your Windows Vista, 7,8 or 10.

3. Now, download Windows Essential 2012 and install it

4. After that, Start Live Mail. Then, go to File and choose Import messages.

5. Select the file format to import. Now, choose Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and click Next.

6. Click on the Browse button. Now, provide the path for Outlook Express folder. This will same as the one copied from Windows XP in step 2. Then click Next.

7. Next, Choose All folders to import entire emails from different folders. A user can also choose to import only Selected Folders. Later on, click Next.

8. Next, Go to File select Export messages. And then click on Email messages.

9. For mail format to export, select Microsoft Exchange and then click Next.

10. Go on to create new Outlook Profile or choose an existing one. Then, click OK. In the following image, a pre-existing profile is chosen.

11. Select the folder in the Outlook file structure where exported files from Live Mail need to be placed. After that, Click OK button

12. Finally, Configure the exported mail files with one of the existing PST files or click OK. Click on Finish on receiving the confirmation message.

After performing the above steps, Outlook Express files is saved in PST format. One can easily verify PST file by checking at the location selected in Step 11.

At times it becomes lengthy and difficult to complete all the manual steps. A user may encounter many errors or get stuck in the middle of the so many steps. Therefore, to overcome these limitations, there is an alternative third-party solution i.e. DBX converter. It is a simple and smart way to import Outlook Express DBX files to Gmail.

Step# 2: Import Intermediate File to Gmail with GAMMO Tool

The GAMMO (Google App Migration For Microsoft Outlook) application is a tool that can be used to upload data items from PST file and transfer it to Gmail. Once, DBX files have been converted to PST, following are the steps to import items to Gmail:

1. First, Download and Install GAMMO app from Google Website.

2. Log-in to the application after entering your Google Login credentials

3. Under the profile to migrate, select the From PST file >> Migrate all data

4. After that, Set the migration setting and select the data to import to Gmail account.

This ensures that all your data from PST file is uploaded into Gmail. Now you can access your Outlook Express files in Gmail.

Bottom Line

In this post, simple and easy steps to manually convert DBX to Gmail have been discussed. As there is no direct manual available to migrate DBX to Gmail, one can migrate DBX to intermediate file and then later on import PST file data items into Gmail using GAMMO tool to ultimately transfer DBX to Gmail. Moreover, an alternate method is also suggested to make the manual task simpler. If the aforementioned steps do not work perfectly, then an alternate solution can be approached such as DBX converter which can easily export DBX to Gmail by converting DBX files to intermediate Outlook PST.


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