Thursday, 23 November 2017

Convert Apple Mail to PDF File Format in an Effective Manner

There are many users those are looking for a solution to save emails from Apple Mail into a secure file format such as PDF. People are searching for methods to convert Apple Mail to PDF file format. But before discussing that, we must know about the email applications and file formats. The default email application which comes with Mac OS X is Apple Mail. The important thing that we must know is that it supports MBOX file format. It is the main file type used to save all the emails in Apple Mail or Mac Mail. It is a text file that stores all the emails in a concatenated manner.

Whereas, PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most preferred format to present and exchange documents. A unique advantage of using a PDF file format is that it is independent of any application, hardware or Operating Systems. It is a widely used format for data storage and data presentation. In the following article, we will discuss methods to print MBOX to PDF file format.

Why Do Users Need to Convert Apple Email to PDF?

There can be many reasons to convert emails from Mac Mail to a secured and portable file format like PDF. Some are listed:

  • 1. The integrity of the email is protected and all the contents of the email like the fonts, headings or the images remain same. That’s why it is better to convert Apple Mail to PDF.
  • 2. The PDF file format has a number of useful features that help a user to save and view the email messages in a structured manner.
    PDF documents are platform independent and can be accessed from any OS like Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • 3. The PDF files can be protected by the password which makes it safe from unauthorized users and hackers.

Manual Process to Convert Apple Mail to PDF

These are the following steps to export emails from Mac Mail to portable document format:

  1. 1. Open Apple Mail and select an email which you need to convert.
  2. 2. Double-click on it and open the email.
  3. 3. Go to the Print option from the Mail menu.
  4. 4. In this, click on PDF from the drop-down menu options and then select Save as PDF option.
  5. 5. Navigate to the location where the email is to be stored after the conversion to PDF process.
  6. 6. Type in the name in which the newly created PDF file is to be saved and click on Save.
  7. 7. The process of Apple Mail (MBOX) to PDF then gets successfully completed.

Some Limitations

There are few drawbacks of using manual procedures to convert Apple Mail to PDF as listed:

  • 1. Apple Mail client has to be installed on the Mac system. 
  • 2. If the user has shifted from Mac to Windows and wants to convert all the emails from Mac emails to PDF format, then it is not possible due to the MBOX file format being in Windows OS.
  • 3. It is a very tedious process to select email one at a time and then, convert that email to PDF file format.
  • 4. Also, the process of conversion takes too long time with serious efforts from the user.
  • 5. A non-technical person may find the process too cumbersome and hence there is an added risk that the emails may get altered or the data may get lost during the conversion process.

Superior Third-Party Software Tools

Looking at the drawbacks associated with the manual method, it is safely recommended that a reliable professional tool is sought to convert Apple Mail to PDF format. The MBOX Viewer Pro is an automated tool that helps a user to view his emails from Apple Mail along with its attachments. The best advantage of this software is that the supporting email client need not be installed to view the .mbox files. All the data items with item count are displayed by the software.


The Portable-Document-Format (PDF) provides data portability, security and integrity. So, it is highly recommended that the user should convert Apple Mail to PDF document. Thus, the email communication data remains safe without its integrity getting compromised. This blog deals with the manual method to export Apple emails to PDF file format. Also, it is recommended to try the third-party tool which gets the task done effectively and quickly.


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