Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Convert Encrypted NSF to PST file & View Emails in Outlook

IBM Notes is a standard email application which is basically a document-based database system. There are many reasons due to a user is unable to convert encrypted NSF to PST file to open Lotus Notes emails in MS Outlook. There is a requirement of technical assistance for performing the migration process. As the file is encrypted and secure, it becomes difficult for a user to move that emails to Outlook. So naturally, the users and the business enterprise looked for various alternatives that can help them to do such task. MS Outlook email client was rapidly adopted by the users due to its simplicity and efficient emailing capabilities. In the following article, we will discuss methods of opening Lotus Notes files in Outlook using effective techniques.

Difficulties Faced while Moving Secured NSF file to PST

Before the question of migration pops up, there are some extra queries that are needed to be solved. Some are:

  • 1. Converting NSF to PST: The users want some method where they can access Lotus Notes emails in Microsoft Outlook. Here the problem is that the Outlook will not be able to comprehend the imported Lotus Notes NSF file because for the reason that Outlook supports PST file format. So, in order to make Lotus Notes readable in Outlook, a user needs to convert them into PST files. 
  • 2. Converting an Encrypted NSF File: One more difficulty, the users will face is when the NSF file is encrypted. So the query that arises is if there is any method to decrypt encrypted NSF files of Lotus Notes.

Understanding Lotus Notes Password Mechanism

To convert encrypted NSF to PST, it is important to know about the mechanism on which encryption of NSF emails varies. Lotus Notes has its authentication process performed by the use of a private key and this is stored in the Notes ID file. Only when a valid password is entered, then this key become visible which decrypts the file. When these keys are added to the list of valid readers, then the users can access the key and then one can decrypt the NSF file contents that were encrypted. So in a nutshell, if the user wants to access NSF files, then he needs to know two things:

  • 1. Copy of the Notes ID file
  • 2. Password for that Notes ID file

Manual Methods to Convert Encrypted NSF to PST

The security feature in Lotus Notes is so strong that there is no simple manual method to unlock Lotus Notes files. Also, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook does not provide any supplementary applications wherein the conversion process can be supported. Some of the versions support the manual conversion process, which can be performed in two steps:

- To Export Lotus Notes Data

  • 1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes application on your system.
  • 2. Open the required NSF database file by clicking on the Open button.
  • 3. Go to Menu bar -> File -> Export.
  • 4. Select the location for the file on the Export wizard
  • 5. Click on Save as Type and select Comma Separated Value or Structured Text.
  • 6. Click on the Export option after typing the file name.

- To Import the Data to Microsoft Outlook

  • 1. Launch Microsoft Outlook application on your computer.
  • 2. Click on File menu -> Open -> Import.
  • 3. Select Import from another program or file on the Import and Export Wizard and click Next.
  • 4. When choosing the format, select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and Next.
  • 5. Browse for the file created in the first process, and click Next.
  • 6. Then, select a destination folder to import the data.
  • 7. After that, click Next.
  • 8. Now, wait till the importing process is completed.
  • 9. Finally, click Finish to complete the migration process.
  • 10. Thus the NSF files can be accessed in MS Outlook.

Automated Solution for NSF to PST Migration

Usually, all such manual methods have their own drawbacks regarding the encryption and the complexity of conversion. Also, technical expertise is required to convert encrypted NSF to PST file. The conversion from Lotus Notes NSF file to Microsoft Outlook PST file can be done by the use of the third-party tool like NSF to PST Converter. This professional tool requires that the user punches in the password during the conversion process so that one can easily access them in Outlook PST file format.

Summing Up

In this article, we have dealt with the reasons why the security feature of Lotus Notes is strong and hence, the manual method for conversion of Notes NSF file into Outlook PST file is not that good for proper migration of data. One may lose data while performing conversion process. Also, this blog suggests the use of automated tools to convert encrypted NSF to PST and make the secured NSF files accessible through Microsoft Outlook.


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