Thursday, 4 October 2018

Tricks to Migrate Data from Google Drive to OneDrive Step by Step

The article focuses upon the solutions to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive account. Each and every manual procedure is suggested with screenshots, which helps one in carrying out the process in an easy way.

The procedure to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for Business means to combine OneDrive and Google Drive files. Many astonishing features of MS OneDrive forces enterprise users to shift towards it. So, here we are providing all possible manual measure through which one will be able to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive task.

Solution #1: Download and Upload Files One-by-One

1. Open Gmail and then enter credentials of your Google drive account.

2. A Gmail account page gets opened in which you have to click on Google Apps icon and select Drive from the list.

3. Select anyone of the listed file, which you want to move in OneDrive account. Remember that you can choose only one G Drive file or folder while working with this measure.

4. Click on More actions icon where you have to select Download from displayed menu.

5. The chosen file or folder starts downloading on your machine whose total time consumed is dependent upon the amount of data to be downloaded.

6. Now logout from your Google drive account and open the official page of OneDrive for Business.

7. Enter the email id and password of targeted OneDrive for Business account and click on Sign In button. This will continue procedure to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for Business.

8. In the OneDrive page, click on Upload button. This step is just going to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

9. From the drop-down list, either click on Files if you have downloaded files from G Drive or click on Folder if you have downloaded Google drive folder.

10. Move towards the location where data is downloaded from Google drive account. Select this and click on Open button. Here, select only one file or folder at a time.

11. Finally, your file/folder gets uploaded to the destination OneDrive account. This will finish procedure to save Google DOC / CSV / PPT to OneDrive.

Solution #2: Backup G Drive Locally and Upload Folder

1. Open official page of Google takeout and look for a section named as Control your Content.

2. Click on Sign in and mention the credentials of Google Drive account. Now click on Next to continue procedure to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for business.

3. You will notice that different options appear in Control your Content section. Click on Create Archive.

4. Hit on Select All button to initially disable all the default options and enable only the G Drive button.

5. Click on Next to proceed with procedure to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive.

6. A new web page opens in which you have to explore Delivery method button and choose to Send Download link via email option.

7. Click on Create archive button for continuing means to combine OneDrive and Google Drive.

8. Google takeout starts archiving Drive items, which takes time according to the amount of data to be downloaded.

9. When you find that archive is successfully created, click on Google Apps icon and choose Mail from the list.

10. Click on the email, which is provided by Google takeout and then, click on the link provided to download archive file. Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive by enabling internet to save this archived file on the local machine.

11. Once the ZIP files successfully gets downloaded on your system, extract it on any location of your machine.

12. Now upload the extracted folder of ZIP file in targeted OneDrive account and hence, completion of your procedure.

Solution #3: Directly Migrate Files from Google Drive to OneDrive via Google Takeout

This approach is not applicable for business users. Only the normal OneDrive users will be able to utilize this measure. If they try to utilize business account then, their id might get blocked due to unusual attempts.

1. Click on link and then, hit on Sign in button of Control Your Content section.

2. Enter the required credentials of G Drive account and click on Next.

3. From the displayed list of options, click on Create Archive. This will initiate procedure to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive.

4. Different Gmail account mailboxes appear in front of you. Here, select only the Drive mailbox and click Next.

5. Expand the Delivery method menu and select Add to OneDrive option.

6. Click on Link Account and Create Archive button to continue procedure to save Google DOC / PPT / CSV to OneDrive in a collective manner.

7. Enter the email address of OneDrive account where data is to be moved. Click on Next to continue combining G Drive and OneDrive.

8. Mention the password of same OneDrive account and hit Sign In.

9. Here begins the procedure of downloading items from Google drive account. This may consume a long time because it is dependent totally upon the amount of data.

10. Go to the account login page of OneDrive and open the targeted account.

11. Download the ZIP file, which is recently created in OneDrive account via Google takeout.

12. After few hours, the ZIP file gets downloaded on your system where you have extract files from it. Once, you are one with this upload all the files in the destination OneDrive account.


It is not as much difficult to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for Business. However, still, if someone is facing any problem or error while executing these steps then, they can opt for third-party utilities available in the digital market. These will help in moving data from G Drive to OneDrive in a hassle-free manner.


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