Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Convert Mulberry Mails to Outlook - One Click Process to Access Mulberry Mails

Mulberry is an open source email client available for Mac, Windows and Linux OS. Mulberry email client is basically a desktop based email client which supports various internet standards like LDAP, IMAP etc. It firstly was developed for Apple Macintosh and then enlarged for Windows and Linux too. It contains folders like iCalendar, contact detail along with emails.

Where the issue begins?

As Mulberry is desktop based email client too seems it works offline too but still Mulberry’s future is not yet consoled by the developers. The lacking features of Mulberry spotted when it is the case of spam filtering as it is not able to filter out spam emails from user’s mailbox keenly, missing User-friendly UI environment. These points lack Mulberry behind of other desktop based email clients.
Obvious MS Outlook is the widest used desktop based email client which is secure and reliable. Meanwhile I am discussing about the fact that Mulberry mail account holder if want to convert Mulberry to Outlook, how will this conversion takes place?

Convert Mulberry Mails to Outlook

Mulberry appends MBX file format in its mail files as default file format. MBX is an email extension file format like MBOX.

Please note that MBX format & MBOX file format, as Google takes them both identical so it is not a big issue just “Lil Techie Things”. But for your suitability you can rename the MBX format with MBOX format.

MBX mail files are stored in your system locally more precisely. 

This MBOX/MBX format is inaccessible if you want to convert Mulberry mailbox to Outlook. But wait I have a solution for you. Let me introduce you with the MBOX to PST converter software which convert “Mulberry Mails to Outlook”.

Mulberry Mails to Outlook converter works in few simple steps.

Step-1 :- Add MBX file from your system database where the Mulberry .mbx email files are stored by clicking Add file .

Step2 :- Choose the MBOX file format to start the conversion.

Step-3: - Select path of your mailbox file. Path is mentioned above

By clicking on Process, the conversion starts and within few minutes your Mulberry mails are converted into Outlook completely.

Step -4: - View your all Mulberry mail files.

Step-5: - User is provided with the option of Export to PST also. 

Step-6:- Import Mulberry mails into Outlook.

Note: You can import your MBX file converted into Outlook data file(.pst) by clicking Open Outlook Data File in MS outlook. But What if you have not installed MS Outlook? Then read the above description for solution.

About Mulberry to Outlook Conversion

The tool to convert Mulberry to Outlook is a standalone tool which means you can simply view your converted Mails without installation of email clients at both end. How is it possible? Well I know such confusions are genuine and for the clearance try demo version of Mulberry to Outlook conversion tool free Click Here.

This is very powerful & reliable tool comes along with export option into various different formats apart from PST for example like PDF, RTF, NSF, EML etc., in its Pro version. Hence If you want to migrate from your old mail client and worried about files accessibility, corruption, file loss etc., don’t bother or waste your time for looking over web when you have this Mulberry to Outlook conversion tool at free of cost.

Note: - MS Outlook installation is NOT required for Mulberry to Outlook converter.


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