Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Convert Yahoo Mail to Outlook - Technique to access Yahoo Mails locally

Let’s begin with brief Introduction

Yahoo Mail is a web-based email service. Explaining further Yahoo is the third most used online-emailing application/utility. It is a free service here user login with its personal account just assume it like the Gmail, Hotmail etc., mail clients.

A web based email-client needed 24-hour internet connection to read, view & open mails, contacts, attachments, drafts & other utilities provided. Hence most of the user migrate or prefer desktop based email clients for ease in accessing the mail and other utilities anytime locally too.

Outlook is a well-known desktop-based email client developed by Microsoft. As we know that talking about migration is easy but real migration from one mail client to another creates many serious issues.

Issues created while Converting Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Users which are using Yahoo mail must have faced these common issues with the UI, layout and user ability which causes inaccessibility to mailing utility means user can’t access their email messages most of the time. These issues are technical & server error including lack of tech-support leaves user with the only option to convert Yahoo mail to Outlook.

Now the question arises, How this Conversion of Yahoo mail into Outlook will be performed?
User always scared of these words migration, conversion, restoring because all these functions head towards data loss or the idea of data loss. However, the mentioned information definitely clears out this hypothetical issue, and make the “Yahoo Mails to Outlook conversion” process easier.

How to Convert Yahoo Mails to Outlook?

Migrating Yahoo Mail to Outlook sounds a bit hectic but with this Convert Yahoo mail to Outlook tool it will be a few clicks solution. Click here for Free Trial

Step -1: Login

This tool makes you to login to your Yahoo account first.

Step -2: Convert into Outlook PST format

After login the tool will let you choose the PST format for conversion. Note that the Yahoo mail to Outlook conversion tool also allowing you to choose destination path of your own choice, just to make the location easily find-able by user.

Step-3: Process Starts

After clicking “Start”, the tool starts the process of backing up your Yahoo mail for the conversion. This Yahoo mail conversion tool keeps each folder’s backup without skipping the trash even.

Step-4: Export to PST

Your conversion of Yahoo mail to Outlook is completed and now you can easily export Yahoo mail into Outlook.

 Your converted Yahoo mails into PST are shown in the screen below

 Well by the ease you are able to see, open, read folder of Yahoo mail to Outlook. Hence, overall you have now a copy of your Yahoo email database at your system locally, which means the problem of regular connection with server and its related issues are resolved by this tool to Convert Yahoo mail to Outlook.

Summing up - The tool to Convert Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Well as the working process is easy for you from above screens, I will sum up the features also that it is a standalone application hence does not need the Yahoo environment to backup & convert your data. Moreover, multiple export formats provided according to your need in its full version. Quick, light-weighted and useful tool to Convert Yahoo mail to Outlook, which I recommend to every Yahoo user.

Note: - Your machine needed Outlook installation in your system to export Yahoo mail to PST format.


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