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Convert Gmail to Outlook - One Click Solution to get All Mails at Same Place


We are well aware of the email clients present this time in the market but Are we seriously aware about their merits/demerits? No, I know most of us are aware about everything but lack a little technicality of email clients.

We are using number of emails accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc., but most of the user prefer Gmail. It is so because of the features Google provide to us within Gmail & yeah it is also most popular trending mail account too. As we have two kinds of email clients: -

Web based email client 
Desktop based email client 

User often get tired of managing multiple accounts and want to switch to a single mail account or moreover single mail storage. Hence user prefer to convert their Gmail account into outlook. But why Outlook? It will be clear with the underwritten topics.

About Google Mail (Gmail)

Gmail is a web-based email account. Although Gmail comes with so many features but it lack some of the features too. User is only able to see the live view of his mails, contacts and other personal information but the backup is not available to user. Gmail keeps the backup in its server, until it’s not deleted permanently user can retrieve the backup but once it is deleted permanently from trash, user will not be able to retrieve them back. Moreover, Gmail allows live internet connection to view the mails, contacts, attachments etc., and there where the trouble starts.

About MS Outlook

Outlook is also a mail client developed by Microsoft. Outlook unlike Gmail is a desktop based locally accessible mail client. Outlook overcomes the issues of Gmail like having internet connection to view and open the mails & attachments, secondly Outlook allows you to keep backup of your mails and every of your data belongs to Outlook in a separate location inside your drives. Outlook uses PST file format to store data while gmail is a server based mail client hence can’t be accessed locally.

How to convert Gmail Data to Outlook?

Now the question arises if you want to convert Gmail to Outlook, How will you perform this conversion? Will you be able to convert Gmail INBOX, Draft, Sent, Contacts etc. to Outlook without losing any single bit of data? All these queries of user troubles to choose a better solution.
Nevertheless, If Solution is here so why to worry! Yes, you can open gmail mail in outlook just by performing a simple Gmail to Outlook conversion.


Steps to Convert Gmail Mails into Outlook?

It is preferable to go with the automatic conversion rather than manual conversion. Here you can perform automatic Gmail to Outlook conversion without a single manual action. The One-click conversion of your Gmail emails into Outlook setup just in few simple steps. Click here for Demo


Login with your existing Gmail account
Once you logged in from your Gmail account this Gmail email to outlook converter tool fetches your data and detects each and every details of your account automatically.


Then you will be redirected to your browser for authentication as it maintains your account confidentiality completely.


 After completion of authentication process you will be redirected to convert Gmail to outlook tool automatically.
There you can see whole backup log of your emails, contacts, documents, calendar etc. You are provided with Outlook PST formats to convert your Gmail emails. You can see it in below screenshot easily.


After selecting output location i.e. Outlook file format the backing up of gmail data starts and it is very quick that within few minutes it is done (provided, your internet connection should be fast).


Now the major session starts where you can easily export the saved Outlook data by importing the PST file in your MS Outlook. And your saved data automatically get opened in your outlook mail utility.

You can see in the above screenshot the account holder Gmail data converted into outlook file format. At last you can now view, open or even can delete your inbox from the gmail because now you have Gmail to Outlook converter tool and your data is under safe hands.


 Now you can Check your Gmail data into Outlook. 


Gmail Conversion Tool Summary

The tool to convert Gmail to Outlook convert is a utility, which simply converts your Gmail mails into PST file and makes them more easily accessible and safe even when you are locally connected to Outlook. Moreover, additional features like Filtering of mails, Support to multiuser backup, pause and resume of live download makes it the widely used Gmail to PST converter.

Gmail to Outlook Converter Vs   Manual Conversion

Risk of data loss – Manual method are still not accurate hence risk of data loss is continued.

Time consuming – You have to perform several different steps if you are manually doing this conversion rather than auto conversion. However, during manual conversion you have to deal with several issues/bugs also.

Gmail mails will often lose their SMTP header while converting manually to Outlook.

Manual conversion needs end user to be presented at whole time, which is totally boring and waste of time.

Hence It is clear that this Convert Gmail to Outlook Tool saves you completely from these all issues and yeah, it is worthy time-saver Tool too.
Note: - Outlook must be Installed and configured in your system.This convert Gmail to Outlook tool only supports Gmail domain for the conversion purpose.


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