Friday, 4 August 2017

Apple Mail to Thunderbird: Export Mac Mail Emails to Mozilla Email Client

The Apple Mail email client is one of the most commonly used email client by Apple users around the world. But Mozilla has developed an email application with more advanced features which support different platforms. Now Mac users are exclusively searching for an option to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird. Both supports MBOX format file to save all data items. But there is no any direct ways available to export Mac Mail emails to Mozilla email client. There are many free tools available that help the user to import their MBOX data but still, they are not reliable to use.

Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss the simplest way to convert Apple Mail contacts and emails to Thunderbird. Also, suggested one commercial approach through which the users can perform the migration in a proper way.

Reason To Switch From Apple Mail Emails to Mozilla Thunderbird

“Recently, I am using Mac Mail for emailing on the machine. But, due to some maintenance issues in account, now it's very difficult to manage my all messages in it. This is the main reason due to which I want to transfer my entire data in Mozilla email account Can anyone suggest me the suitable solution to import Apple Mail .mbox to Thunderbird email application?”

This is one of the commonly searched query by the Apple Mail users. Because Mozilla account is the most popular desktop email client, which is totally free to use. It offers lots of advanced features that attract all the users towards it. That's why many users are looking for the relevant method to move Mac Mail emails to Mac Os and Windows OS.

Workarounds to Transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird

As everyone knows that Mozilla account is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Therefore, the solution to migrate Mac Mail to Mozilla mailbox is also different for both platforms. And here we discuss how to import MBOX files into Thunderbird account on Windows OS automatically using a third party tool and on Mac OS manually. And the users can select these solution accordingly to their choice.

1. Export Emails from Apple Mail to Mozilla Email Account on Mac OS

  • - First, Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Mac desktop and then go to the three-line box from the RHS of the screen.
  • - From the displayed menu bar, choose Tools option and then click on Import option.
  • - Click on Mail option from the current screen and press on Next for further proceeding.
  • - After that, Select the option of Apple Mail from the wizard and then click on Next button.
  • - You can view the name of a folder with Apple Mail Import on the LHS of Mozilla mail client screen. This folder contains all emails in the mailbox.

The above-stated procedure is only applicable for the Mac users who has expert knowledge to perform migration of Apple Mail to Thunderbird. This same technique can be done easily using software also.

2. Move Mac Mail MBOX to Thunderbird on Windows OS

In order to transfer emails from Mac Mail mailbox to Mozilla email client for Windows machine in just a few clicks, the easiest solution is Thunderbird Import Wizard. With this software, one can easily convert their important emails from Apple Mail emails to Mozilla email client without any inconvenience. Apart from all this, let's discuss the advantages of the mentioned utility:

Benefits of Using Thunderbird Import Wizard:
  • > Allows to export unlimited number of .mbox files without any size limit.
  • > Apply Date-based filter to transfer selective emails from MBOX file.
  • > Move one or more MBOX file data items to Thunderbird in bulk.
  • > Permits to migrate .mbox messages along with their attachments.
  • > This product maintain the folder structure of MBOX even after the importing process.

Steps to Convert Apple Mail to Mozilla profile

  1. 1.Download and Install Thunderbird Import Wizard tool on your local machine.
  2. 2.Now choose Add File or Add Folders option to export the MBOX data files and opt the desired option accordingly.
  3. 3.After appending all files on it, this utility will preview all the MBOX file added within the software interface.
  4. 4.The program will provide all details i.e. size, emails, duration and status of Thunderbird MBOX File.
  5. 5.Finally choose the Import option to begin the method to convert MBOX files in Thunderbird mail client.

Let's Sum Up!

There are many users who have started to search for the relevant solution to transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird. As Mozilla account is supported by both Mac as well as Windows operating system, various methods are available to perform its conversions. So, we have explained the manual steps and automated method for performing migration from Mac MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac OS and Windows Operating system respectively. The suggested tool Thunderbird Import Wizard is trouble less solution for transferring MBOX file.


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