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Recover Deleted Emails from Entourage on Mac OS X

Learn How to Recover Deleted Emails from Entourage?

Are you also suffering from data loss situation in Entourage application? Are you looking for the solution for retrieving deleted mails from entourage? If yes, then there is no need to panic because there is an easy and simple solution is available over here.

In today modern era, everyone required a fast communication. However, emails are also one of the fastest means of communication. It offers a fast & secure way to transfer data. Microsoft Entourage for Mac is one of the popular email application used by the Mac OS users for exchange emails. It stores a large number of emails, contacts, notes, images and etc. In this application, a user can save a different type of data, RGE file extension is used and kept separately. This will fasten the accessibility of file in Entourage. Like other email clients, Mac Entourage also stores important data at one place. Sometimes to free up space on Entourage, users might delete all useless emails (Junk Emails). But, it becomes the big disaster when a user deletes some important emails also with them. However, a user needs to suffer from a data loss situation. Therefore, we have discussed both manual and professional solution to recover deleted emails from Entourage. The professional solution is obtained as by use of convert Mac MBOX to PST. Both of them will help users in getting access back to their important emails.

How Emails from Entourage Get Deleted?

There can be many reasons that can badly affect the Entourage database and results in data loss. As there are several causes but most common causes are mentioned below:

• Corruption in RGE file of Entourage also leads to data loss.
• If the identity of database gets corrupted or damaged.
• It can be due to improper synchronization of data.
• Due to accidentally deleted emails or other data from your Dive.
• If there is a damaged or corrupt file system.
• It can also be possible because of application malfunctions.
• Another major cause of data loss is a bad virus attack.
Abnormal termination of Entourage application can also be the reason.

    As because of above scenario user get in trouble and they are forced to recover deleted emails from Entourage to regain it.

    Commonly Encountered Error Message by MS Entourage Users

    • Mac Entourage fails to respond.
    • Database is Damaged.
    • An unknown error has occurred while rebuilding Entourage database.
    • Permission denied to open database.
    • Unable to send or receive mail.
    • Unable to open Entourage.
    • Action could not be completed at this moment.

      If users faced any of these error messages on the display screen, then one must be careful. It is because any type of further file deletion or any careless use of Mac machine can delete emails from Entourage permanently. So due to this users need to recover deleted emails from Entourage.

      Method to Restore Deleted Mails from Entourage Manually

      Mac Entourage is an email client, which designed specially to send and receive several types of emails & attachment files. However, in some circumstances, users receive some emails from other sources, which get removed or deleted. After deletion of emails from MS Entourage application, a user will see that inbox mail is not displayed in the system and treat as a new user. Therefore, to overcome this situation, Time machine backup is the only solution to get deleted emails back manually. Now, to recover deleted emails from Entourage using Time machine, follow the steps mentioned below:

      Steps to Retrieving Deleted Mails from Entourage

       • First, choose the Finder option from the dock
       • Then, select Application folder → run the Time Machine
       • After that, a Single finder window will be displayed & desktop is animated off screen
       • Next, you need to clickMS User Data
       • Now, Office IdentitiesMain Identity option
       • Look for the date on which you require backup
       • After that, click Database file Restore option
       • Now, grant permission to Time Machine to backup file
       • As the process completed successfully, a message will pop-up on the screen.

          Point to Remember: If time machine backup is not enabled on the system at the time of deletion of Entourage emails, then the user is not able to restore emails manually and so retrieving deleted mails from Entourage will be a head-burn.

          Automated Solution to Recover Deleted Emails from Entourage

          If there is any deletion of important emails from the mailbox, a user may encounter several problems. Therefore, many of the users are continuously searching for the solution to recover lost mails from Entourage. Considering the requirement of users, a manual procedure of how to recover deleted emails from Entourage is discussed. However, the manual method is not at all foolproof solution, it has some limitations. Thus, in order to have a guaranteed solution, a user is advised to use a professional solution by SysTools. This tool is designed in such a way that it first restore deleted Mails/items from Entourage and after that export it to PST format.


          The above section shows that how the Entourage Emails get deleted and the problems faced by the users. The data get deleted by human mistake and through some other ways. And it is really necessary that to restore the whole deleted items so that we could recover deleted emails from Entourage. To do this we have mentioned two main approaches one is the manual procedure and the other is the third party tool that is the Entourage to Outlook Converter. Which can be used by eliminating all the drawbacks of the manual method as by retrieving deleted mails from Entourage.


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