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Export Apple Mail to EML File Format in Systematic Manner

Apple Mail stores data in MBOX file format. This file can be used in multiple email clients for Mac. In EML files, the email messages are separately stored in individual files. As far as the attachments are concerned, they are saved either in the same file or in a separate file in the form of MIME content. Since EML consists of plain text and formatted text, they can be easily opened in Mozilla Firefox and Opera. There are many times when the users tend to export Apple Mail to EML. This migration can be a result of certain issues with Apple Mail. There are both manual and automated solutions available with the help of which an Apple Mail user can migrate to another email client. In this article, we have described manual methods and also third party solution that is "Mac MBOX Converter" for the migration process.

Reasons to Convert Mac Mail to EML format on Mac

As the management of data is important, therefore, most of the time the need arises in front of users where they need to backup Mac Mail data in EML file format. Apple mail is the email application included with Mac OS X. Some of the major issues with Apple Mail are:

  • • The messages sent from the Apple Mail are sent in plain text automatically. Thus, it leads to a change in the original format of the message and will not be sent in the original format unless it is manually RTF formatted. So the process to migrate Mac Mail emails to EML is needed.
  • • The users which upgraded from the previous version of Mac emails to new version faced some issues with IMAP client implementation. This issue is reported to arise when PASSWORD is set as the authentication in preferences of Apple Mail.

Techniques to Export Apple Mail to EML File Format

Method 1:
One of the basic methods that can be lead to the conversion from Mac Mail emails to EML is the desire of the user to access Mac OS X data in a different email client which supports EML format. Let us consider a procedure in which the user wants to share his Apple Mail database. However, the problem is that the other user does not possess Apple Mail but Windows Live Mail. Since Apple Mail format is not supported in any other email client, therefore the only option left is to convert the Mac Mail file into a format that WLM supports. Here comes the EML format. The data converted during the process export Apple Mail to EML file can easily be accessed in Windows Live Mail. Moreover, the format can be further deployed and the data can be accessed on other platforms.

Method 2:
Step 1: Open Apple Mail in your machine to move Mac Mail emails to EML file format.
Step 2: Now, select the mail from the mailbox
Step 3: Now, drag and drop that email on the desktop.
Step 4: Once it is dropped, then it is stored in .eml file format.

The manual methods to export Apple Mail to EML file format having some limitations in which It is time-consuming method because one can move only single EML file at a time. In short, bulk conversion of data is not possible with this second manual method.

Method 3:
To overcome the issues faced by the manual methods there is a software SysTools Mac MBOX Converter. It is one of the best software designed to export Apple Mail to EML file formats. The tool is operable on all Mac OS X versions to perform the data conversion. To know more about this tool go through the following lines

Salient features of Mac MBOX Converter as listed below :
  • • Support to all available Mac OS X 10.10 and later versions to perform the process to transfer Mac Mail to Email Message file.
  • • The software maintains an integrated structure of emails after the conversion process.
  • • The tool maintains the Inline Images & HTML Formatting in Email Body.
  • • No file size limitation is inflicted by the utility to migrate the data from Mac Mail to Email message format.
  • • The tool export multiple emails into individual EML file type separately.


Export Apple Mail to EML format is not an easy procedure as it seems. This is because both the email clients support different file formats. Therefore, the only one thing that can be done is the conversion of Mac mail data to EML file format. For doing this, we can either take help of manual or third party applications. Since because of the limitations of manual methods, It is preferred to use the third-party tool as it is simple and the efficient way to get the accurate result.


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