Thursday, 21 December 2017

How to Convert EML Files to PDF Format in a Simple Way

EML is a file extension that is basically used for storing emails. It is supported by a number of email clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express etc. The EML file stores content of the message including attachments, which are sent by the sender. Apart from all this, EML files are mainly stored in the plain text format. In Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird, a user can get .eml file very easily simply by dragging the email and saving it any location.

On the other hand, PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is a standard file format that is mainly used to store and exchange of data mainly over the internet. However, it is an independent file format, so a user can easily access it anywhere without any dependency. Moreover, PDF is recognized as a compatible, simple and secured format for document storage. However, if a user wants to access the EML files without any email application, then he can convert it to PDF file format and access it anywhere. Now, the question arises how to convert EML files to PDF format. So, after considering the requirement of the users, we have discussed both manual and professional solutions in this blog to save EML as PDF.

Need to Export EML to PDF Format

There are several reasons due to which a user needs to convert EML messages to PDF format. Some of the major reasons are discussed below:

  • 1. EML files can be read only with the help of different email clients. However, if a user does not have EML supporting email clients, then conversion of EML files to PDF is beneficial. It is because PDF can be accessed from any platform or device. It does not require any email client.
  • 2. PDF format guarantees better security than EML format. EML files are vulnerable to any misuse and unauthorized access. On the other hand, PDF prohibits any kind of unapproved access. A user can set any password also to protect their important data. Moreover, one can apply some restriction also to prevent users from making changes to the data. Hence, for the security purpose also, conversion of EML files to PDF is necessary.
  • 3. PDF document is considered legally admissible in court because of its security. To use the emails stored in EML format as forensic evidence, legal document and business report, conversion of EML to PDF is necessary.
  • 4. PDF is always preferred for its cross-platform and cross-device compatibility. PDF files can be opened on any device. Thus, to avail al such benefits, users want to perform EML to PDF conversion.  

How to Convert EML Files to PDF Manually?

After understanding the reasons behind EML to PDF conversion, its time to convert EML to PDF format. Now, to do this using manual method, follow the steps listed below:

  1. 1. First, select the EML file that you want to convert, and right-click on it.
  2. 2. After that, choose Open with MS Word option.
  3. 3. Then, click on the Office button and choose Save As option
  4. 4. Now, select Save As PDF option and your file will be saved as PDF.

Limitations of Manual Method

The main limitation of the manual conversion of EML files to PDF is, only one file can be converted at a time by using this method. When a bulk of EML files are needed to be converted by this method, it has to be done one after another, but not simultaneously. As a result, the entire process becomes very time-consuming and hectic. Now, to overcome these limitations of the manual method, a user needs to look for some alternative solution.

Alternate Method for Conversion of EML Messages to PDF Document

There are some tools which can convert EML files to PDF. One of the most popular tools for converting EML to PDF is EML Viewer PRO. This is an amazing tool that will assist users not only to convert EML file to PDF format but also to view and search EML files easily. The most attractive feature of this tool is that it allows a user to convert EML files to PDF format in batch at once without any hassle. Here, are some other features of this software:

  • 1. Search the emails along with attachments by using any particular text
  • 2. Converts the EML files along with attachments to PDF for better portability
  • 3. Option to print EML files directly from the console
  • 4. Quickly scan and add EML file to generates an instant preview
  • 5. Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS.


The need of EML to PDF file conversion is increasing day by day so that a user can easily access emails without any email application dependency. Therefore, a complete manual solution to do the same is discussed above. However, it has some limitations, so a user is advised to switch to an alternate solution discussed above. It allows users to convert EML files to PDF in batch also without any hassle and saves lots of time.


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