Thursday, 21 December 2017

MailPro+ - Email Converter Tool to Export Emails from Various Clients

MailPro+ - Email Export Software to Convert Emails from Multiple Clients

Email data holds huge importance for a large number of users whether they are corporate users or home users. As the technology is upgrading at a great pace, most of the users have to switch their email applications to the latest ones. Moreover, most of the email clients use their own file types to store the mailbox data which means data of one application cannot be accessed in some other client. This means a user has to convert the file into some other file format. Migrating data to some other application using manual solution can cause data loss, so, we have come up with an email converter multi-utility tool using which users can export data from several email applications into 7 file formats.


MailPro+ is an all in one email converter multi-utility tool which can be used to read and export emails from several email clients. Users can also migrate the emails from multiple email clients into 7 file formats. The email converter software can easily read data of various email platforms and then export them into other file types. Users can first use it as freeware for testing purpose to ensure its working.

Developer SysTools Group
Functionality Read & Convert Data from Multiple Email Applications
Current Version 1.0
Size 31.8 MB
File Size Limitation No Size Limitation
Windows OS Supported Windows 10 & Other Below Versions

Proficient Features of Export Export Software

Process Different File Formats– The email conversion software is a multi-utility tool using which users can several email files at one time. It enables users to add files in single and bulk mode.
Multiple File Viewing Options – While using this MailPro+ email converter tool, users get the option to read email messages thoroughly in 9 preview modes. It allows users to view all the email properties in detail.
Deep Email Searching – The search feature of this application lets users filter out the important email messages from entire emails. It provides option to search emails using 9+ parameters which helps users to execute advance level scanning.
Several Export File Formats – The email converter multi-utility tool provides its users the option to transfer data in 7 file formats. It doesn’t matter if the data is added in bulk or not, the software will migrate data in file types such as PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML, TIFF and CSV.
Customized Export Options – Users can apply multiple export options depending on the needs of the user. The software enables users to maintain folder hierarchy, keep desired naming convention and exclude duplicate emails from the processed file.
Search For Files on Disk – The email converter pro software offers users to search files of selected type on the disk drive. It is useful in scenarios when users don’t where the files are stored on the drive.

Several Versions of Email Exporter Tool

The MailPro+ is available in two options for download:
Trial Version – If you want to get an overview of the software that how it works then you download the demo version of the software from the organization’s website. This version has some limitations but provides complete overview of the working of the application.
Licensed Version – After trying the trial version, users can then purchase the licensed version of the tool from the official website. This version does not put any restriction on the features of Email conversion software.

Pros & Cons of MailPro+

  • • Option to process email messages of multiple email clients
  • • Exports emails in 7 file formats
  • • Generates preview of messages in 9 view modes
  • • Deep level searching by applying 9+ parameters

  • • Does not support Mac OS
  • • Demo version only exports 50 items only

Observational Verdict

The MailPro+ email conversion tool is packed with a lot of advance features. Once you try the demo version of this software, you will realize that it fulfils all the conversion needs of the users. This is why it is also known as email converter multi-utility tool. Thus, after analyzing all the features and working, the software can be rated 9.8 out of 10. However, it is the best option if you ever want to convert emails from several email clients.


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