Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Effective Methods for Reading EML files Without Thunderbird

In this era of modern technology, every user wants flexibility in his/her work. One or another day, they want to switch their working platforms and that too in an error-free way. Similar is the condition with Mozilla Thunderbird users, who are looking for a solution for reading EML files without Thunderbird or without any dependency issue. It creates an obstacle when a person wishes to open and explore EML file data without an application. So, this segment will help such users in providing solutions to view EML format.

EML Files: Its a Need Among Users

The EML files belong to several applications like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Outlook Express, etc. It makes the email storage file more versatile, which is highly availed by a majority of end users. Below-mentioned queries of end users are illustrated, which makes it easy to understand about the need for viewing EML files without any application. The scenarios that are posted above were collected from different technical websites and forums.

“I am having a bulk of complaints from my end users because mail messages are forwarded them as attachments. I have attached 5-6 Thunderbird emails in a mail, which were having .eml extension. The receiver tries his best to read the file on web email client but, fails to open them. Is there any measure to open and read .eml data files?”

“I am using Gmail as an email client for mailing as well as personal storage management system. I am not in a habit of working with email programs like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Recently, I have got few emails, which comprises of EML files as an attachment. God knows what these files are! Can anyone recommend me a solution to read EML files?”

“I want to explore data of EML files, which I am having in my E drive of the machine. I am not having any supportive program with me that can be used to read .eml files. Actually, the fact is that I don’t know what are these files and all I currently came to know is that these are individual email message files. Well, that is not the matter of concern. Is someone present here, who can tell how can I open EML files?”

Solutions For Reading EML Files Without Thunderbird

The .eml files, which are saved on your local machine are not in working mode with any email client like Thunderbird. So, follow below instructions to view EML files:

1. Create a New Folder on your machine and copy all EML files within it. 

2. Double-click on the folder and click on View tab of Windows Explorer.

3. From the row filled with several options, check the checkbox of File Name Extensions.

4. At one time, click on one EML file and right-click on it. Choose Rename option from the list displayed in front of you.

5. Change the ‘.eml’ extension of the file with ‘.mht’ and then, press Enter.

6. A warning message box will appear in which you have to click on Yes. This will continue procedure of reading EML files without Thunderbird.

7. Finally, the EML file is saved in MHT format, which you open with any of the web browser of your system.

8. Repeat step (4) to (7) for all EML files that you want to view.

The provided technique explains the conversion of EML files into MHT file format. The .mht file is a Web page archive file, which includes applets, flash animations, images, etc., in the HTML documents. There is no doubt in the fact that the method for reading EML files without Thunderbird via MHT file is good but, it fails when attachments points strike in mind. If the EML file comprises of attachments within it then, they will not get displayed in this MHT file. For such scenario, here we introduce an absolutely free utility i.e., EML Viewer

EML Viewer: View Messages With Attachments

The program is a free and standalone solution to read EML files without any conversion technique. One just needs to browse a single .eml file or a folder having EML files for reading EML files without Thunderbird. EML Viewer software expands messages with all its technical properties and attachments too, which can be previewed by an individual. It also supports EML files having ‘noname.eml’ format and supports file of its creating applications.

Time to Sum Up

It is an anytime requirement of reading EML files without Thunderbird or any other email client. It is not mandatory that users must have any supportive application for them to view a particular file. Therefore, it is important to be aware from alternative to view .eml files with no supportive email programs. Users can choose any of the recommended measures as per their convenience and knowledge.


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