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Techniques to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google – Effortless Solution

In this fast-paced world, people have to deal with the number of devices and email accounts. For example, a person might be having a computer at home, a laptop in the office and a smartphone with them all the time. At the same time, it is required that the devices should remain synchronized to avoid any trouble in professional and personal life. As we all know that performing the task of synchronizing is very important for multiple device users, therefore, this blog will focus on how to transfer contacts from PST to AndroidWhoever is using an Android device might want to sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google.  Read this blog in detail to understand the procedure to perform this migration task. But, before discussing the solution, the need will be described in brief.

Necessity for Synchronization

Outlook has been developed by Microsoft to manage emails, contacts, calendar, etc. This is a desktop-based email client so all its data is stored within a single system. Suppose a user is having Outlook at home or office, and an Android device for personal use. The Outlook contacts have to be synced to Android device to access from anywhere. This difference between Operating Systems and between emails clients are the reason behind the need of synchronization. A related query is discussed below to understand the situation often faced by the people:

How can I sync my Outlook Contacts to Android by using Google? I use Outlook in my office but want to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google so that I can access them from anywhere, even when I am at home or on my way to the office. Is there any way by which I can do the synchronization?

This question explains that users are often in need of Syncing Outlook Contact book to Android via Google. This need can be met by using Google itself. This process is called the manual method, as all the steps have to be done by the user.

Techniques to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google

The entire process of Exporting Outlook Contacts to Android can be separated into three main parts. The complete guide of the manual technique is described here systematically.

Method 1: Using Google to Sync Outlook contacts with Android Tablet via Google

Exporting Outlook Contacts

1. Open Outlook and Click on File from the Menu and Click Open and Export. Now click Import/Export button to open the Import and Export Wizard.
2. On the Wizard, Select Export to a File and hit Next.
3. Select the option of Comma Separated Values and then click Next.
4. Under the heading of Personal Folder, click Contacts > Next
5. Click Browse to go to the location you want to save the converted contacts. Enter a file name and click OK> Next.
6. Click Finish to complete the migration of Outlook Contacts.

Importing to Gmail

1. Log on to your Gmail account from the computer.
2. Click on the Gmail on the top left to get a drop-down menu and click on Contacts from the options to open a new window.
3. Now, click on Import Contacts from the left side, another window will appear to let you select the CSV file.
4. Click on Choose File and select the CSV file you want to import here.
5. Now click Import button to finish the process.

Syncing the Android Device

After syncing to the Gmail account is done, it can be accessed from the Android devices also. If for any reason the syncing is not visible from the Android device, follow these steps:
1. Open Contacts.
2. Click on Menu button.
3. Now, Tap Accounts and then Tap into your Google account.
4. Click Menu again.
5. Then, Tap Sync Now. This should complete the whole process to sync Outlook contacts with Android via Google.

Disadvantages Of Manual Method

1. Time-taking Process: It is evident that the whole business of migrating Outlook Contact Group to Android devices is a time taking process.
2. Direct Involvement Required: During every step, the direct involvement of the user is needed.
3. User Needs Patience: To perform this systematic process, the user patience is necessary.

Method 2: Quick Solution to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google

If the user does not have time or patience to perform this procedure, they can easily opt for a quick and reliable solution. Using third-party tools is an option for performing the syncing operation. vCard Export Tool is a fantastic software that can conduct the synchronization easily without any continuous supervision. It transforms PST files to vCard quickly and effortlessly. It also bears the feature of previewing all attributes of Outlook Contacts in vCard format. For quick export of Outlook Contacts, this software provides a reliable solution.

Concluding Words

To stay updated in this world, people need to keep their devices synced. Just because a person is using different OS, does not mean that they are supposed to have issues with Address book syncing. To sync Outlook contacts with Android via Google is possible manually. However, it takes a lot of time, which many cannot afford with their busy lifestyle. For them, the best solution to synchronize Outlook contacts to Android is vCard Tool. This application does not only migrate Outlook Contacts to Android quickly, it saves your effort for performing the whole activity. By saving time and effort, this software offers a great help to all the professionals.


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