Sunday, 21 January 2018

How to Convert Office 365 Mailbox to Outlook PST Within Few DIY Steps

Office 365 suite is developed by Microsoft which embedded all Office applications in it. Office 365 is basically cannot installed in your local system although it resides on the server. Office 365 works totally on the server and provide cloud storage to save your work.
The cloud storage makes Office 365 beneficial for large database handling and also saves a lot of user’s system storage. User can easily save “n” size of documents in the cloud storage. Hence Office 365 is a new revolution in the field of Office suites developed by Microsoft.

Issue with Office 365

Overall Office 365 seems perfect Office suite but is not, at some points. User need an active internet connection every time to access Office 365 mailbox. May be it is possible that you are connected to server 24x7, but sometime there are issues like server malfunction or server down which makes you unable to access your Office 365 mailbox because Office 365 mailbox doesn’t work offline.
Another issue with Office 365 is you need to pay monthly or yearly subscription fee to access the cloud storage Office 365 account. Moreover, only an active account of Office 365 will allow you to access your Office 365 functions. Overall subscription is must to access Office 365 functionalities.
Moreover, some users are not so comfortable on using cloud technique as they are not so used to it. Hence a non-technical user faces a lot of issues with Office 365. Therefore, user want to migrate from Office 365 to Outlook desktop based email client.

Office 365 to Outlook

As you cannot access your Office 365 mailbox offline there is the need of migrating the email client catches light. Because user needed to access useful Office 365 documents anywhere anytime and depending upon web every time is not an option. User hereby switch his mail client to Outlook (most common desktop based mail client).

Convert Office 365 Mailbox to Outlook

Well you can easily convert Office 365 mailbox to PST but doing it manually is not a good idea. As manual conversion is not possible here because you have to deal with both server side and client side application hence better to try with some reliable Office 365 to Outlook converter tool.
The tool to convert Office 365 mailbox to Outlook is the one and only tool of its kind which provides complete migration from Office 365 account to Outlook.
With the help of the utility you can easily convert Office 365 to PST, most important thing to be noted is you can now access your Office 365 mailbox, contacts, calendars offline without any restriction of internet connection or subscription or any active Office 365 account.
It provides complete conversion of Office 365 mailbox to Outlook along with emails, contacts & calendars. Other options like Date filters and much more are also embedded inside the utility.

How to Convert Office 365 to Outlook PST?

To convert Office 365 mailbox to PST, you have to follow some simple DIY steps mentioned below:
1. Download Office 365 Export PST tool and double click to execute.
2. You will see the first screen asking for login in your Office 365 account.
3. After successful login the next screen ask you to convert office 365 mailbox to PST file format .
4. The Office 365 to Outlook migration tool also allows you to specify a local destination path for your converted Office 365 mailbox storage. Click browse option for this.
5. After specifying the destination location, proceed next by clicking on Start button.
6. The start option will start the process of saving the Office 365 mailboxes into local machine. You can see the live status too of the process.
7. Within few seconds the process of Office 365 mailbox to PST conversion completed. You will get acknowledge of completion.
8. The converted Office 365 mailbox to PST are stored in the location you specified. Now you can easily access your mailboxes by importing the PST file into Outlook.


The utility is used to Convert Office 365 mailbox to Outlook in few easy steps. It makes you able to access Office 365 mailbox offline. Moreover, you can convert Office 365 contacts, emails & calendar to PST file. After converting Office 365 mailboxes locally, you can access them from anywhere anytime locally. Powerful features of Office 365 to Outlook converter tool is the filter options provided like Date filter, naming convention specific folder selection etc. Additional export format EML also help for you to share.


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