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Export Emails to PDF from Outlook- Convert multiple PST to Adobe PDF

Convert PST to PDF -Export Outlook Calendars, Emails, Tasks to PDF Document

Microsoft Outlook has proved to be the most sought-after email client in the present age of Internet communication. End users, as well as IT professionals, use its several productive features to carry out communication seamlessly.
Apart from its useful set of features as a desktop email client, it also gives access to emails, tasks, contacts, schedule, calendars on the move through its Android app.

This makes it a highly preferred application for business as well non-business purposes.
Sometimes the user may want their important email messages, contacts, calendars and other data to be safe from being modified or misused in any way by any third person.

In addition to this, a need for saving the data in a more clear and readable form may also arise among Outlook users. In other words, users may feel the need to convert Outlook PST emails to PDF with attachments.PST to PDF conversion has been a popular query among people who use the MS Outlook email client on a daily basis.

Let us take an example of a user query-

"I am a regular MS Outlook user and I have a lot of emails saved in my account. To make them more portable and for printing purposes, I decided to convert Outlook PST folder to PDF but didn't find any reliable solution for the same. According to me, it will be the best option for keeping my selected emails in hard copy format and moving them from one place to another.Kindly provide a solution on how to convert Outlook PST data to PDF"

One such format that fulfils the above-mentioned needs is the PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF's have been quite successful at providing security of data contained within them.PDF files actually live up to their name as they can be accessed from any platform, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.Also, the well-designed layout of PDF files makes them easier to read and increases the clarity of content.
Hence the most suitable solution for this problem is to convert Outlook PST to PDF format. This article provides the manual steps to convert Outlook PST file to PDF.

Steps to Convert PST Emails With Attachments to Adobe PDF

To convert your PST file data into PDF Document form follow the simple steps-

  • Step 1: Download and install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Step 2: Open the Microsoft Outlook application and then click on Adobe PDF shown on the Menu bar.
  • Step 3: In the sub menu four tabs will be shown
    Use the first two tabs to convert multiple Outlook emails from PST into PDF file.
  • Step 4: The "Selected Messages" option will help to convert several email messages into a single PDF document.
    • From the options –"Create New"or"Append to Existing", choose the one according to your requirement
    • Right click on the message > Then click on "Convert to Adobe PDF"
    • Enter the name by which the resulting PDF file will be saved as.
    • Click on Save button.
    • The selected email will get saved into a PDF document with its Attachments embedded to the file if any.
  • Step 5: The "Selected Folders" option will help in conversion of the entire messages folder from Outlook PST to PDF format.

    • Firstly, collect and save all the email messages that you wish to migrate, in a single folder.
    • Click on the "Convert Selected Folders
    • Now, select the folder which has all the desired emails to initiate the process of conversion of Outlook PST to PDF.

The above steps will export emails to PDF from Outlook if they are performed correctly. When the process is finished, you can view the converted Outlook emails in the Adobe Acrobat Application. Thus the given method also resolves the query about how to view emails as PDF document. Your emails will still be the same content-wise, they will just be transformed into a PDF. All the attachments in the original emails will be displayed as hyperlinks.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • You need to have Adobe Acrobat as well as Microsoft Outlook installed and configured on your system to convert PST files to PDF.
  • There is no option of creating discrete PDF files for each of the email messages.
  • To do this, one needs to repeatedly perform conversion using the "Selected Messages" option.
  • The Attachments get embedded within the mail itself and they cannot be extracted separately.
  • The manual method is only possible with MS Outlook 2010 and above versions. So if you have lower versions of Outlook installed, this method isn't applicable to you to export emails to PDF from Outlook

Automated Solution For PST to PDF Conversion

For getting rid of the various limitations associated with the manual method to convert Outlook PST to PDF it is suggested that you go for a third party, automated tool such as the PST to PDF Converter
The Converter software provides the facility to create a separate PDF file for each email. You can convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF file format using the software. The tool is available as a demo version which allows users to convert PST to PDF free of cost. Also, the conversion does not require MS Outlook or Adobe Acrobat to be installed prior to the start of the process. All these and several other features make it a far more preferred option than the manual solution to convert Outlook PST to PDF.


The methods to transfer PST file data into PDF form can be either manual or automated. The manual methods are no doubt successful but they have certain shortcomings attached to them. To make the process easier and to perform quick conversion it is advised to make use of a third party tool which overcomes all the shortcomings of the manual approach.


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