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How to Merge Two Archive PST Files in Outlook 2016/13/10/07

Merge Two Archive PST Files: Expert Tips

Though Outlook happens to be the most preferred email client, it too has some kinds of drawbacks. A very big shortcoming in older Outlook’s versions was with the size limit for PST files. So, till the time data volume is well within this size limit, things work fine, but the minute the PST files breach the size limitation imposed upon them, problems like data corruption, lower performance, etc are seen to emerge. Appreciatively, this problem got resolved in the newer version of Outlook like Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. In these new versions, there is apparently no such size-bound related issues with PST files. But, now a new type of problem has taken birth. Users having older PST files created using any older Outlook version now are looking for ways that merge two archive PST files so that they can import all that data of multiple small files into one large PST file, which they can easily use with the newer Outlook version they are using.

Need to Merge PST files Outlook 2016

With advancements in Outlook’s feature set, PST files are no more bound by size limitation. So, users, who are having many small sized PST files that are older Outlook’s editions, are now searching on how to merge two archive PST files in outlook 2013 into one single file which can be easily used as one single data-entity with the new version of Outlook program.

Manual Method to Combine Multiple PST Files

If the need is on how to merge multiple pst files into one in outlook 2013, which can be used with the most recent versions of MS Outlook, then the steps of the manual procedure that are given underneath can be performed:

FIRST STEP: Creating fresh new blank PST file

For creating a totally new and blank PST file, as a first step to merge two archive PST files, the user can perform the following steps:
• In Outlook’s window, click New Items
• Then, More Items
• Then, Outlook-Data-File
• Now, the next step is to select some location for saving this new blank PST file
• Then, give a name
• Finally, click OK

SECOND STEP: Merge two archive PST files

To merge two PST files 2016 into this new PST file created now, the steps below can be followed:
• In Outlook’s window, click File
• Then, Open
• Then, Import
• This opens the Import-Export Wizard
• Now, you need to select Import-from-another-program-or-file
• After that, click Next
• Select file type as Outlook’s Data File (PST) for importing
• Now, again click Next
• Click Browse for locating the file that is required to be imported
• Check the box for Do-not-import-duplicates
• Click Next once again
• Now, select which folder is required to be imported
• And then, check the Include-subfolders-and-Import-items-into-the-same-folder-in-boxes
• Finally, click Finish to merge two archive PST files Outlook 2010

In this manual method to merge PST files, the steps mentioned above would help in importing PST file to the specified folder. For importing any other PST files too, do these steps for each one of them. Once all PST files are imported, the data contained inside those would combine multiple PST files to one single PST file. You can then export the resultant bigger PST file to any system for accessing all of your mailbox’s data.

A Quick and Simple Alternative that merge PST files outlook 2016

The above-given manual way on how to merge two archive PST files into one in outlook 2013 is easy to perform if done properly. But, the occurrence of errors also can’t be ruled out, which arise due to any wrong selections or due to some problems with the PST files only that the user is trying to merge. Moreover, for the user who is not that well-versed with this methodology and faces difficulty in understanding technical terms etc.; might find the method a little tricky. To resolve in such cases, third-party solutions can be choosen to merge multiple pst files into one in a reliable manner.

Final Clause

To merge two archive PST files to one single PST file is not that tough via the above mentioned manual way, but this should only be tried if you are very confident that you can perform the procedure efficiently by yourself. However, when in any kind of doubt, you must avoid all sorts of hassles and use a better, more reliable and much secure method that combine outlook pst files Outlook 2016 i.e. to use a good commercial tool like SysTools PST Merge.


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