Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ways to Import Turnpike Emails to Thunderbird Efficiently

There are various email client applications to satisfy the requirements of the normal users. As the needs changes from the client section, they switch to other application without any doubt. The most popular email client application used by the client side is the Mozilla Thunderbird. In addition, it is an open source and free of cost application to use. Therefore, whenever a user thinks of email migration, they go for Thunderbird most of the time. One such type of email client migration is Turnpike to Thunderbird Migration. However, both of the email application supports Mbox file format but the migration between the two is not so easy. It has become the common query among the users how to export Turnpike to Thunderbird. That is why, keeping the requirement of a user in mind, we have discussed a reliable and the best possible solution to perform Turnpike file to Thunderbird Migration.

“I have extracted Mbox file from the Turnpike email client as a backup file. Now, as I switched to a new laptop that has Thunderbird installed in it, so want to access the Turnpike mailbox data in that. Therefore, just want to know how can I import that backed up Mbox file to Thunderbird for Windows OS. If anyone out there knows any solution, then please let me know.”

There are email clients around the world who prefer the most functioned applications so at first the Turnpike was used heavily but later on it wasn’t that much good as the expectations of the client users do migrate from Turnpike to Thunderbird. Users won’t get used to the same operating system till the end so the application must be suited to all, here the demerits of the Turnpike that is: it won’t work with the Windows7 and so most probably the email client users turned to another client sections started to export Turnpike to Thunderbird. Mbox file format can be represented in a variety of format subtypes. However, the Berkeley subtype (.txt) is also one of them. It works same with other Mbox types, so a professional solution is required to import Turnpike (Mbox file) to Thunderbird.

Method to Import Turnpike to Thunderbird for Windows

In order to migrate from Turnpike to Thunderbird, a user first needs to extract the Berkeley Mbox format uses TXT (text) files containing emails. Now, to do the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Extract Turnpike Mailbox Data
1. Open Turnpike, from menu bar click on Tools >> Search Messages option
2. After that, choose the Match messages containing criteria
3. Then, select the Search in option and then, press on Search Now button
4. Now, look for the necessary messages in the Search Window (press Ctrl+A to choose all emails)
5. Then, from Turnpike menu bar, click on File >> Export button
6. Next, you need to choose the destination location and the output file name in the Berkeley Mailbox Files (.txt) format
7. After that, click on the Save button and wait until the process gets finish
8. In order to export all messages from a specific folder, click on the folder
9. Now select all by Ctrl+A key combination and then, go to steps 6 again

After extracting Turnpike mailbox data in Mbox format, a user needs to import Mbox file to Thunderbird to complete the migration process so the convert Turnpike to Thunderbird is done. There are many free tools available to do this but does not provides a satisfactory result. For example, there is a loss of data or all folders are completely empty, also we may be getting datas with unwanted o noise files. Therefore, the best suggestion is to jump directly to a third-party tool i.e. Thunderbird Import Wizard.

Method to Migrate Turnpike Files to Thunderbird in an Effortless Manner

To migrate from Turnpike to Thunderbird will help to import Mbox files to Thunderbird for Windows, one is advised to use Thunderbird Importer software so it easily export Turnpike to Thunderbird. The tool is designed specially to import Mbox file of any email application to Thunderbird without any hassle. If a user wants then, he can export multiple Mbox files at once also. It imports all emails along with attachments to Thunderbird. Now, to successfully migrate Turnpike files to Thunderbird on Windows OS, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. To begin the process, install & open Thunderbird Import wizard on the local machine
2. Then, the software will list two different option to upload the file:
•Add File (s): To add single or multiple Mbox files at a time using Shift key.
•Add Folder: To add entire folder having multiple Mbox files
3. Click on the Add Folder option to import a folder storing multiple Mbox files
4. Then, select the folder that needs to be added and click on OK
5. The application will list all Mbox files save in that particular folder and click on Next
6. To import selective Mbox files, click on Apply Filters radio button and then on Set button
7. After that, set the date-range based on your choice and click on the Apply option
8. The software will list all the email ids that are configured in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
9. Then Select Identities from the drop-down list.
10. Now click on the email address based on your choice and then on Import button
11. Next to maintain folder structure, select the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option
12. As the migration completes, a message will pop-up, click on OK to continue
13. If import process completed successfully, you can save the Import Process report on the system. To do the same, click on Save Report option
14. For this, select the destination location and save the report in CSV format
15. In last, click on the OK button
Note: The above report contains complete details of the migration process such as File Path, Number of Mails imported, Size of the File, etc and will help to convert Turnpike to Thunderbird.


Thunderbird nowadays is reaching the height of popularity day by day and due to the demerits on other client application it switch files to Thunderbird. Same is the case with the Turnpike users, they are looking for a simple process, highly system supported applications so that to import Turnpike to Thunderbird helps completely and switch Turnpike files to Thunderbird is made. However, manually it takes lots of time. Therefore, one can use the Thunder Importer software to migrate from Turnpike to Thunderbird in its simple, perfect and reliable manner.


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