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How To Restore OST File Outlook 2013 – Trouble Free Solutions!

OST stands for Offline Storage Table. Restore OST file Outlook 2013 is one of the important process related with this file. Many account types except POP3 use an offline Outlook Data File that is OST. These accounts include, Google Gmail, and IMAP accounts etc. When you use these accounts, your messages, calendar, contacts etc are delivered to and saved on the server. A copy of messages are downloaded on your system in an OST file. If the connection to the server is bad, then you still can read and create messages. When the connection is restored, changes are automatically synchronised, and the folders, items on the server and on your computer are identical again. The OST file Outlook is also saved at drive :\Users\user\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. Most of the data remains on the server; and any items that are saved locally should be backed up. That is for example: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and any folders marked local only. Here in the following section described about to connect OST file to Outlook.

Need to Restore OST file Outlook 2013

OST files sometimes show bad behavior such as inaccessibility, corruption etc due to reasons like accidental deletion of user account, virus attack, crash etc. Under such situations, the user looks for the options to restore OST file Outlook.
The corruption cases classified in two categories that is hardware and software reasons:

Hardware Causes

1. Failure of Data Storage Device – If data storage device containing OST files has some bad sectors, then it may damage the data. So there is a
need for recover OST file Outlook 2013
2. Failure of Networking Connection – OST files are synchronised with the Server through a network connection. If there is a network fail, then
the synchronization process fails.
3. Power Failure – If a power failure occurs when accessing the Exchange Server OST files, the OST files are most likely to corruption. So
restore emails from OST file by using some methods.

Software Reasons

1. Incorrect File System Recovery – A file system recovery may cause OST corruption when file system is broken.
2. Virus And Other Malicious Software – Viruses can infect and damage the OST files so in this situation recover OST file Outlook 2013 needed to
3. Synchronisation Error – The synchronisation failure between the offline folders and the Server may also lead to synchronisation errors.
4. Abnormal Outlook Termination – if Outlook is shut down abnormally without quitting Outlook and Windows normally it may get corrupted.

Manual methods for Restore OST file to PST:

Method 1: Rebuild OST file in MS Outlook 2013

OST file is a copy of the mailbox that is present in the exchange server. So an easy option is to re-create the OST file is by downloading a copy of the items again. So follow the bellow steps for perform connect ost file to Outlook manually:
1. Close and Exit MS Outlook 2013 to restore emails from OST file.
2.Go to Start then Control Panel and double click on “Mail
In the dialog box, the current profile is displayed in the title bar. If you want to choose a different profile, select “Show Profiles”, then
select “profile name” and click “Properties”.
3. Within the dialog box, click “E-mail Accounts”.
4. Select Data Files tab, click “Exchange account” and then click “Open File Location
5. Close both of the Mail Setup and Account Settings dialog box and return to file explorer window.
6. Within the file explorer window, select “Exchange data file” and then right-click on it. Click “Delete”.
When you re-open the Outlook, a new OST file is created for the account.

Method 2: Update Folder for Restore OST file to PST

Can repair the corrupt OST File by only updating it.
• Right click on the folder
• Click “Properties
• A dialog box will pop up. Under this dialog box, click “Clear Offline Items” option
• Click “Ok
• Now, go to the “Send/Receive” option
• Click “Update Folder” so we can restore calenders from OST file

Automated Method:

The above manual method will not work if Exchange Server is not available due to crashes or something. But third-party OST recovery tools can easily recover mailboxes even from corrupt OST files. That is, you can take the option of purchasing a commercial tool for restore OST file Outlook 2013 . Here there is a tool for this purpose "SysTools OST Recovery Tool". It will recover in accessibile ost file and also restore OST file to PST/ MSG/ EML. More about this tool is listed bellow:


1. Extract and recover the deleted messages like it can restore calenders from OST file also contacts, tasks etc.
2.Split the exported file into smaller size for avoid the file corruption.
3. For recovering the OST file no size limitation.
4. Quick scan and Advanced scan options are available to restore OST file Outlook 2013.
5. It maintained the email folder structure.
6. Different naming options are available.


There can be conditions when Offline OST file gets corrupted. So in that case we cannot access the data’s so it is a major issue in technical world. So there is a need to restore OST file Outlook 2013. Her we can use some manual methods described in this article but there are some limitations like time consuming. So in such cases OST Recovery tool is the simple utility which easily recover all the mailbox data of Offline OST file. The software is designed so easily that all types of users can use it without any prior knowledge.


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