Friday, 1 September 2017

Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard in Windows:Tips & Tricks

In today’s era, everyone prefers to store email addresses and contact details of their family and friends in their email clients which vary from person to person like Mozilla Thunderbird for one, Outlook for other and much more.Keeping the safety of data in mind, users are suggested to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard file format. There are simple and easy techniques to perform the same. This article will put some light on both the manual as well as Automated Solution to export Thunderbird contacts to VCF file format. But before performing this conversion, let us have a quick review on both of the files:

Thunderbird is an open-source desktop-based email application. Thunderbird uses MBOX files to store all the Emails and MAB (Mozilla Address book) file is used to maintain the address book of the contacts. Most of the users of Mozilla Thunderbird are aware of the MBOX files in which all the Emails are stored by default. But, some users are still not familiar with MAB file format which contains the Address Book of Mozilla Thunderbird.

vCard is the available standard format for electronic business cards and it is the abbreviation of Virtual Business Card. Using vCard, it has become easy for the users to create and share the contacts related information over the internet just like emails, etc.

Quick Solution: From the safety point of view of the data, if users want to keep the backup of the contacts in the Microsoft Outlook, then, they can use SysTools vCard Importer.

One of my customers wants to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard. But Microsoft Outlook is
 not installed on his system, is it possible to perform this migration process of Thunderbird contacts to VCF.

I need to move contacts from Thunderbird Address Book to my system in .vcf file format and my address book is too large. Is there any file size limit for this conversion process.

I am currently using Thunderbird as my default email client for all my email communications. Now I want to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard with complete address book contacts list in it. Is there any manual way to perform the same?

When I am taking the backup of Thunderbird address book, the file that got saved in the computer is empty and doesn't contain any data. Can anyone suggest me what to do?

Reasons to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard

The reason for archiving the address book is that the downloaded data in vCard format can be easily and efficiently saved in the system. The contacts stored in vCard, CSV, etc. can be assumed as the copy of the contacts. It also ensures the safety and protection of our data.

Techniques to Export Address Book From Thunderbird to VCF

Manual Method to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard

There is no direct Manual Method available to export Thunderbird Address Book to VCF file format because it is very confusing and lengthy procedure for the users who are not technically sound. It is also not 100% reliable procedure to import Thunderbird Contacts to vCard.Due to these issues, one has to opt an alternative third-party utilities that can be used to export Thunderbird to VCF file format in a hassle-free manner.

Automated Solution to Export Thunderbird address book to vCard

SysTools MAB Converter utility can be used for Thunderbird export Contacts to VCF file format. This software is also capable to support the bulk transfer of Mozilla Thunderbird address book to different file formats like vCard, CSV, PST, etc. There is no file size limitation for this conversion process. This utility can also be used to migrate Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook in bulk.


1.Save Thunderbird MAB as vCard format
2.Store .mab as .vcf file format
3.Also, converts Mab files to VCF/PST/LDIF/LDAP
4.Preview Comparison Report in VCF format
5.Supports working with and without Outlook


This article has described the manual solution to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard. But, these manual methods have some major limitations. That is why users switch from Manual techniques to alternative Third Party Solution. To keep the secure backup of the data from the Vcard format in the Outlook, users are advised to use vCard importer utility. With the help of these tools, the unlimited number of files can be exported efficiently and reliably.


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