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How to Convert EML File to PDF Format to Print and Save EML Messages

The blog provides all the possible solutions on how to convert EML file to PDF. If you are searching for the approach to export EML files to PDF format then, continue reading this article till the end. Here, we have illustrated the procedure by taking Mozilla Thunderbird as a platform to perform the migration.

An EML file is one of the most popular individual message file format, which comprises of all technical data associated with a single email. It comprises of plain ASCII text for hyperlinks, headers, and attachments (if any). The file is also considered as RFC-822 format, which is created from Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc.

An Adobe PDF file means portable document format. It contains text, images, hyperlinks, and attachments that can be opened on any platform. When the files get printed in PDF format, the majority of computer users believe that their data is safe. This is the reason why email client users are seeking a solution to batch print EML files format.

Solutions to Convert EML File to PDF

The approaches explained in this post works with and without Thunderbird. As per the reliability and presence of application, you can feel free to choose any of them.

Save EML File As PDF via Thunderbird

The measure requires the installation of a free add-on in Mozilla Thunderbird email client. When you are available with this, follow below-mentioned instructions to begin file saving in Adobe PDF documents:

1) Open Mozilla Thunderbird program having ImportExport add-on within it.

2) Minimize the Thunderbird screen and collect all the EML files (to be saved in PDF) in one folder.

3) Now re-launch the email client that you have minimized in Step (2). After this, click on three lines box and then on Tools >> ImportExportTools >> Import messages.

4) A Windows Explorer gets opened in which you have to go towards the location where folder created in Step (2) is saved and click on Open.

5) Select one email from the listed EML files and then, again, click on Open button. At a time, only one file can be selected to convert EML file to PDF. If there are multiple EML files to be printed in PDF then, again and again, you have to import them using the ImportExport add-on.

6) The chosen message gets loaded in the mailbox of your Thunderbird profile. Perform a single mouse click on this email and right-click on it.

7) From the listed menu of different operations, click on Save Selected Messages >> PDF format.

8) A warning message box will appear in which you have to click on OK >> OK.

9) Browse the location where PDF document is to be saved and click on Select Folder button.

10) Finally, you will find that portable file is archived on the defined location. You can open the PDF and check out the email printed in PDF.

Converting EML file to PDF Without Thunderbird

The measure involves the presence of Microsoft Word program on the machine to convert EML file to PDF. If this is present in your system then, follow below-mentioned guidelines:'
  • 1) Go towards the location where EML files are saved and select anyone of them.
  • 2) Right-click on chosen file and click on Open With >> Microsoft Word.
  • 3) The Microsoft Word gets opened in which you have to click on Office icon >> Save As.
  • 4) A file saving dialog box will appear where you will be selecting PDF option from the Save As Type menu.
  • 5) Now your EML file content automatically gets saved into the PDF format just after clicking on the Save button.
  • 6) Navigate towards the path where you have archived PDF in Step (d) and double-click on it to view the portable document.

Limitations of the Above Described Procedures

  • - Does not convert EML file to PDF with attachments.
  • - Either requires MS Word or Thunderbird email client for working.
  • - Fails when bulk messages are to be printed in Adobe PDF document.
  • - High chances of modification to be made in email content while processing.

Standalone Solution to Save EML As PDF

The approach involves the use of third-party product i.e., SysTools EML to PDF Converter. Neither Thunderbird not MS Word is required to work with this utility. This solution can convert EML files to PDF with attachments and renders a quick way to print files having .eml extension. Here, each message along with the associated attachments will be exported in the same format as they were before the conversion procedure.


“How to convert EML file to PDF” is a troubling question when it comes to bulk file conversion. In case, there are one or two EML files to be printed then, users can opt for manual technique. But, when it is about hundreds or more then, the best-suited measure is to use EML to PDF Exporter. The tool supports bulk email printing with 100% guarantee of maintaining data integrity throughout.


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