Wednesday, 28 February 2018

How to Convert Outlook MSG to PDF in Batch on Windows OS

Sometimes a situation occurs where people have to submit and depict their emails or digital messages for the court appearance, litigation, and evidence. In this situation, they prefer submitting files in PDF documents because this file format is considered as a standard file for legal evidence. An Adobe PDF file is highly preferred in the forensic field and legal courts. Now, if an individual is using Microsoft Outlook and wants to save one or more of its emails in PDF format then, he/she requires a solution to on how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF. Therefore, here we are available with different manual measures to save Outlook MSG as PDF file format.

Save MSG As PDF Using Microsoft Word

This measure requires the availability of two applications that are available in Microsoft Suite i.e., Outlook and Word. When both these program gets present on your machine, begin with following steps to convert Outlook MSG to PDF:
  1. 1. Open Microsoft Outlook email client and choose the message that is to be printed in PDF document.
  2. 2. In the same program, click on File >> Save as and proceed to next step for converting Outlook MSG to PDF.
  3. 3. This will open a file saving wizard where you will be selecting HTML option from the list of ‘Save Type As’ and save file at any desired location.
  4. 4. Close the opened screen of MS Outlook and navigate towards the path where you have saved the file in Step (3). After this, right-click on the same file and select Open With >> MS Word option.
  5. 5. A Microsoft Word window gets opened in which you have to click on File >> Save As.
  6. 6. Expand the menu of ‘Save As Type’ and choose PDF file option. If you want to change the default file name then, change it; else directly click on Save button.

Convert Outlook MSG to PDF Using Print Command

This solution will be using ‘Adobe PDF’ as printing option to save Outlook MSG file as PDF. To perform the same, go through below set of instructions:
  1. 1. Launch Microsoft Outlook program and double click on the email, which you want to print in PDF file.
  2. 2. Open the print dialog window either by pressing the shortcut keys i.e., Ctrl+P or by going to File >> Print.
  3. 3. In the section where the printer is to be selected, choose Adobe PDF and then click on Print.
  4. 4. This will start the conversion procedure from Outlook MSG file to PDF. If you want attachments to be converted then, click on Print Options >> Print Attached Files >> Print. This will save attachments in a different set of PDF files.

Export MSG File to PDF by Add-On of MS Outlook

When you are having a complete purchased version of Microsoft Outlook, you can follow steps of this workaround to convert Outlook MSG to PDF:
  1. 1. Open the tab of Adobe PDF in Outlook and click on Setup Automatic Archival.

  2. 2. Click on the Add button to select the complete folder whose messages are to be exported in portable document.

  3. 3. Click on Run Archival Now button to begin the actual conversion.

  4. 4. If you want to include attachments in exporting procedure then, click on Settings and select Include all attachments option.

Are These Manual Approaches Reliable?

Well, the three above measures discussed till now are having few limitations with them. Following points will make readers aware of them:
  • - Same workarounds fail when there are hundreds or more MSG files to be exported in PDF format.
  • - These methods to convert Outlook MSG files to PDF are quite lengthy as well as time-consuming.
  • - It is impossible to preview the MSG files with their properties and attachments, before starting the file saving procedure.
  • - No process status report gets generated when the conversion is initiated, how much process is left, how much time is required, etc., will not be known.

What to Do Now? Is There Any Alternative?

Don’t worry, there exists an alternative measure to these approaches. This alternative method involves the use of a program i.e., SysTools MSG to PDF Converter that can convert Outlook MSG to PDF. Neither Outlook nor Word nor any add-ons are required to exhibit working of this program. The application offers a direct and straightforward approach to save MSG files as PDF. Users will be able to simultaneously export Outlook MSG to PDF along with attachments in no time.


Manual measures on how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF do not guarantee that they will keep email structuring and formatting intact. High chances are there where users have to compromise with the manipulation of existing content of messages. If you do not want such things to happen with you then, it is recommended to go with an alternative. It is so because the alternative measure gives 100% assurance that it will maintain data integrity throughout the process.


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