Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How to Convert PDF to Word Without Watermark?

Are you finding the solution to change PDF files to word? Do you want to remove watermark from PDF files? If yes, then you landed on the right page to get the answer. Here, in this blog we have discussed the best solution to convert PDF to word without watermark. So, continue reading the blog.

In many companies and organizations, document creation and handling are at the core of their every operation. Because it plays a very important role in how people communicate with each other. The main purpose of documentation is to store and share information with others. In essence, it also acts as a record for all types of transactions and communications between individuals or groups. However, there are two popular file formats that everyone uses to make and send documents these are PDF and DOC.

PDF files are the open format for document exchange. But, it limits the ability to edit the content. The situation becomes more complex when these files contain the watermark. Because it would be very difficult to read and edit watermarked PDF files. So, there arises a need to delete watermark from PDF documents.Manually user can remove watermark from PDF files, but first, they have to convert PDF to Word and then eliminate watermark. But, with this approach, there would be some formatting issues. So, it is advised to remove watermark first and then convert PDF to word document.

Automated Tool to Erase Watermark from PDF Files

To eliminate watermark from PDF documents, it is suggested to use some professional software i.e. PDF Watermark deleter tool. This software provides the facility to erase watermark from PDF files in batch. Some other benefits of the software are given in the next section.

Highlighted Features of the Tool to Remove PDF Watermark

1- The software allows the users to eliminate the image as well as text watermark from PDF files. Moreover, using the Add Folder option users can directly add multiple PDFs which are saved at a common location.

2- Being a Windows-based utility, any PDF files available on Windows OS can be selected to remove watermark from PDF files. Moreover, this tool is compatible with all versions of Window operating systems.

3- The complete summary report is generated by the tool. It includes the following details like name of PDF file, the path of PDF file and current status. But, before the beginning of watermark removal, the default status will appear as 'Not Started'.

4- Tool maintains the quality and the originality of PDF files. Furthermore, there will be no changes to the PDF file data. All the formatting, restrictions that are present in PDF documents remain unchanged.

5- It only remove watermark from PDF files that are created by Adobe Acrobat. Users can easily edit and renew the file without watermark or with the new watermark.

6- Users can also save the resultant PDF document to any desired location. Also, a new folder can be created directly from the software panel in which files can be saved.

Steps to Remove Watermark From PDF Files

It is just a few clicks solution to eliminate PDF watermark. The major advantage of using the software is it remove watermark from multiple PDF files. Users can take the help of following steps to:
  • Download the tool to delete watermark from PDF files
  • Click on Add File or Folder option to insert PDF
  • View the added PDF documents
  • The software eliminates watermark from PDF files

Free Solution to Convert PDF to Word Without Watermark

After removing PDF watermark users can easily convert the PDF files to word using any online solutions. There are several online methods available to export PDF to word. However, after completing the conversion the resultant PDF file will not contain any watermark. The PDF file can be easily copied, modified, printed.


The word file format is the best choice to perform modification or changes to work-in-progress. While PDF files are preferred for sharing and viewing documents. But, how to convert PDF to word without watermark is the most troubling question. So, for this, we have provided the best solution to remove PDF watermark and the online converter tool to convert PDF files to word.


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