Tuesday, 17 April 2018

PDF Toolbox – Software to Compress, Extract and Convert PDF Files

In today’s arena, many people are demanding for the multi-functionality tool which could help them to compress and extract text from multiple PDF files. Moreover, for the archival and long-term preservation of the documents users are searching for a tool which can easily convert PDF files to PDF/A format.

SysTools PDF Toolbox tool is a specially designed utility with advanced algorithms to perform these task without any data loss. Moreover, it is all in one solution which helps users to reduce size of PDF document without any data loss. Moreover, it enables the users to extract data from PDF and perform the conversion of PDF to PDF/A format without any difficulty.

Eminent Features of PDF Toolbox Software

Compress Large PDF to Small PDF

The PDF Compressor software enables the user to reduce size of PDF document in batch. Compressing of PDF documents helps in memory efficient archiving; making the archival process faster and efficient.

Extract Data From PDF

This PDF data extractor tool provides ‘Extract Text’ option which allows users to save text from PDF files. The software provides 3-page options such as All, Page Range, Pages. Using these options, users can extract data from all pages, even and odd pages, the particular range of pages, or from particular pages.

Extract Images From PDF

The tool offers the option to extract pictures from PDF files. The extracted image can be export as GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc. Moreover, it also provides the option to extract images from specific pages. By using Advance Settings option users can set the maximum and minimum size of the image.

Convert PDF Files to PDF/A

For the archival purpose, users can easily batch convert PDF to PDF/A format with this application. PDF Toolbox performs the conversion of PDF files my maintaining content quality and originality.

Advance Settings Option

Each function that software performs has ‘Advance Settings’ option. Using which users can set the position of text, images, page number and add Text or image on header or footer of the files as per your requirement. Moreover, it is possible to manage the size of images which is to be added on PDF files.

Understand the Working Steps of PDF Toolbox

To get the step by step procedure of the process clicks on the given link:


The whole steps are summarised into 4 steps that are given below:

Step 1: Download and Install PDF Toolbox software
Step 2: Select any option from Compress PDF, Extract Text, Extract Images, Convert PDF/A
Step 3: Add PDF files or Folder to proceed further
Step 4: Click on “Start” button to begin the process

Final Verdict

The PDF Toolbox software from SysTools considered as the most helpful and powerful software to perform multiple functionalities. The utility offers the very user-friendly interface for the users to reduce size of PDF document, extraction of text and images and conversion of PDF files to PDF/A format.


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