Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How to Extract First Page from PDF Document in Simple Ways?

Do you want to extract first page from PDF file separately? Do you want to use these extracted pages for some other work? If yes, then don’t get panic, because we are here to explain how to extract PDF pages. In the following write-up, we have discussed simple solutions to save first page of PDF in an easy manner.

PDF files are widely used file formats on the web. These files contain a lot of pages but there are chances when few of them are useful. Maybe user wants to use required pages for some other work or for creating a new document. So, in this write-up, we have discussed few popular ways i.e manual and automated PDF Splitter Tool to extract PDF pages.

Why Did Users want to Save First Page of PDF?

Let’s discuss a user query to understand the need for a user to extract PDF pages:

“Is there a way, to extract first page from PDF documents in a collection of over 10 files. I want to create a separate PDF file containing all the starting pages of these 10 documents? Can anyone suggest a simple method to perform this task effectively? All leads shall be appreciated!!”

Solution#1 By Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Follow the steps carefully to save the first page of PDF document:

  • Firstly, launch Adobe Acrobat Pro application
  • Open the PDF document from which you want to extract page
  • Then, click on Document menu and then, click pages icon
  • After that select the Extract pages option
  • Now, to extract first page from PDF document set the range from 1 to 1
  • Check the option “Extract pages As separate files”
  • Lastly, click OK button to save first page of PDF document

Solution#2 By Using Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Open the PDF document in the chrome window
  • Click the printer icon, after that, a menu bar appears
  • Print dialogue box appears, change the destination to “Save as PDF”
  • Change the pages radio button from all to the button next to the text field
  • Now, to extract first page enter the page numbers as 1
  • Click on Save and choose the destination location and file name for the new document.

Consequences of Manual Method to Save First Page of PDF

However, with manual techniques, a user can extract PDF pages. But it has so many drawbacks as well. Adobe Acrobat DC full version is required. Moreover, it is very lengthy and time-consuming extraction process. So, it is suggested to use another solution which does not require any external application.

Professional Method to Extract First Page From PDF

To overcome all such limitations of the manual method to save first page from PDF document, users can take help of an automatic solution like PDF Splitter Tool. It is specially designed to extract PDF pages by splitting the file without any risk of data loss. This utility has many advanced features such as merging of PDF files. Users can easily combine multiple PDF documents with this professional utility. Now, to save first page of PDF document, the user has to follow the below-described steps:

  • Download the PDF Splitter Tool
  • Now, open PDF file from which you want to extract pages
  • To, extract first page from PDF choose Split by Range option and enter the range 1-1
  • Click the Process button to start the procedure


The most common query that is faced by almost every Adobe user in the world is how to extract first page from PDF? In order to extract PDF pages, a user can either go for manual approach or PDF Splitter suggested in this blog. However, there are some limitations of the manual method so it is recommended to use free utility described above, that can easily extract and merge PDF files. But still, it all depends upon users choice which approach they want to follow to save first page of PDF.


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