Thursday, 12 April 2018

Extract Text from Multiple PDF Files with Simple Tips & Tricks

Looking for a solution to batch extract data from PDF files? Unable to find the satisfactory method for the same? No need to panic, as you are at the right place. This blog will let users know the best possible way to extract text from multiple PDF files.

PDF is the standard document format used by the many people to exchange information across multiple platforms without any dependency. In addition to this, it is legally accepted document format so, most widely used by millions of users around the Globe. In some cases, users need to extract text or images inside the PDF files in order to use it anywhere else like a web page, presentation, etc. But the question is how to extract text from multiple PDF files in easy manner. If the PDF document has copy restriction, then it becomes difficult for a user to extract text from it. To overcome this situation, one first needs to remove PDF restrictions from PDF files. Thus, to do this in a proper way, we have covered different possible solutions to save text from PDF files.

“Last night, one of my friends send me a PDF document containing the synopsis of my project. Now, while making a complete report, I tried to take out the text from PDF but failed to do so. I did not understand what has exactly happened, why I am unable to extract text from PDF document? However, it is really important for me to take out that text including images. Can anyone out there know any solution how it can be done with minimum effort required? Thanks in advance.”

“Cannot Extract Text from PDF File”- Why?

If a user is not able to take out text from PDF files, then what could be the possible reasons behind it. One of the most common reason is that the PDF file is restricted. It means it has copy restriction on it due to which it becomes difficult for a user to perform a copy operation on it. In addition, when it comes to extract data from PDF files, then it becomes impossible for them to perform it in batch. Therefore, users are looking for a solution that can help them to take out text from PDF files without any hassle.

Method to Extract Text from Multiple PDF Files Manually

If a user manually wants to extract data from PDF files, then he or she can use the two different ways discussed below:

Manual #1: Using Adobe Acrobat

One of the best possible ways to extract text from multiple PDF files is with the help of Adobe Acrobat application. If a user is having Adobe Acrobat application installed on their system, then they extract text as well as images from PDF document. Moreover, it also permits users to export the extracted information in multiple formats like Word, JPEG, etc. Now, to do the same in Acrobat DC, you need to select Tools and then click on Export PDF option. In addition, whenever a user export text from PDF file, he or she can select the any of the options listed below:
  • Keep flowing text intact
  • Maintain Page Layout
  • Include Comments
  • Include Images
But the major drawback of this method is that Adobe Acrobat is a paid software. One needs to purchase it before using it.

Manual #2: Using Adobe Reader

If a user is looking for some free solution, then they can use Adobe Reader to extract text from PDF files. Using this application, one can copy the portion of text that he or she wants to copy by pressing Ctrl + C. After that, simply paste it to some other program like MS Word by pressing Ctrl + V. But there is one major disadvantage of using this application, if there are multiple PDF files, then it becomes a time-consuming task to copy text from each file separately. Moreover, in the case of restricted PDF, a user is unable to copy the text simply via Ctrl+ C. Apart from this, it does not preserve the formatting of text.

Alternative Approach to Extract Text from Multiple PDF Files

Both manual solutions discussed above have some or other limitations due to which they are unable to provide satisfactory results. Thus, to have a hassle-free solution, a user is suggested to switch to a professional solution named as PDF Toolbox. It basically compresses the size of PDF documents in bulk. It also permits users to extract data from PDF file containing text or image. However, if a user wants, then he or she can take out images or text from selective PDF files also without any loss of data. Moreover, it keeps the original formatting intact as original after extraction. Like position and size of an image depending on user's choice.


Approach to extract text from multiple PDF files is not that simple like it seems. There are various limitations that a user might face while doing it manually. Keep all such requirements of a user's in mind, different methods to take out text from PDF files in a batch are covered. One can easily choose between them as per their requirement.


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