Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook via Easy & Simple Tricks

As everyone knows that technology is upgrading with the speed of light. But, still, it is a big challenge for users to move Google calendar to Outlook. Moreover, Google Apps is one of the widely used platforms by many people around the world. It is used in both small and big enterprises to meet the business requirements. On other hands, Outlook is also one of the frequently used email application that includes contact, calendaring and task management functionalities. Although, the popularity of Outlook is unavoidable. It also comes up with an attractive features suite and a branded new user-friendly interface. Therefore, users wish to move the calendar from G Suite to MS Outlook. Still, the process of moving the calendar from G Suite to MS Outlook seems to be easy but it is not so easy to perform this task. Now the question crops up,“How to sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook?” Do not worry, as we have come up with a rapid, simple and dependable method to move from Google Apps to Outlook.

Reasons to Add Google Apps Calendar to Outlook 2013

Some of the factors responsible to add Google Apps calendar to MS Outlook are:

    • Due to numerous amazing features in Microsoft Outlook
    • User-friendly Interface of Outlook
    • Security Reasons as Outlook is a more secure platforms
    • Switching from one organization to another
    • Users can access data in offline mode with Outlook

“I am using Google Apps for a very long time, while my friend is using Outlook. Sometimes, due to the bad Internet connection, it becomes impossible for me to access the older data, which includes calendars. However, my friend can fetch and use the data any time even without Internet connection. Moreover, she can even use the calendar and check the event updates anytime. In our area, the Internet connectivity often hits problems and interrupts my daily chores. So, I have decided to move from Google Apps to Outlook. Now, I am searching for a reliable and simple method for the same. Please help me by providing the perfect solution to sync Google Apps calendar with Outlook. So, that I can complete this task without any hassle”

Are you also facing this same issue? Do you want to export Google Apps calendar with Outlook via an easy approach? Then don’t worry you are landed on the perfect page as this write-up will provide you a trusted solution to add Google Apps Calendar to Outlook easily.

Steps to Sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook

This method consists of two steps:
    1. Export Google Calendar
    2. Import Google Apps Calendar to Outlook
Sync Google Calendars with Outlook

Step 1: Export Google Calendars

    1. First, you have to log in to the Google account and then select Calendar
    2. Now, select My Calendar and go to Settings
    3. In this step, you have to pick Export calendars

    4. After this, choose the location for the storage of the extracted file
    5. Now, move to the location to unzip the file
    6. Right-click on the File and select Extract All

Note: If you are having various Google calendars then, in this case, you will get an .ics data file for each file.

Step 2: Import Google Apps Calendar to Outlook
Now, for moving each Google Calendar with MS Outlook perform all the steps given below.

    1. To start this process, go to your Calendar in your Outlook profile
    2. Now, select the File and then Open & Export and then go to Import/Export
    3. In the Import and Export wizard, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file and click on the Next button
    4. Now, pick the location to save the resultant files. Select the one, which ends with and finally, click on OK
    5. In this last step, you have to select Import and then go to your Outlook calendar. Now, you can see the Google Calendar events there.

Instant and Easy Solution to Sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook

Sometimes, performing the task manually becomes tough as it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Moreover, the risk of data loss is associated with the manual method. In such situations, the user can opt for a reliable third-party tool that is Google Apps Backup Tool. This utility is designed to backup Google Apps calendars, which includes email, calendars, contacts and documents in multiple formats. There is no file size limitation associated with this tool. This utility archive the data in two ways one is single user account and other is the domain user. G Suite Backup Tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions. All in all, this is a perfect, reliable and trouble free utility for the user who wants to sync Google Apps Calendar with Outlook just in a few clicks.


Sometimes, to maintain business continuity migration of data to different platforms is very important. As, Outlook is users prominent choice, so organization and users want to move Google Apps calendar to Outlook. Therefore, in this post, two approaches are discussed one is manual and other is the professional approach. It totally depends on the user which approach he/ she prefer to complete the specific task but it is always recommended to go for a trusted and time saving third-party tool.