Monday, 23 April 2018

Split and Merge PDF Files in Batch By Using Simple Methods

To be admissible in a court of law, electronic documents should be created in a file format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. To satisfy this requirement, PDF files comes at first. Basically, PDF stands for "Portable Document Format". These files are introduced to ease the sharing of documents between computers and across Operating Systems platforms. Today almost everyone has a version of Adobe Reader or another program on their computer that can read a PDF file. But, in some situations, users require to split and merge PDF files. Like when the user has multiple PDF documents then it becomes very difficult for him to manage them all collectively. Then, in such cases, they need a solution to merge different PDF documents into one effectively. On the other hand, for accessing or viewing of large PDFs take enough time, moreover, sometimes PC start hanging.
Therefore, in such circumstances, it is needed to split large PDF into smaller files. Here, in this blog, we have discussed simple solutions which helps users to perform Adobe PDF split and merge effectively.

Scenarios Demands to Split and Merge PDF Files

Before coming on the solution, it is important to know about the situations that may call for PDF Splitting and merging process.

  • One reason could be your master PDF file containing data insections and a user wants to save these sections in the separate PDF document. So that files can be easily managed with other details. In this situation, a user needs to split large PDF into smaller files according to sections specified within it.
  • Another case could be a user wants to share only a few pages of PDF file with another person. In such cases, they have to split PDF file accordingly.
  • Users Merge different PDF documents into one file in order to decrease the time spent on finding a document from multiple files.
  • Project work with multiple team involvement ends up with documents being submitted by every person. So, in such cases, one big document has to be created containing all team inputs in one place.
  • Once the user has become familiar with situations that demand to split and merge PDF files. The next step is to explore the solutions to split and merge PDF.

Split large PDF into Smaller Files Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome which is an open source program for accessing web-based applications has been also used for splitting PDF documents. This can be done by using some useful steps:

  • Open the PDF in Google Chrome
  • Click on “Print” button
  • After that hit the Change Button
  • Click on “Save as PDF”
  • Enter the range of pages that you want in new PDF
  • Lastly, click on Save option and name the resultant PDF file
  • Set the destination folder to save this output PDF

Split and Merge PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Solution to Split PDF

  • Firstly, start Adobe Acrobat Pro application
  • Now, click the File option
  • Open PDF that has to be split
  • Click the document & select Extract pages option
  • From the Extract Pages dialogue box, Enter a number of pages
  • Choose any desired option Delete Pages After Extracting & Extract Pages As Separate Files
  • Click OK button
  • Lastly, save resultant PDF

Solution to Merge PDF

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro application
  • Navigate Towards File option
  • Click on Create PDF option
  • Click on From Multiple Files
  • Hit the browse button to select PDF for combining
  • 3 Options Move Up, Move Down and Remove to Arrange PDF files
  • Click OK button to merge PDF files
  • Name the file and click Save option

Drawbacks of Manual Method to Split and Merge PDF Files

There are some drawbacks of the manual approach like:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro full version is required to split and merge PDF files
  • Users cannot split large PDF into smaller files on the basis of pages, even and odd pages
  • Quiet lengthy and time-consuming process
  • Each step should be followed carefully otherwise it may lead to data loss

Automated Solution to Split and Merge PDF Files

If you want to combine and split PDF without any external utility then I would recommend to use SysTools PDF Split and Merge Tool. It is the professional solution to split large PDF into smaller files on the basis of pages, range and odd & even pages. Moreover, it can merge different PDF documents into one without any data loss. The interface of the tool is so much simple that even a non-technical person can also use the tool easily.


From the above blog, it is clear that to split and merge PDF files users can either use manual or automated approach according to their choices. But, due to some drawbacks of the manual method, it is highly recommended to use professional tools like SysTools PDF Split & Merge. The utility will profoundly divide and merge PDF without any inconvenience.


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