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Import Multiple vCard Files to Outlook Contacts- Effortless Techniques

vCard is the abbreviation of Virtual Business Card and VCF file is used to keep the personal and business contacts. .vcf and .vcard are the proprietary format for the electronic business cards. The Vcards contains multiple fields such as name, contact number, address, email addresses, images and audio clips etc. The vCard files can be convert to Outlook format, So this article describes the ways or methods to import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts.

The VCF files has text lines including data field with attribute items and the value. Most of the vCard files containing one contact. More and more applications support read and write ability of VCF files with more than one contact. Based on the software this read and write capability becomes limited. In case of Outlook, this email client will read and write one contact from the vCard file but it didn’t check the count of available contacts. The vCard also supports the platforms such as Android, iPhone, iOS etc. Sometimes android devices didn’t support the contact sharing or receiving through SMS. So, Vcard through SMS is the compatible application, it is able to send & receive the Vcards. In case of iPhone, It is not available for multiple users to install the contact files directly with the help of Mobile devices. The Apple supports VCF files from web page within iOS7 and it allows the vCard file extension to perform the import contacts application.

Instant Solution: To easily and quickly import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts, you can use the SysTools vCard Importer Software.

User Query

“How can I transfer multiple vCards to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 Contacts with all attached informations like images, to-do list etc. Is there any method?”

Import Multiple vCard Files to Outlook Contacts- Solutions

There are two different methods available to convert multiple vCards to PST format. The first method allows a single vCard file to get merged with the Microsoft Outlook PST file. The second procedure is to convert multiple vCard files to MS Outlook contacts. Here the Vcard contacts are either one single VCF file with multiple contacts in it or multiple VCF file in a single folder

Approach 1: To Convert Single vCard Contact File Using MS Outlook

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Outlook email client application
Step 2: Go to the “File” menu, then you can find different options in that drop down menu
Step 3: Click on the option “Import & Export”
Step 4: Choose the option “Import a vCard file or VCF file from the Import and Export wizard
Step 5: Now, click on the “Next” button to continue the process.
Step 6: There is a new screen will pop-up, Go to the location where you have store the VCF file, select that and finally click on “Open” option.
Step 7: If you done the above steps correctly, then your vCard file has been converted to the Outlook PST format.
Step 8: Go to the “contacts” option to view the newly added contact details

Limitation of Manual Method:

The above described method that is the Outlook import export wizard procedure will only transfer a single vCard contact file at a time. If you have large VCF contact file list, then it is a time consuming method and also effortful.

Approach 2: Import Multiple vCard Files to Outlook Contacts Using Automated Tool

To transfer multiple vCards to MS Outlook contacts there is a trusted vCard importer Software. The software is specially designed for converting multiple VCF files into the Outlook PST file format at a time. The tool provides an option to import vCard files of version 2.1 and 3.0. Read the following features to know more about the vCard Importer utility:

1) The tool provides multiple import options such as:
             a, Save in existing Microsoft Outlook PST file
             b, Save directly into Outlook profile
             c, Create new Microsoft Outlook PST file
2) There is no limitations of the number of vCards
3) The tool imports vCard contacts containing multiple phone numbers, email id’s
4) Microsoft Outlook installation should be needed to to perform the conversion
5) Provision to generate Import summary after begin the process to import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts.

Summing Up

As discussed above a complete description of how to import multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts. There are different manual and automated methods available to perform the procedure. But there are some limitations while executing such a process manually. Therefore there is an expert choice that one can use the third part utility that is suggested above to transfer multiple vCards to Outlook. It makes easy to perform the process of conversion.


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