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How to Export Outlook Contacts to Gmail Using Import-Export Wizard

export Outlook contacts to Gmail

Many people are aware of the popular email client i.e. Microsoft Outlook. But they do not know the basic difference between contacts and Address books in Outlook. The Address book is a collection of address lists like LDAP internet directories, Global Address List (GAL), etc. Whereas contacts is a part of that address list. Therefore, a user can only export Outlook contacts to Gmail. There are many users who always questioned the same thing i.e. “how to transfer contacts from MS Outlook to Gmail”.

“Hello! My friend suggested me to create Gmail account as it is widely used and provides attractive features. So, after creating Google account, I want to transfer all the Microsoft Outlook contacts to Google email service. As I am new to Gmail, I don’t know how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Gmail account. Please suggest me any easy method. Thanks!”

In this article, we will discuss every possible way to import Outlook contacts to Gmail address book. With the help of this solution, you can easily execute the process without any kind of hassle. Read further to get the complete idea about the methods.

Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Gmail

To move contacts from Microsoft Outlook to Google mail, you need to follow a two-step process to that can help you to sync Outlook contacts to Gmail. Therefore, proceed according to the given steps:

  • Export contacts from Outlook

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and then click on File tab.

2. Click on Open & Export >> Import/Export.

3. Import and Export Wizard dialog box appears. Now, click on Export to a File >> Next button.

4. Click on Comma Separated Values >> Next.

5. Now select the Contacts from the Outlook account and then click on Next button.

6. Now, click on Browse button and navigate to the location where you want to save the exported file.

7. In Browse dialog box, type the name of the file and click on the Ok button to proceed further.

8. After that, you are retrieved back to the same window. Click on Next button.

9. You can map the attributes of the address book in the exported file. Click on Map attributes and check all the fields that are same in the exported file. After that, click on OK button.

10. Click on Finish button to end the process of importing contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

11. Now browse to the location where you have saved your CSV file. Open it in MS Excel and you can view all the contacts in that file.

  • Import Contacts to Gmail

1. To move contacts from Outlook to Gmail, open the application and login into your account. Click on Gmail drop down menu and then click on Contacts.

2. After that, click on Go to the Old version.

3. In Contact window, click on More drop down menu and then click on Import.

4. Click on Choose File button to import the file.

5. Navigate the location where you have saved your exported file and then select the file and then, click on Open button.

6. After that, click on Import option.

7. You will see all the contacts imported to Gmail.

8. A notification appears at the top. Click on Find & Merge duplicates. This option will merge existing and new contacts in Google account.

Alternate Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to Gmail

The manual approach is very simple if you have limited number of contacts. In case of the bulk number of contacts, you can go for the automated solution to migrate contacts from Outlook to Gmail account. You can move the data in a very less time and without facing any data loss. The solution works well for the non-technical person as one can experience difficulty in performing above approach. Therefore, to ease your work, you can try this solution.

Last Words 

In the following article, we have discussed the possible method to export Outlook address book to Google contacts account easily. Though above approach is quite simple but not for the non-technical user. If you are facing any trouble in importing contacts with the help of above steps then you can opt for the automated solution to export Outlook contacts to Gmail as discussed.


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