Monday, 25 September 2017

Solve Error of Exporting Contacts from Excel to Outlook Contacts List

Getting error while exporting contacts from Excel to Outlook 2013/2010/2007 Platform. Fix different error to export excel contacts to outlook addresses flawlessly. As thousands of Contacts can be exported without any prompt error if an Outlook user follows the instruction of exporting Excel contacts to Outlook Distribution list properly. But sometimes user encounter some different kinds of error due to selecting the wrong option or not configuring the option properly, before exporting the contacts. In this article, we discuss some error and their solution that will help definitely Outlook user. First, take a look queries related to errors.

User queries:

Question 1: How do I export contacts from excel to outlook distribution list, getting some kind of prompt related to MAPI Error. Is there any network connectivity issues in my configured Outlook profile?

Question 2: Hey, using Outlook 2010 editions with window 8.1. While exporting contacts from Excel to Outlook. First I convert the Excel file into Comma Separated value(CSV)as no option to import excel file is available. But some kind of translation error?

 Missing Contacts Information

Problem Description: This error related to verifying the Contacts stored in Excel sheet. Sometimes Outlook user directly exports contacts into Outlook application, without know whether the information saved properly in the Excel filed or not. If the Excel filed value not stored according to the Schema then missing contacts information arise

Solution: There is only one solution available to this problem, a user need to check or verifying the Excel data carefully before exporting contacts from excel to Outlook contacts list. If user doesn't verify the value according to schema (First-name, Last-name, Address etc.) then incorrect valuer can be stored in Contacts field

Only Few Row Exported to Outlook Contacts

Problem Description: This issues can arise due to the file format of the Excel file. This can occur while saving some field in excel sheet properly and when these field exported in Outlook contacts field after mapping these row data not stored properly.

Solution: First check from which row data not saved properly in Outlook. Then try to remove those row field from the Excel sheet and the try to re-export the file into Outlook. Check whether these kinds of problems arise again or not. If problems not arise, then save the deleted row in Excel row again and select the option to avoid duplicate email addresses before exporting contacts from excel to Outlook

Connection Problems [Protocol Error]

Problem Description: Protocol Error arises when Outlook account not configured properly. As Outlook support IMAP & POP Protocol to save and store email addresses. Sometimes while setting up account, a user selects the incorrect properties due to which contact not exported properly from Excel to Outlook.

Solution: User can check the configuration details in Outlook profile. In Account Settings, select the Data File option of the Outlook account and check the details. If IMAP or POP server is selected then a user can match the details with the below image. Click Next.

Select the Advanced Tab option to fill the Incoming and Outgoing Server Details. You can match the details with the below image. Click OK. Now again try to export the Contacts from Outlook to Excel Spreadsheet.

Mapping Translation Error

Problem Description: As this error not related to Excel file, but it originally related to CSV File format. As Outlook offers an option to export contacts to Outlook form CSV File. The main cause of this error occurs when the character to represent link breaks not used by the file.

Solution: To solve the problem of exporting data from excel to Outlook contacts. A user just needs to open the CSV File in Excel Application and save the file again in CSV File or Excel file format. After that follow the same process of to Export Excel Contacts into Outlook application. Steps are given below

  1. Open Outlook 2010/2013/2016 Application
  2. Now select Open & Export option and then choose Import/Export[Import or Export files settings] option.]
  3. In Import/Export prompt wizard, Select “Import from another Program or file”. Click Next.
  4. Select Comma Separated Values option.
  5. Navigate to the location of CSV File.
  6. Select option  Do not import duplicate items to avoid duplicate address issues. Click Next.
  7. Now Map attributes of CSV/Excel field with the Outlook field using “Map Custom Fields:” option and to change Destination folder, select option “Change Destination” option
  8. Click OK. At last click on Finish.


While exporting excel spreadsheet to Outlook contacts, above and different error face by Outlook user. To avoid any kind of error, a user has to check fields of contacts details such as email addresses, name, business number and to avoid network issue, check the setting details of the account properly. If a user doesn't want to add any duplicate address and blank fields in Contacts book of Outlook, they can download Excel to Outlook Converter Software. As the name of the tool suggests, it can export contacts from excel to outlook 2013/2010/2007 & below versions. Prominent features such as an option to allow or disallow remove duplicate address & blank field help user while exporting thousands of contacts from excel to Outlook platform.