Monday, 25 September 2017

Learn How to Import Inbox.mbox to Outlook: A Complete Guide

We have a lot of email platforms and all the organizations use them as per their requirements. Many organizations prefer Thunderbird because it is completely free of cost. The key factor that we all look in the email platforms is its reliability, usage and budget. But, with the current era, the needs of end users have been increasing depicting the requirement of a proper environment. Many times, Thunderbird gets crashed or hanged, it causes user a lot of troubles. So, in such circumstances the most reliable source that users look for is MS Outlook. To import Inbox.mbox to Outlook we need some reliable solution.
To adapt MS Outlook instead of Thunderbird, the organizations have to go through a lot of email migration techniques. In the below segment we will describe email migration in detail. Though, it is a tedious task and requires a lot of time and good investment, still it is proclaimed as a necessity. So, the organizations must focus on the accurate and best possible way to move files accurately and with minimum efforts. We aims to explain users regarding the process to import Inbox.mbox to Outlook Conversion. The users should go through it and understand the ways to export MBOX to PST Outlook easily.

Some Pre-Requisite About Thunderbird Export Process

Mozilla Thunderbird stores the files in .mbox form and makes an individual file for all the mailbox folders. The process of conversion remains same for all the Outlook Editions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003. MBOX files that stores the Mozilla Thunderbird mailboxes can be converted to PST format and can be imported to MS Outlook. But, let’s get ourselves clear by checking some user major area of concern.

“I have been accessing Thunderbird since a long time. But, few days back, I realized that I need to change the platform and switch to some other professional tool. So, I decided to switch to MS Outlook. Now, the major problem is that my Thunderbird account consists of a lot of mails. I need to move my inbox.mbox, drafts.mbox, sent.mbox, trash.mbox, etc to PST. Is there any way through which the entire process can be completed? Anticipating for leads! Thanks in Advance!”

After getting the query, we tried to resolve the problem that user is facing. So, mentioned below is the way through which the process can be completed.

Technique to import MBOX files to Outlook using IMAP Server

There are many ways using which users can move Thunderbird MBOX to PST Outlook, and all the methods are listed below:
IMAP stands for Internet Access Protocol. It is basically an internet standard protocol and allows the synchronization between the mailing clients you are currently using with other mail id. It is even said that using the IMAP account we can access same accounts from many email clients. Hence, using this protocol the transfer process can be done easily. Following are the steps through which the entire process can be done.
1. Use IMAP server and configure Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbir
2. Make a new folder in Gmail and transfer the messages to be imported into it
3. Preview all the messages to be imported in Gmail to convert MBOX to PST
4. Afterwards, configure same Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook via POP and IMAP server and get all the mails
Tip: Using this method, only Import Inbox.mbox to Outlook can be transferred in a limited amount.

Demerits of the Manual Approach

Though the method is completely free of cost but sometimes, any error in it can lead to complete data loss. The method described above does not deal with the complete transfer of MBOX to PST conversion process. It can even lead to the corruption problem. So, the best part is relying on an Expert Solution. These solutions can resolve all the export processes directly and can also save the data from threats like corruption and data loss.

The Way Forward- MBOX to PST Converter Tool

With the advance technologies, the organizations have large mailboxes data to be exported in PST Format. Many times, switching to any other desired mails proves to be a brilliant idea in many aspects like scalability, easy management, less investment. Thus, keeping the necessity in mind, the developers have designed an amazing software i.e., MBOX to PST Converter. The SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool is a best solution to import Inbox.mbox to Outlook and all the problems related to process of migration. The best part of this program is:

1. Convert Mails from MBOX to Outlook PST in batch
2. Get display of all the mails with attachments easily
3. Transfer all mails from desired MBOX Files/Folders
4. Provides option to save & export MBOX to PST/MSG/EML
5. Does not require MS Outlook for accessing the mails

Final Concluding Lines

Transferring the mails from one platform to another seems to be a tedious task for the users. Many times, the users are not familiar with the techniques through which the task can be accomplished. In order to save the time, the users need to switch to a professional tool to import Inbox.mbox to Outlook. I have tried many automated approaches among them one of the best is MBOX to PST Converter program. The tool is highly reliable and trust worthy in terms of migration process. Hence users should shift to this program and try the process of export MBOX to PST easily. The best part of this program is that it is available in two ways: Demo ware and licensed version. The users can pick any one according to their convenience. The freeware can be utilized in checking the credibility but keep in mind that there are certain limitations imposed on it. But, paid edition is completely free of all the restrictions.


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