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Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database to PST

Before discussing how to restore the mailbox to PST from recovery database exchange 2010. We have to understand the complete procedure that how it works. Suppose that a user has lost his mail items in exchange server 2010 due to some technical issues and those are of great importance to him. In this situation, it will lead the user in great hassle. Now the question is How to perform conversion of recovery database to PST in Exchange 2010. That is why, user's are always suggested to keep a backup of their database it is much easier to recover exchange mailbox from backup. But, if it is not available with the user, then to overcome from this condition we have to perform Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database To PST. Let's take a review on Recovery Database.

Recovery Database:-

It is a special kind of Database that allows recovering the removed data from the mailbox which is created through Exchange Management Shell. By default, if the mailbox is damaged or the data is corrupted, the complete data is stored in RDB. To perform, Exchange 2010 restore mailbox from Recovery Database there are few points related to recovery database (RDB) that are mention below.

1. We cannot use Recovery Database as a storage File.
2. We will not able send/receive any email, only we can remove/insert a mail in the particular file because all the protocol which can access RDB such as SMTP, POP3, MAPI (MAPI access supported for an RDB but only with recovery tool) & IMAP4 is blocked.
3. Online maintenance & circular logging is not possible.
4. The user cannot copy the Database File or only one RDB can be mounted at a time.
5. The Recovery Database is not connected to the original mailbox, if a user wants to access it either user can merge the mailbox or can export to a file.
6. The topic Recovery Database is related to Exchange Server. So, let’s take a quick review on Exchange Server.

Exchange Server:-

Exchange Server is a part of Microsoft Windows Server. Basically, Exchange server created by Microsoft. It also supports calendaring server, Exchange Server is work on both on-premises software and software as a service.
On-premises software: CALs (Customer Access Licences)
Software as a service: Microsoft receives a monthly Fee.
Exchange server saves the file in EDB format.

Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database To PST

Before we start this is necessary to understand that what are the reasons to lose the mail items. There are few reasons behind.
1. The mail items can be lost if the file becomes oversize.
2. Due archive email folder it becomes oversize.
3. If the user deletes the data by mistakes.

In Exchange Server 2010 whenever the mails or mail’s items are deleted, the data is saved into Recovery Database of its Exchange Server, just the way in a computer/system a recycle bin does, and then the data can be retrieved from the recovery database export to PST.

How To Export Mailbox to PST from recovery database exchange 2010

After retaining the data from Recovery Database user needs to convert it into PST. PST is personal storage file.
There are two procedure to restore file in exchange 2010

1. Manual process to recover the mailboxes.
2. Automatic process to recover the mailboxes.

Manual process to recover the mailboxes:

To perform Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database To PST the following steps are provided below if the user wants he/she can follow it.
1. The user has to create an RDB, In Exchange Server 2010 open the Exchange Management Shell, once it connected to run the following command.

“New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name %RDBName% -Server %ExchangeServerName%”

Convert EDB to PST Exchange 2010.

Open Exchange Management console > Organization Configuration > Mailbox,
Right click on RDB and choose Properties.

Generally, it shows dismounted & maintenance tab shows the database can be overwritten by a restore.

These are the steps included in the manual process for Exchange 2010 restore mailbox through Recovery database but it has limitations also that is:

1. Time taking process.
2. Less assurance of mailbox recovery.
3. The user should have good technical knowledge.
4. The command should be correct.
5. Lengthy process.

Automatic process to recover the mailboxes.

There are some limitations in the manual recovery process in exchange server to overcome these limitations, Automatic process is preferred and is time-saving too. One of the many tools available to recover the Exchange files is SysTools Exchange, Recovery Tool. This tool also convert exchange 2010 database to pst
To restore the data in Exchange 2010 Restore Mailbox From Recovery Database To PST, these are the feature related to the Systools Exchange Recovery Tool.

1. This tool support to restore the emails from RDB.
2. After restoring the file it converts it RDB into PST.
3. Splits the PST file by size.
4. File naming convention and date & time-based filtering are also available.
5. It supports Exchange server 2016, 2013 and all the below version such as such Exchange 2010.

Final Words:

Knowing the issue with Exchange 2010 restore mailbox from recovery database to PST we have several points which are related to the conversion of recovery database to pst in exchange 2010. While restoring the mailbox, If the user has lost any email items then, User can go with the reliable solution that is third- party Software Exchange Database. To recover the rest mailboxes which are inaccessible items. We have also mentioned about the tool, a user can easily recover the mailbox through recovery database.


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