Friday, 22 September 2017

How to Export Outlook Address Book to vCard - Best Solution

vCard is a virtual business card by which users can easily share the address book list with others. It contains required information such as name, address, phone number and email id. Moreover, Outlook users can easily import or export all address books in vCard format. Although there is no direct option available to transfer Outlook address book in .vcf file but this conversion is possible with Outlook application. In addition, users can select one or more Outlook address book and move them in vCard file. In the following section, we are going to cover different ways to export Outlook address book to vCard in an efficient way.

Manually Export Outlook Address Book to vCard

Now, let us discuss the methodology to export Outlook 2007 contacts to vCard format. The following steps will be used to convert address book from Outlook to VCF file:

Export Multiple Address Book From Outlook

Step 1: Navigate to People tab and choose All Address Book option
Step 2: On the Home tab, click on the Forward contact button
Step 3: Select the Business Card option
Step 4: Now, a new message pops up on the screen with all selected address book added as vCard attachments
Step 5: Right-click on the Attached files and then, choose on Select All option
Step 6: Drag and Drop all the selected items of Outlook into Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you can copy by using CTRL+C shortcut key in Outlook and then, paste with CTRL+V key in Windows Explorer

Convert Outlook 2007 Address Book to VCF file

Step 1: First, Export all Outlook Address Books to CSV format file
Step 2: Go to the File tab and click on Open button
Step 3: Choose the Export option
Step 4: From Import/Export wizard click on Export to a file
Step 5: Now, select CSV (Comma separated values) format
Step 6: In Gmail account, select the address book by clicking on Gmail
Step 7: Next, import a .csv file and go to More option. Press Import
Step 8: After performing the import operation, click on More and then, select Export option
Step 9: In the end, select the vCard file format (for an another application)

Transfer Outlook 2007 Address Book as a vCard File

Step 1: Open Outlook Contacts and select a list of the address book that you want to export.
Step 2: From the File tab, Click the Save As button
Step 3: Now, Click on vCard format (*.vcf) and then, save those files to your desktop

Once you have exported your address book as a vCard file then, you can import it as per your need and convenience.

Advantages of Data Conversion

There are some advantages of converting address book to vCard file. Some of them are discussed below:

• vCard can save multimedia data such as text, images, audio clips, logos, and so on.
• vCard can take take minimal space to store and manage contact information.
• vCard file format is compatible with all types of devices like android smartphones, Computers, Blackberry, etc.

Professional Solution to Export Outlook Address Book to vCard

Users can opt a reliable and robust solution i.e., vCard Export tool to perform the migration process. It offers 5 different options to export address book from MS Outlook in a single vCard, WAB, Google or Yahoo contacts. After adding Outlook PST files, it will automatically detect the contacts and move them in vCard file format. Moreover, users can load one or more PST files at a time and easily perform bulk conversion. It has multiple advance features while converting address book from Outlook as a .vcf file.

The Bottom Line

It can be concluded that users can use a manual procedure through which they can export Outlook address book to vCard file. In any case, the above-stated approach may not work effciently then, users can take help of a third party tool i.e., vCard Export. It is a perfect solution which will help to convert address book from Outlook profile and save them in .vcf format. This tool is programmed to overcome the limitation of manual approach.


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