Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How To Backup/Copy Lotus Notes Email To Hard Drive

Lotus Notes is basically an emailing client by IBM. Well, it is more than an email application. A user can access his emails online as well as in offline mode. If any user wants to save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive for any purpose, then he has to create a backup of his hard drive. Now, some question arises like “why is there any need to save emails from Notes?”,“How to backup Lotus Notes email to hard drive?”, etc.

Save Lotus Notes Emails To Hard Drive

 It is important to create a backup of the emails in case of any data corruption, inaccessibility of database, etc. One can restore those emails from that backup. So in this article, we will discuss the ways to create a copy of Notes emails in a local system. I will also brief you with the user’s queries as asked:

“Hey! I want to save my Lotus Notes emails to my local machine as I am facing some issues in accessing my Notes database. I want to Download emails from lotus notes to the desktop before losing access to them. Please help me in saving my data!”

“Hello! I want to move all my Lotus Notes emails from my machine to my friend’s one and then import it to Microsoft Outlook. So I am trying to save my emails but I didn’t get a good solution. Please provide me a suggestion to save Lotus Notes emails locally. So that I can transfer it to my Pen drive and then my friend’s system. Thanks!!”

Quick Solution: Here, we are providing you an instant and effective solution for converting Lotus Notes database emails to MS Outlook in a simple and efficient way. You can copy lotus notes email to hard drive by using this solution.

Need to Copy Notes emails on Hard Drive

There can be many reasons to save email from lotus notes to hard drive. Some are listed:

  • 1. If a user wants to migrate his Lotus emails to a new machine and he needs to access the old database and emails, then he has to save emails on his local machine.
  • 2. If any user wants to switch from Lotus Notes to any other email client like Outlook, then they can move their emails directly or by creating a backup on the local machine.
  • 3. If one has to save the emails in any external device like Pen drive, external hard drive, etc. Then also there is a requirement to save emails.
  • 4. If any user wants to view any particular email without Lotus Notes in his system then a backup may also be required.

Ways to Backup Notes Emails Locally

A user can save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive by following two ways:-

Convert Emails to PDF

  1. 1. Select the email message which you want to save and drag it to any location. An EML will be saved there.
  2. 2. Open the dropped EML files with Outlook.
  3. 3. Now go to File menu and click on Save As and save the file in HTML format.
  4. 4. Now open the HTML document in MS Word and save it as PDF. You will see that that email is converted to PDF format and saved to your hard drive.

Export Emails

  1. 1. Open Lotus Notes. Click on File >> Export.
  2. 2. Now select the folder you want to save in your system. Then check the option “Convert this folder and all subfolders”. Then click on Ok button.
  3. 3. Now browse the destination location, save the file in Comma Separated Values file format and click on Save button to save the emails.
  4. 4. Now you can open that file in MS Excel and view the emails. You can also migrate the CSV file to Outlook as well.

Expertise solution

Manual methods are enough long and time-consuming to save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive. It is difficult to perform such methods as one minor mistake can make the database file corrupt. A user won’t be able to access his emails. And the user may lose the data from the NSF database also. So it is important to keep your data safe. A user can download multiple emails from lotus notes to local disk & also save the data in PST file format. The User can also import that file into MS Outlook and keep it safe in his local machine for future access.


In this article, all manual steps are covered to save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive. But due to non-technical knowledge and long & time-consuming process, one can prefer simple and effective expertise solution to save Lotus emails to the hard drive. This solution is an effective way to keep your data safe and to create backup for the files.


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