Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird Using Best Tips and Tricks

Best Possible Methods to Transfer Google Takeout MBOX to Thunderbird

It is possible to Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird, the Gmail content which is in some label with the help of Google Takeout can be exported to Thunderbird. Google Takeout will download these mail messages as MBOX file. Users can use Thunderbird (Windows) or Apple Mail (Mac) after that for accessing mail messages as well as email attachments in MBOX file. Users can then transfer these to some other account accordingly. If a user is trying to transfer mail messages to some other user, say for instance the project’s successor, then it is possible to send that recipient this MBOX file so that he/she is able to access it. If however, this MBOX file is bigger in size than 25MB, then it is not possible to mail it, but even then it is possible to share that using Google Drive.

I. Export Google MBOX to Thunderbird

If the user wants to download only some selected Emails then they can Export Google Takeout to Thunderbird, this can be done by applying a label. Say, for example, a user can apply "messages-to-download" label to only those mail message(s) that are needed to be downloaded, Steps for the procedure are as follows:
•First of all, user needs to go to website- https://www.google.com/settings/takeout
•Then, clicking of "Select None" is needed
•Mozilla Thunderbird can only save the emails, It can’t store the other data
•After doing so, then the user needs to scroll down to "Mail
•After that, user needs to click gray X on the right side
•If user wants to download some specific emails, then "All Mail" has to be clicked
•And then, user has to check "Select Labels"
•User must check those labels, which tag the emails to import Google Takeout to Thunderbird.
•And then, click "Next"
•Don’t change the file type
•After that, click "Create Archive"
•Zip is sent through selected delivery way (by default, email is sent with the link to download this .zip, which might not be done instantly, and more the number of Emails that are being downloaded, longer it would take to create the archive)

II. Installing Import/Export Extension for Mozilla Thunderbird

This particular add-on helps the users to easily transfer Google Takeout MBOX files to Thunderbird. After importing, users can then convert that into a folder which contains emails as well as their associated attachments(if any). Steps for the procedure are as follows:
•First and foremost, users need to download ImportExportTools add-on from Mozilla’s website, i.e. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunderbird/addon/importexporttools/
•Then, user needs to go to Tools
•Then go to Add-ons
•And then go to Extensions
•Here, click the gear
•Click Install-Add-on from file
•Once done with that, browsing to the .xpi file that was downloaded before is needed
•Then, click Open
•After that, wait for some time for processing the file
•When processing is done, click the button “Install-Now
•And then, exit Mozilla Thunderbird
•Once again, start Thunderbird
•And then, click Local Folders for depositing MBOX file there
•And then, go to Tools
•Next, click on ImportExportTools
•And then, go to Import MBOX file to move Google MBOX to Thunderbird
•"Import-directly-one-or-more-mbox-files" option must be selected
•After that, click OK
•And then, navigate to folder of files extracted, which user would wish to move into Mozilla Thunderbird
•And then, click Open
•MBOX file instantly appears on left-side pane of the screen
•One can also set up some other mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird for dragging MBOX folder to that particular account to Import Google Takeout to Thunderbird.
•For transferring the file to some other account, one has to repeat the steps above for adding that other account, and after that drag & drop MBOX file to that new account

Best Option to Migrate Google Takeout to Thunderbird

SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard is an easy solution to import MBOX file to Thunderbird. You can enjoy bulk conversion, complete data preview, compatibility with all MS Windows Operating System versions, MBOX file’s folder-hierarchy preservation, exemption from any file size limitation for exportation, and much more such advantages.

End Notes

The blog describes the manual way to import Google Takeout to Thunderbird, but there is also a better, easier and faster alternative for this, which is to use an efficient professional tool for this purpose.


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